Sunday, February 5, 2017


"In an interview with Fox News's Bill O'Reilly, which will air ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Trump doubled down on his “respect” for Putin — even in the face of accusations that Putin and his associates have murdered journalists and dissidents in Russia.
“I do respect him. Well, I respect a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get along with them,” Trump told O'Reilly.
O'Reilly pressed on, declaring to the president that “Putin is a killer.”
Unfazed, Trump didn't back away, but rather compared Putin's reputation for extrajudicial killings with the United States'.

“There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers,” Trump said. “Well, you think our country is so innocent?" "
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Trump needs to be careful. His ignorant, predominantly white base depends on the fantasy that White America is good or at least means well all the time which White America good enough to put their halos on each morning. But Cheeto Satan just admitted that the United States reputation isn't any better than Russia's. And he admitted it out loud during an interview

Well...that ought go over like a lead balloon with the satan-ettes because he just poked a hole in a key White American fantasy.

Then again, the satan-ettes don't read. And if anything longer than a soundbite comes out of their fearless KKK endorsed leader they won't be able to retain it in their minds.  

But the rest of us should be paying attention.

As much underhanded crap that has been done in our names in other countries, with Russia as an ally White America's Grand Dragon might feel a lot freer to move aggressively while out in the open.  Aggressors out in the open cover a lot more ground a lot more quickly than those that have to sneak around under the cover of darkness. 

If you aren't praying for Cheeto Satan's impeachment, you should be.

Republicans and Democrats, both, are pretending to be outraged by Trump's statements. Democrats, Pelosi in particular, are calling for an FBI probe into Trump again.

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Pelosi calls for probe of possible Russian blackmail of Trump