Thursday, February 9, 2017


In The United States Senate on February 7, 2017
1) There is a Coretta Scott King Letter that stopped Sessions from becoming a federal judge in 1986 which says that Sessions intimidated voters as a federal prosecutor. Elizabeth Warren wanted to read Coretta Scott King's letter during the hearings for the Jeff Sessions nomination to Top Cop in the nation.
2) "[Mitch] McConnell accused Warren of violating Senate Rule 19, which prohibits lawmakers from impugning a colleague's conduct on the floor.
3) "The GOP majority Senate found Warren in violation of impugning Session's conduct with a 49-43 vote, prohibiting Warren from speaking for the rest of the debate." 


If a white man does something foul enough
in his racist past,
it's "impugning a colleague's conduct"
to discuss it in the Senate
if his fellow republicans feel like defending you.

This had to have been straight out of Hitler's political playbook.

In 1986 the republicans kept Sessions out of the federal judge position due his racist attitudes and actions. And, trust me, republicans were no picnic for black and brown folks back then.

The white supremacists emboldened by Trump aren't even pretending that they aren't white supremacists. At least 57% of white people probably think Donald Trump is a-okay....which includes a tiny sliver of white people that actually identify with the Neo-Nazis and the KKK.
And the level of patriarchal white supremacy displayed by McConnell wasn't even necessary. The republicans outnumber the democrats. In this ethno-racially hostile atmosphere there's no way the words of Coretta Scott King were going to stop the republicans from voting in their White Lives Matter Only candidate, Jeff Sessions. There was no reason for this maneuver except to show everybody that black voices don't matter, not even Coretta Scott Kings'.