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Friday, March 3, 2017


Bernie and Trump together on the existence of "the White Working Class Voter" that voted for Trump
* * * * *



Bernie Sanders, and Hillary for that matter, are over. I've never been a Bernie fan. And you'll never convince me that he didn't help hand the election to Donald Trump, both of whom believe the "white working class vote" exists when it doesn't. 

We cannot let the democratic party, led by white men like Sander, turn toward soliciting the white racists that voted for Trump by renaming them "the white working " class. The only Cheeto Satan-ettes the democratic party should be interested in are the ex-white racists who became "EX" after having been crushed by Trump and can demonstrate that they have come to see the white bed-sheeted figure sitting in the white house for what he is

Bernie thinks everything can be fixed by fixing how money is handled. It can't because white racism is real. Bernie isn't just tone deaf to race. His ability to re-evaluate himself and those around him is about as frozen for him as it is for Trump.

The white folks out in the sticks were NOT confused when they said they were NOT trying to choose between Hillary and Sanders, but between Trump and Sanders. White folks were looking to fix money going into white pockets. The voters out in the sticks were trying to figure out which one could do it best. They knew that person was NOT Hillary -- because she was seriously going after the Obama Coalition, with her heavy luggage dragging self.

We have to use the democratic primaries to replace all incumbents who can't get on board with trying to find and inspire the Obama Coalition (Black and Brown folks plus maybe one-third of white folks) The white-ish Muslims, dark and light folks who thought they could "pass" for white with Cheeto and his Satan-ettes for so long as they had enough money should have a new mindset right about now.

The Obama Coalition can work again. It has to. We can get the House Of Representatives even if enough seats in the Senate are not up for grabs in 2018.