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Sunday, April 2, 2017


This investigation of Russian hacking into the election has become a circus, and not just due to Trump's tweets.

Let me explain what Republican Congressman Devin Nunes did last week by comparing his actions to the actions of prosecutor in the Darren Wilson case in Ferguson

Nunes, who was part of Trump's transition team is currently the head of a group in the House Of Representatives that is tasked with investigating Trump's ties to Russia in the House of Representatives.  

  • Donald Trump was cast as Darren Wilson, 
  • Sean Spicer was cast as Trump's defense attorney, 
  • And Devin Nunes played Prosecutor Bob McCullough in the Mike Brown Case, the movie'd understand exactly what Nunes has done  

Devin Nunes has twice as many
 back flips as Press Secretary Sean Spicer in trying to exonerate Trump and 4 times as many backflips as 
the prosecutor in Ferguson case did to make sure Darren Wilson was never tried for murder. 

Only the prosecutor in the Mike Brown Murder Case didn’t go to the accused, to Darren Wilson’s house to report to Darren Wilson with the evidence he's collected instead of the prosecutor giving the information he's found to the investigators in his own office.

This is essentially what Nunes did when he received “classified information” that allowed him to claim that Trump was being accidentally wiretapped because intelligence agencies were legally eavesdropping on foreign counterparts. He was obviously trying to provide Trump cover for claiming President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.
And now we’ve found out that Nunes got the information he thought partially exonerated the White House….from the White House.
That’s like the prosecutor looking for evidence of Darren Wilson’s guilt or innocence going to Darren’s Wilson’s family looking for possible motives while expecting Wilson’s family members to confirm Darren Wilson’s white supremacist attitudes.

I say it's a good thing that the FBI and the Senate are doing their own investigations, because the House of Representatives Investigations' investigations is completely compromised for so long as any republicans are involved --much less while Nunes is leading the investigation.

But I don't have any real faith that any information congressman or senators collect is going to go anywhere for so long as the republicans have control of all three branches of government...and shortly, the Supreme Court.

We'll see what the FBI does or doesn't do and what they choose to report. I mean Comey called Trump a liar, in so many words. But he also gave Trump that e-mail-gate hail mary at the end of the election season. And it was effective too. Even Trump was surprised he won the election.

And now there are reports that a lot of misinformation "fake news" from Wikileaks was fed to Wikileaks by the Russians. To be continued.