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Monday, February 20, 2017


The Annual Hate Watch Report from the Southern Poverty Law Center has been completed.

"Our annual hate group numbers are up — this year, we counted 917 hate groups, an increase from last year's number and just 100 shy of the most we’ve ever recorded.
The most dramatic growth was the near-tripling of anti-Muslim hate groups, from 34 in 2015, to 101 last year."

Find a link to the interactive map below. It will show you which groups are active in your state.

This is what happens when the hate spewed by out now elected leader was normalized by white run news outlets UNTIL he started attacking those news outlets directly for not actually praising his every psychological fart.  His white supremacy loving base is 
ever more energized.  And it would be interesting to see just how fast those anti-Muslim hate groups jumped when the Muslim Ban collapsed.

But Trumpthuglican hate spread probably isn't the most important thing happening this week. Black and brown folks staying alive and able to thrive is of the utmost importance. But we have to make sure that this country is still here to thrive within in the first place.  

So here are other Trump stories you shouldn't miss:

A. Russia just violated an arms treaty with the U.S. and some of our senators are calling for a build up of nuclear arms in Europe. 

"There's little reason for the US to continue abiding by a treaty whose only other party continues to violate it blatantly. Two battalions of cruise missiles don't just magically appear overnight," said Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas in a statement. "I take this news as evidence that the US should build up its nuclear forces in Europe."

B. Russia just told Trump to go jump reference his demand for Russia to give Crimea back to the Ukraine

C. There's a Russian Spy Ship 30 miles off the east coast -- Trump minimized the fact of its presence. And the threat it presents is minimal Reports indicate that this happens maybe twice a year.  United States territory only extends out 12 miles off our shores.

But I think the timing is political thumb in Trump's eye which is a thumb in the United States eye.

Taken all together, I think Russia is doing that hypermasculinity thing. You know how it goes. Russia is standing in front of the U.S. flexing, popping its muscles, looking us in they eye and daring us to do something.  

As I said last year, the rise of racism within this country as a result of Trump's election might turn out to be just as scary as how Trump damages are ties with real allies and emboldens our enemies. 

D. And in other Russia quasi-related news...

Only hours after Trump's crazy first marathon press conference, where he announced a replacement for now Ex National Security Advisor Michael Flynn (who was forced to resign due to conversations he had no authorization to have with Russia during then 
President Obama's presidency.)  Then man he offered the job of National Security Advisor, Retired Vice Admiral Robert Harwood, pretty much said, 

'Nope. Thanks. But I'm gonna pass.'

Are you keeping score?

1) Trump's Muslim Ban was crushed in court
2) NSA Michael Flynn was fired (asked for his resignation)
3) Andrew Puzder couldn't be confirmed as Labor Secretary
4) Trump has a crazy press conference where he attacks the press
5) And now Retired Vice Admiral Robert Harwood tells Trump "No" to being the new NSA 

I can't help but think that Trump is finally beginning to see that he is not King. We better hope he decides to just pack up his toys and leave sooner rather than later. Trump is offending allies and trying to make frenemies with a Russia that's straight strutting like an enemy with an attitude.

If the republican controlled congress doesn't wake up we're in trouble. Pence worries me because he has the same values but with all his marbles still in his head. I'm not sure if that's better or worse.

For now, in Washington D.C., the stupid is still tripping up the evil. 

Please take note: There are supposed to be rallies all over the U.S. today called #NotMyPresidentsDay. Be careful out there. The Trump gun activists are promising to be at various rallies while armed in states where they are allowed to do so.