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Friday, March 24, 2017


" It is increasingly clear, if ever it was in doubt, that Donald Trump does not care about policy minutiae, especially on an issue as complicated as health care.
On the campaign trail, he never explained his plan to “take care of everybody,” nor his post-election promise to provide “insurance for everybody.” Instead, he outsourced the work to Paul Ryan, who eagerly devised legislation contrary to nearly every commitment Trump made to voters.
Instead of protecting Medicaid, he would gut it.
Instead of making insurance coverage affordable, he would slash the federal subsidies that helped millions of people pay for their care.
Trump himself seemed to enjoy the deal-making aspect of it all, whether or not he understood the details. When the House Freedom Caucus rebelled, arguing that the plan was too generous, Trump endorsed cutting Medicaid faster and deeper. When conservatives still balked at the plan, Trump offered to eliminate rules requiring insurance companies to provide essential health benefits like hospitalization and emergency services. Still no deal." " 

DJ the Chump even tried to threaten his minions into falling in line.  He told them they wouldn't be relected if they didn't vote for his Ryan's ailing healthcare plan.

Cajoling all week didn't work. The threat didn't work either. 
Paul Ryan couldn't get Trumpcare 1.0 past his fellow republicans so Trump and Ryan pulled the legislation because they couldn't get the votes. 
They failed to REPEAL AND REPLACE per Chump's campaign promise.

  • Republican controlled House. 
  • Republican controlled Senate. 
  • Republican controlled White House. 

And the republicans failed to work together to create an improvement on Obamacare -- not that they were trying to improve healthcare for Americans who can't afford healthcare premiums. 

The GOP voting in dismantling Obamacare close to 60 times before Chump was president was about getting 600 billion tax dollars back into the pockets one-percent.   

Ironically, it may be the super-demons within the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus within the republican party--who just want to just undo Obamacare, no replacement necessary, let the sick American bodies fall where they may-- who are the most responsible for Trump's failure to close on this deal. They wanted Trump's version of Obamacare to be gutted. Even removing basic health services like ambulance, maternal care, pediatric care wasn't enough for them. One those Heartless House Freedom dudes said characterized Obamacare and it's Trumpcare replacement as "welfare."

And you know how most repugnanticans hate the poor, especially if they have the audacity to need help in the form of welfare. 

Yesterday, Mean Tangerine said he was not going to work on Obamacare anymore.  He said, he'd leave Obamacare in place if republicans didn't vote for Trumpcare. I thought he was trying to force the republicans to go his way, of course. I thought he'd pull back if his bluff wasn't working. And I still do. The man lies. He may start work on destroying Obamacare again on Monday. 

But if in this one instance Mean Tangerine is telling the truth, then we need to start thinking about how to rescue Obamacare.
more tomorrow