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Thursday, April 6, 2017


Two companies revealed that there's nothing but white men or white-men-wanna-be-s in upper management at their companies, as well as the companies they hire to do their advertising. 

That's the only excuse I can think of for what happened at Nivea and Pepsi this week.

1. Nivea had pull an ad after massive protest

This company produced an ad called "Whiteness Is Purity" Rumor has it that one of the main markets they were using this in was in the Middle East somewhere. 

Wherever Nivea planned to have this ad playing most WTH. 

I freaking cut off and white and into yourself do you have to be not see the KKK-ers and the Bannon-loving white nationalists are going to be the ONLY ones loving this ad?

* * * * *

2. Pepsi had to pull an ad after massive protest

The story about Pepsi is slightly more complicated than the Nivea story...on the surface. 

Clearly, Pepsi wanted to be all edgy and now. So somebody had the bright idea to center an ad on social protest. However, Pepsi also wanted to be non-committal. (Yeah. These two things make sense together) So they made this ad where the protests sign were seriously generic in the "Can't We All Just Get Along" ala Rodney King manner. 

Then this advertisement went one step further: They belittled every protest ever -- especially Black Lives Matter, in my mind-- by having the actress give a Pepsi to a cop which made everything ALL better. 

However, mistake number one in my black feminist mind was Pepsi using one of Kardashian/Jenner-Surgery-Sisters as the actor from the jump. You know surgeries I'm talking about, right? The surgeries gotten so as to acquire the black female features that sooo many white folk --and a certain strain of brain-dead-black men-- adore only when they are on non-black women? 

Talk about adding insult to injury.

CONCLUSION 1: Protest Works

CONCLUSION 2:  Daaaayum. Ya'll people of color won't let white folks e-race nuthin no more. Took all that money out of white folks hands by refusing to go see GHOST IN THE SHELL. 
Now the white boys at Nivea and the white boys at Pepsi, both, lost a lot of money on an ad they can't use too.

Shame on ya'll

Laughing in black girl petty

Laughin' LOUD

BWAAAAAAA ha ha ha.