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Monday, April 3, 2017


But I don't have much faith in any congressman or senators investigating Trump's Russia ties because the white male establishment is so used to the corruption as "normal." President Obama put in sanctions against Russia over tampering with the election among other things. And it seems like Flynn discussed the sanctions (getting rid of them?) before Trump was president. Flynn went to undermine President Obama. Why wouldn't that be treason? Why wouldn't Trump be responsible for that when Flynn was part of his transition team? But I don't have much faith any of the white men doing anything to the other white men in power because of the other things that are going on at the same time. There was a report a few days ago about how Trump aides and appointees have ties to businesses that are making MORE money because of their government appointments. A bunch of them are promising to divest at some unknown point in the future.

All the President's Millionaires: Trump Aides Unveil Assets

OKAY. HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS NEWS?  "NEWS" as in "new information." 
IT HAS BEEN WELL ADVERTISED THAT TRUMP HAS BEEN GOING TO MAR-A-LAGO EVERY OTHER WEEKEND (OR MORE) AT 3 MILLION DOLLARS A POP. And we don't even know how much he's making off the dignitaries that visit him there.
Yeah, the news outlets are reporting his trips to Mar-A-Lago -- and making snide comments. But why aren't any of the mainstream newspapers. demanding answers to THAT OBVIOUS conflict of interest?

This is how twisted things have become Washington D.C.

Trump actually sounded like he was displaying a little common sense last week on an unrelated topic -- healthcare. He was actually courteous to and courting democrats. I saw video. I swear I did.
In my mind, Trump at least pretended to figure out that his moderate republicans have more in common moderate democrats on healthcare than moderate republicans have with those deviant, socially darwinistic devils that make up the Republican Freedom Caucus who fully intend to let anybody who is poor die from lack of being able to go to a doctor --anything so long as the free market is allowed run free.

But we kinda need to figure out the Russia-Trump ties, because Putin seems to have gone way out of his way to make sure Trump became president instead of Hillary Clinton.

And since Trump has been elected, Putin had been killing a lot of opponents.

Follow the money and the trail of 'dead Russians,' expert urges senators 

Yahoo News Headline

The coincidences mount, as another Putin critic is shot dead

* * * * *


And the white men in charge of Washington do not sound like they anywhere near equipped to deal with Russia at the same time as they deal with a president that lies so damn much that the head of the FBI had come straight out and call the Commander-In-Chief a liar.

...when Trump had only been in office nine weeks. 
NY TIMES Headline


"The ninth week of Donald Trump’s presidency began with the F.B.I. director calling him a liar.
The director, the very complicated James Comey, didn’t use the L-word in his congressional testimony Monday. Comey serves at the pleasure of the president, after all. But his meaning was clear as could be. Trump has repeatedly accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones, and Comey explained [that there was no way for President Obama to get that done without involving all three branches of government]
I’ve previously argued that not every untruth deserves to be branded with the L-word, because it implies intent and somebody can state an untruth without doing so knowingly...
But the current president of the United States lies.
He lies in ways that no American politician ever has before. He has lied about — among many other things — Obama’s birthplace, John F. Kennedy’s assassinationSept. 11, the Iraq WarISISNATO, military veterans, Mexican immigrants, Muslim immigrants, anti-Semitic attacks, the unemployment rate, the murder rate, the Electoral Collegevoter fraud and his groping of women.
He tells so many untruths that it’s time to leave behind the textual parsing over which are unwitting and which are deliberate....
Read More

And it seems there's plenty that Trump and his minions might be inspired to lie about.

"High ranking members of Trump's campaign have deep, years long ties to the Russian government and have supported Putin specifically. Flynn had to resign because of his long or recent ties. We know that already. And Flynn recently requested immunity before he testifies.

But do you know about Paul Manafort?
  • Trump's Presidential Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort wrote, in the 2005 memo, 
"We are now of the belief that this model can greatly benefit the Putin government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success..."  Manafort also wrote that the effort "will be offering a great service that can refocus, both internally and externally, the policies of the Putin government. "


Sean Spicer tried to call Manafort a "minor" player in the Trump's Presidential campaign, when Manafort ran the whole show for months.

* * * * *

The author of ALL THE PRESIDENT LIES makes a couple of statements in an attempt to deflect away from the white supremacy that led the average Trump voter to Trump. 

Those predominantly white voters weren't confused about a thing except, maybe, how Trump doesn't even care about white people unless they are part of the one-percent.
Trump and Ryan tried to jam that healthcare plan through knowing 12 to 14 million of people that voted for him would be without healthcare within a year and 24 million would be without in ten years -- and all without driving premiums down a bit.....But that 600 million in taxes would be back in the pockets of the wealthy though. That goal would have been met.

The NY Times article also doesn't mention one of Trump's most offensive lies. Trump's dedication to lying no matter the outcome when he's made a (racist) error shows you exactly who he is. 

Trump took out a full page ad in a New York newspaper in an attempt to inspire people to have The Central Park Five put to death -- and has never taken it back, not even after they were proved innocent by the confession of another party. 
By the way, white women all over the country have "grabbed by the pussy" and raped too. DJ the Chump hasn't taken out one ad to have those predominantly white racists put to death (remember: crime is intra-racial) 

Though flawed, there's a lot of information in the article captioned above. So much of the presidents lies all in one place? That makes it valuable all by itself.

But the biggest lie Trump might be telling right now may be about how his minions help him steal the presidency by coordinating a Russian cyber attack via Wikileaks. 

Again, I swear, the video below sounds like 007 stuff.
I wouldn't even take any of this disinformation and spy seriously if a U.S. Congressman like Adam Schiff wasn't linking this information together AND Trump wasn't so obviously lacking ethical discernment.....and Putin enemies hadn't started dropping like flies. 

Schiff's speech below details Trump associates links to Russia in approximately nine minutes. All the names you've been hearing for weeks, Trump, Flynn, Manafort are all put into a narrative that's easy to follow.

Check it out.