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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


"Academy officials sullied Moonlight’s moment in the sun by initially giving the award to the wrong filmLa La the middle of the La La Land team giving their round of acceptance speeches, they were told that the award had actually gone to Moonlight, and that team was then invited on stage as an afterthought.... "

 * * * * *
Maybe nobody would have straightened this mess out better. It all happened so fast. But I was annoyed with Kimmel's comment (maybe out of nervousness?) then even more annoyed with his total ineptness as far as getting the LA LA LAND cast and crew off the damn stage no matter how gracious some of them were.

Kimmel was supposed to be the host. I thought his brain could have been operating a little bit faster. Then again, 

1) I don't like Kimmel period. The way he has that humiliating Hispanic guy on his show  specifically to act like a mascot / dumb ass makes me itch. I usually can't turn him off fast enough when he comes across my screen. 2) It could be I'm just unreasonably pissed that Moonlight's moment wasn't fixed after a commercial break.    

Networks have let football games and crap like that go over into another time slot. Many television stations interrupted some seriously expensive commercial slots during a ball game of some sort to follow OJs white bronco down the dang freeway for hours...when there was nothing to really see.

Five minutes to rearrange things and clear the stage for MOONLIGHT's director, cast, and crew wouldn't have cost ABC that dang much.

Stuff Happens. 

I think the last minute emergency was handled badly no matter who screwed it up or how. And all that happened was the passing of a wrong envelope because a grown man was acting like a star struck teenager taking pictures of stars. The gaff was simple. The situation was fixed badly. 

Someone commented on Charlize Theron's ticked off face during the whole thing. She could just have a case of resting b*tch face, but I think everybody's face should have looked the same way during that snafu that didn't get un-snafu-ed well at all. I know mine would have.

* * * * *
More From Cosmo Magazine 

"In the shuffle, host Jimmy Kimmel tried to assuage the clear disappointment of the La La Land’ers saying, “I think you guys should keep it anyway.” 
That’s not how this works, Jimmy Kimmel. That’s not how any of this works!
It is both entirely obvious and absolutely necessary to say that this incident is an apt metaphor for thinking about the politics of race and diversity in America. It has taken multiple decades of struggle to even arrive at a universe where a movie with the emotional and artistic complexity of Moonlight, a movie that puts black characters and communities at its center, would have a shot at multiple Oscars.

Then it won the evening's biggest prize of all, but only after being told it lost. And then the film’s creators had to share the stage with 
La La Land.* The moment was unfortunate for everyone involved, but it was most unfortunate for 
This debacle brought into stark relief just exactly how messy it is and will continue to be to make traditionally white institutions more diverse and inclusive. In many cases, it will look like black people coming on stage to take away the very awards that white people presumed they would win and prepared themselves to receive.

This is the scary part of what it means for white people to challenge white privilege: it means sometimes they will lose. More than that, it means they will have to endure the humiliation of losing when they were so entirely sure they had won." "

Warren Beatty is up there in age. But we'll never know if he saw Emma Stone's name on the card, understood that he had the wrong card, but figured LA LA LAND had probably won the BEST PICTURE AWARD anyway.... LIKE EVERY WHITE MEDIA OUTLET PREDICTED ahead of time.

I won't bang on him too hard for that. A lot of people might hae done the same thing, maybe even some black and brown folk if they felt pressured into "the show must go on."  But I can't help but feel that that MAY HAVE BEEN a part of white privilege and white expectancy too. Why hesitate and get the correct card when you're sure of coming whiteness coming out on top all the time.