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Saturday, April 22, 2017


" Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday seemed to describe Hawaii as if it weren’t part of the U.S. (or possibly a lesser part) and expressed outrage that a federal judge had the ability to block the [Muslim Ban]. 
'I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and Constitutional power,' he added. " 
Session's amazement is based in white supremacy.
Jeff Sessions and his cartoon-ized inner-KKKself

Race and Hispanic Origin of Hawaii,
from the Census Bureau

Only A Partial List because this is the only part of the census bureau list that matters
1) White alone, percent, 2015 - 26.7%
2) White alone, percent, 2010 - 24.7%
See the rest of Ethnic/Racial Hawaii's Demographics here:

does not compute for the average Cheeto Satan-ette.

And a state that is
three-quarters not-white
that somehow has
a judge with the power
to "block" a white president's
white supremacy wishes
is a reality
that any Cheeto Satan-ette
is going to have a hard time grasping.
This proves, once again, what I've known since Mean Tangerine was elected: All "confusion" in the Trump Administration should always be looked at through a lens of white supremacy first.

It is in this way that we will understand where "the stupid" is coming from whenever a Cheeto Satan-ette speaks. I figure we'll be right at least 70% of the time if approach Cheeto-Satanette-speak in this way.

Racists are consistent as hell.

And when Coretta Scott King calls somebody out as a racist, you know for damn sure he is one. KKK Mighty Mouse never fooled anybody...and that includes DJ the Chump. Steve Boil- On-The-Ass- Of -Humanity Bannon and KKK Mighty Mouse were chosen by Trump BECAUSE of their white supremacist core values...not in spite of them. And Mean Tangerine voters voted for Trump and his minions for the same reason. Mean Tangerine Voters saw Bannon's inner-pillowcase-hood BEFORE they voted Trump. Even the academic white folks understand this about Trump voters now. actual headline

Fear of Diversity Made People More Likely to Vote Trump

the more intellectually honest headline (in translation)

Fear of
Waning White Supremacy
Made White People
More Likely
to Vote Trump