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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Some people will tell you that you should never compare anybody to Hitler.

Well, I will dare to compare damn near anybody I want to Hitler because Hitler may be the worst thing to happen to Europe, white people all over the world, and Jewish people in particular

...but white people were the worst thing to happen to us

The transatlantic slave trade resulted in a vast and as yet still unknown loss of life for African captives both in and outside America. Approximately 1.2 – 2.4 million Africans died during their transport to the New World.More died soon upon their arrival. The number of lives lost in the procurement of slaves remains a mystery but may equal or exceed the number who survived [10.5 million] to be enslaved. 

So as actual information becomes more and more inaccessible (due to lies and secrecy) I keep wondering about how Hitler started out. I mean, Trump can't keep his lies together. So I don't think he's like Hitler so much as he's fertilizing the ground for a future American Hitler.

Think about it: 
Trump's figured out how to take office and make it financially profitable for himself. He's taking people to Mar-A-Lago. He's got to be getting rich off that. Dignitaries are visiting and staying at his hotels. We have no idea which changes he's made and will make that will line his pockets.

His appointee, Mini-Mouse (Jeff Sessions) asked 46 Obama era judges to hand in their resignations. A month later, he still hasn't replaced them. (Who needs laws or law enforcement? Trump has his pen over a blank presidential order as we speak, right?)

Trump's figured out that he can just sign pieces of paper or have other people sign pieces of paper and by the time you've blinked, he has  his family members getting access to classified documents and classified information. His son-in-law, another real estate developer and his fashionista clothes designing wife are helping the president make decisions.
Trump has done all this stuff that I just assumed was illegal or unconstitutional or both. It just blows my mind. I mean, who would guessed that someone could become president then just decide to stay at his own luxury resort 3 out of every 10 days--- and have it all be legit?

Trump may be too big of an idiot to be Hitler. But he can start a war, idiot or not. And he can start a war while having his troops a thousand miles from where he thinks they are. Still, what is even worse than that is the fact somebody that already has a little bit of power in D.C. or in some podunk town somewhere is watching Trump. 

Somebody already in Washington D.C. or in a Podunk U.S.A. near you, who is smarter than Trump and a hell of a lot more emotionally stable than Trump, is learning exactly what she or he can get away with -- only she or he will be less of senile egomaniac than Trump, and move WAAAAY faster under the cover of darkness.

American-Hitler is out there waiting to take further advantage of white supermacist fears of losing power to growing numbers of black and brown. I just know it.

Trump just feels more like American-Hitler's predecessor than American-Hitler to me. 

I'm guessing Hitler had to have had a predecessor that fertilized the ground with secrecy, hatred, and fear before Hitler came along and planted the mass-murder seeds. I just don't know enough German history to know what the predecessor's name might be. 

Or maybe I just want to believe that there was a longer transition period between normal Germany and Nazi Germany. Maybe I don't want to believe that a country can listen to a man that's a funny looking, secretive, lying, buffoon and just decide to pretend they don't see a sizeable chunk of it's own citizenry being systematically destroyed.
I just don't want to believe lingering resentments after WWI, poverty and struggle after losing that same war, plus the election of one idiot can all combine to cause something like Nazi Germany.

So, I'm wondering if the Dude Before Hitler (DBH) was normalized for as long as possible too? I wonder if there were Jewish writers saying about DBH, "It's the antisemitism, Stupid" much like people write about Trump every month or so.

I wonder if Jewish 1920s pre-bloggers were writing pamphlets and op-eds in newspapers asking why the mainstream news was reporting on Dude-Before-Hitler's antics like he's SOMEWHAT normal, just doing things a little bit differently, making DBH's followers out to be misguided, uneducated, or illogically-angsty, just following their "working class" fears --poor things,instead of making them out to be what they are--white-racists being attracted 
to the white racism in DBH.

If we don't find a way to have a people-of-color-led political party, Bernie Sanders and his ilk are going to continue to work at being appealing to the white racism within the (ex-)Cheeto-Satanettes. He's gonna suck that mess that's in the republican party into the democratic party. 

And if the democratic party moves right and white (Clinton) or moves strictly-white (Bernie Sanders) to such white voters out of the swamp that is the entire republican party  **at a moment when the republicans pretty much represents hell for people or color** I think DBH Trump is going to be successful at Making America White Again; 

If we don't get a people-of-color-led party together soon I think the white democrats are going to wind up helping the Cheeto Satanettes prep the president's chair for American-Hitler, whoever he turns out to be.

I don't read enough world history to know for sure. But I have a strong feeling this has all this happen before -- multiple times. I feel like it probably already happened in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s and during the whatever-Dynasty in China and in Babylon thousands of years ago too. I feel like we're just going in circles. 

But I think we in the U.s. can get off this particular merry-go-round.

If we don't want things to get worse before they get better, if we don't want  to turn into South Africa pre-1980s as American Hitler takes the stage in D.C., then we need to out-vote the majority of white people.

We absolutely must set our minds to this.  

White folks who can't admit their racism and change their minds and hearts, are just going to bury that white racism somewhere inside and let it fester. We're seeing the results of that path to racial peace RIGHT NOW.  

The future ex-cheeto-satanettes 
that move into the democratic party 
or into being "independents," 
they will call 
what they are hiding behind their teeth 
"political correctness" again 
instead of 
words that reveal
a soul deep belief in white supremacy.

Bernie, the Bernie Bros, the Bernie Bro-ettes will remain in the democratic party as white racism enablers who will turn a blind eye to what's happening to black and brown folk --same as the majority of German's did when the Jews were being put in gas chambers a mile or two from their homes.

True conversion of each white Cheeto-Satanette is desired. But repentance shouldn't be believed without confession.

~St DebLynn

If we don't want things to get worse before they get better, if we don't want  to turn into South Africa pre-1980s as American Hitler takes the stage in D.C., then we need to out-vote the majority of white people.

We absolutely must set our minds to this.