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Friday, March 10, 2017


Most of the time if you ask me, I'll probably tell you that I don't feel emotional about being "an American" My answer will strictly depend on my mood. Too much racial crap gets swept under the rug here. I have to take a step back sometimes.

The other reason I change from day to day on how I feel about being American has to do with most of what is being claimed as "AMERICA" is actually "WHITE AMERICA" with the word "WHITE" left out....which I try to add back to my blog daily.

But some things DO get to me as an "American" And TRUMP being president is humiliating.

I'm thinking about traveling outside the country this year. I wonder what I'll say if questioned. I wonder if I'll just set myself apart using my race or if the people I meet will automatically do it for me. I don't suppose it makes a real difference. I'll talk to them and probably never see or hear from the people meet again. But inside? In this moment? I'm embarrassed to say I come from this country. I've known that this low life was a low life since at least the 1980s. The white people here are almost entirely responsible for this man being president as they try to hang on to the benefits of white supremacy.

But I am more than embarrassed. I feel repulsed by the idea that I come from a country where this cheeto painted coward, who is too afraid to wear his pillowcase hood in public, was elected president. I knew better than to trust my safety to my white neighbors and co-workers before the election. But now I feel even less safe. Better or worse than that, is the fact that I really don't feel like keeping my opinion to myself in any situation when this OBVIOUSLY racist twit-wit is mentioned.

I don't think my being able to put numbers on white racism (using the election polls) has necessarily been good for my attitude. But those number are good for clarity and motivation and making plans to go forward.

We need an Obama coalition of voters LED by black and brown voters AS WE ACKNOWLEDGE that white voters will be 1/3 more or less of that coalition. We have to set our minds to out-voting 2/3s of white people. Bernie and the rest of white liberals are trying to throw us under the damn bus using this the very same "white working class" bullsh** that Trump made up.

I say we use this feeling of revulsion and embarrassment and turn it into resistance. We identify the enemy and then out vote him or her. We first identify the enemies in our own camp -- replace all incumbents talking that "white working class" crap. Disillusioned Trump supporters that see the error of their racist ways are welcome. But I'm not going to pretend that anything but a racist or something numb to racism could have voted for the ethnoracist that is Chump.