Thursday, March 2, 2017


It's a simple process really.

First you say protesters are being paid to protest about things they don't believe in sans a bit of proof that protesters are getting funding any differently than usual.

Then you say these protesters are actually paid "rioters"

Then you say the protest organizer is actually organizing the rioting.

And since "rioting" is a crime" you can organizing a riot is a "conspiracy"

Then you say the "conspiracy" aspect that led to three people out of  five hundred protesters throwing a few rocks through five windows ("a riot") qualifies as a riot that was put together through "racketeering."

Now, not only can you can put the handful of protesters that threw a rock at a store window in jail for a good long time for "racketeering", you can also put the head conspirator (a.k.a. the protest organizer) that was 10 miles away when the rocks were thrown in jail for a decade for "racketeering" like he or she is Al Capone.

See? It's easy. When white people want to stop anybody that's not pushing for white males, they elect a KKK endorsed bigot and go buck wild taking over our legal system.

Some say, this won't pass the sniff test in federal court. But who knows? 

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Arizona Senate approves racketeering charges for riots

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Think about this. Once you put a few people in jail for a decade or so  using the racketeering charge, people become afraid to protest period.

This is actually pretty exciting (<--extreme sarcasm) N
ow we also know how to travel to from the the United States in 2017 to Hitler's Germany without a time machine in sight.

And all we had to do to make this happen was elect Donald Johann Drumpf, Mr 666 himself, as President. 

If you aren't nervous yet, you really are not paying attention to what your gut is telling you.