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Thursday, April 20, 2017


On April 12, in an interview with Fox Business Channel's Maria Bartiromo, President Trump made clear that North Korea's ongoing testing of missiles would not go without a response from the US.
"We are sending an armada. Very powerful," Trump told Bartiromo. "We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That, I can tell you."
Read those words carefully: "We are sending an armada."
    Fast-forward to a report Tuesday in the New York Times headlined: "Aircraft Carrier Wasn't Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested."

    And it wasn't just Trump who said the Carl Vinson and trailing craft were on its way to North Korea either. A series of Trump appointees confirmed the U.S warships were moving across the ocean as fast as possible in a show of "muscular" force to deter North Korea from launching another test missile during their DAY OF THE SUN holiday.   

    China was making noises like it was really worried about the U.S. starting a war. Japan and South Korea were clearly nervous. 

    And on the Friday before the DAY OF THE SUN celebrations in North Korea which wouldn't be complete without a new missile launch, Trump went to play golf in Mar-A-Lago without a senior adviser in sight because they all stayed in Washington D.C. At least one report I read said Kushner (his son in law and senior adviser) went skiing over the Easter weekend
    ..the same weekend of the twit's twitter inspired show down.

    So now we've found out our U.S  warships weren't even pointed in North Korea's direction. A thousand or so miles away HEADED AWAY from N Korea.

    Sean Spicer, who is supposed to explain how multiple people misled the U.S citizens and THE WORLD isn't even trying to make sense anymore...if he ever was. 

    I hope you listened to this crap he said about the Carl Vinson
    It's like he too 3 minutes to say, "Yeah, I'm lying. So what? What are you going to do about it? You can't touch this. You're nothing."  
    In other news, Trump recently decided he wasn't going to make the visitor logs for the White House available to the public.
    President Obama's webpage that used to make the visitor information available to the public is no longer being updated. Trump's also not going to let the American people know exactly who is at "The Winter White House" a.k.a. Mar-A-Lago while he's giving orders to bomb places like Syria either.
    I heard some Russian writer being interviewed today. She said what's going on in the U.S. isn't exactly like Russia because in Russia you can't openly question Putin or his mouthpiece...and journalists disappear and die. Even so, here in the U.S., we're almost as much in the dark. The public is being bold-faced lied to daily. 
    And people are getting so overwhelmed and fed up, that they've stopped listening thinking it's all lies anyway.
    We, in the U.S, either already don't know what's going on with our politicians or we won't know anything soon.

    The biggest thing I can't figure out right now has to do with our news reporting system that's laced through with white supremacy. For decades now I've watched white news outlets refuse to call Trump a racist or go ahead and call him a racist yet refuse to acknowledge how his racism affects so many of his decisions. So I have to wonder about what percentage of the information put out by the predominantly white press about the North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un, is true.

    Anybody not-white who doesn't like the U.S. has automatically been portrayed as insane by the white press for decades. White movie makers recently doubled down on that approach to portraying non-white leaders (Remember the movie called THE INTERVIEW?)  So I really don't know what to think right now.

    Kim Jong-un might be totally dedicated to being the big fish in his own little pond --just as portrayed-- but might not make him anymore "crazy" than what we've got going on right here.

    Yet, part of me hopes that things in Washington DC and beyond are crazy with a purpose.

    Part of me wonders if the people TRULY in command of the Carl Vinson heard all about Trump's decision send the warship to the Korean Peninsula on the weekend the United States DAY OF THE SON (Easter) and North Korea's DAY OF THE SUN.

    Part of me hopes somebody in the military, somebody between the Twit-In-Chief and the Carl Vinson said to himself,

    "Nah, I don't think we'll start World War III this weekend. My ex-girlfriend, Pence's wife, told me her husband is sitting in Seoul, South Korea right now -- which will be target number one if Kim Jong-un gets stressed out loses just one more brain cell.

    Mmm...yeah...I think we'll just pretend like we didn't hear anything about us going to North Korea as a show of force. We'll just keep on cruising toward our meeting with the Australians for joint exercises, as planned, in the Indian Ocean."  

    I'm joking. But it really could be that the North Korean missile blowing up soon after it was launched was NOT what saved a bunch of lives this weekend. By hook or by crook, the military of two(?) emotionally unstable leaders wound up NOT being in close proximity on Easter weekend.

    Hurray for us. Trump left all his advisors behind and went  golfing at Mar-A-Lago during this twittered-up crisis while his son-in-law adviser went skiing.  And we're all still alive. 

    Good thing this North Korea DAY OF THE SUN/SON  thing turned out to be a fake crisis.

    But what about next time?

    It's one thing to confuse the hell out of your enemies. It's a whole other thing to let your allies know nothing out of your mouth (or your twitter account) can be trusted.

    Like I said right after Trump was elected, the racism and the sexism, which can destroy lives one at a time, might turn out to be the least of our problems because --at least they "only" destroy lives one at a time. But now I know that the Chucklehead-In-Chief could wind up twittering us into a war while having our troops sitting in the wrong location, wondering where the enemy is.


    How Did the Trump Administration Lose an Aircraft Carrier?