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Sunday, February 12, 2017

On The Faithless

A First Thought:
Politics is 
a group decision 
about our group values

It's been reported that 81% of white evangelicals reportedly voted for the white supremacy promises of Donald Trump

Some will argue the counting wasn't done right. I'm not looking up a thing. I'll agree that the counting wasn't done exactly right and somewhere near 70% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump

Yeah, that's a lot better.

Over the last few weeks, I've been thinking about MLK's most segregated hour of the week statement. I'm thinking about how, when I was a child, I just assumed there would be more peaceful race relations eventually-- and that Christians (of all shades, especially deep-in-denial "accidentally racist" white people) would do the best at making an effort to rid themselves of the sin of ethnoracism....instead being of the worst or white people, same as before (from slavery to Jim Crow)

I'm thinking MLK made a mistake. I'm thinking black and brown folk folk read these peaceful looking white pharisees for filth and were glad when they continued to self-segregated themselves.

I'm so glad I'm not in a church looking at these hypocrites right now. I'm totally cool with 1/3 or 1/6th of white folks being worth my time. I hope the 19% of 29% leave their churches and look for browner ones.

Since, November the 9th? I cannot even pretend like I'm hopeful about the white "Christians." It's pathetic, but hatefilled white atheists are probably better at being able to change their hearts. And it is a heart change -- not a head change.

All this fear white people are feeling
is not about the failures happening within
the "working class" section
of the fictitious "white working class" identity
The fear is about the failure of whiteness to guarantee a good life for 95% of them
sans college degree, sans graduate degree --hell sans a high school degree out of a cereal box as a prize.

Trump is one of white supremacy's last gasps.

     The thing that horrifies me lately is this:

Some of our Civil Rights Heroes may pass while Trump is in office. If they are feeling particularly hopeless on the day they die, it will be like their friends and family died for nothing during the struggle

Seriously, that alone makes me hope we can impeach this white nationalist $#@&% sooner rather than later.