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Does Trump's Budget Have A 2 Trillion Dollar Math Error Or Is He Simply Lying...Again

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If I understand Jonathan Chait correctly, the Trump administration is acknowledging that their budget would result in two trillion fewer dollars being collected in revenues over the next decade. But they are insisting that two awesome things will happen. The first is that this actually won’t happen because greater economic growth will produce the revenue after all. And the second is that this greater economic growth will also allow them to balance the budget.
For Chait, this is a simple error of arithmetic. It’s an example of double counting. First they assume two trillion in extra revenue based on higher economic growth (to make up for lower tax rates/fees), and then they assume an extra two trillion a second time (to bring the budget into balance)....
Washington Monthly 

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Monday, May 22, 2017


[...S]ome have suggested that SNL didn't really know what to do with [Zamata]. I'll leave that to those of you who have been watching to debate. 
But I could buy that argument even if only based on what Pharoah said, when he finally opened up about his exit from the show, in an interview with Hot 97 hosts Laura Stylez and Rosenberg (Ebro was absent) last month (April), which was mostly about SNL.  
In fact, from the very beginning of the 40-minute chat, they dove right into SNL, specifically why Pharoah left the series. 
And in response to that question, the comedian/actor said the following: "You go where you're appreciated... if you have multiple people on the cast saying things like, 'you're so talented, and you're able, and they don't use you, it's unfair, and it's making us feel bad... because they don't use you... and you're a talent...'"  
He was interrupted by Stylez who asked him why he felt that he wasn't used as much as he maybe should've been; and Pharoah continued with:
"I think... they put people into boxes... and whatever they want you to do, they expect you to do." 


Boi...You ain't gonna be doing an Eddie Murphy on us. We, the white folks, took back total control of this here ship when he-who-shall-not-be-named-again left.   
There will be no originality birthed from you. No characters you create on your own. You do what we tell you. And we will tell YOU if you're mocking a black stereotype or being a black stereotype. No thinking is required on your part. Stand where we tell you stand. Grin when we tell you to grin.  Bring us some ten year old black slang every now and again. That's it. This is your role. The end. Capisce

I hope Zamata and Pharoah had the 411 before they got to the show. And they should have had all the info they needed. There's tons of stuff you can read between the lines of Eddie Murphy's departure and his refusal to return to SNL for three decades.

Even though Eddie Murphy hasn't ever been frank about why he left SNL, his refusal to go on the show even for a guest appearance for 31 years says tons.  

It occurred to me that this twice as good (four times as good) to be appreciated half as much by the white gatekeepers in charge makes some of us resentful -- even after we've become successful in spite of white those who tried to throw down road blocks.  

You know what else?

Eddie Murphy carried Saturday Night Live, damn near all by himself for a couple of years after Lorne Green and the entire original cast quit in 1980. 

Oops. maybe Green thought SNL was supposed to go under with without him and the original cast. 
But SNL didn't go under without Green and the original cast almost entirely because of Eddie Murphy.   
And Green wasn't wanted or needed back at SNL until Murphy left to pursue his movie career. 
Hmmm. Maybe that's where the bad blood is.  

I'm totally guessing. But my gut is saying that this is right. Because when Eddie Murphy showed up for the 40th anniversary of Saturnday Night Live he was as stiff as a wooden post. Other white ex-SNL cast members return for guest appearances, used to do it regularly. Murphy? He was totally gone for 31 years. 

Chris Rock doesn't show up at SNL that much either.

Most black folks I know don't show up to watch SNL from start to finish...like ever.

SNL is a white show with white humor., isn't it? The SNL white folks aren't making fun of the stereotypes, are they? The black stereotypes ARE the jokes, aren't they? The mocking of black folks is funny to white folks that watch, right? So that's what's happening right?

This is why SNL has always made me itch inside isn't it?

Sometimes I'm a little slow.

I hope Sasheer isn't slow. 


Put that SNL mess on your resume and keep your mouth shut. But RUN GIRL RUN!!! Hopefully Pharoah has left you some bread crumb. Don't you dare look back for Keenan. It's like Harriet Tubman said. You can't free folks who don't know they are slaves


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I missed this last month. I didn't hear about this award at all. And it's funny that I've found about it in this particular moment.

I listen to LEMONADE for the poetry in the car when I'm on my way to work. Even though I like the music well-enough and adore the one Beyonce sings about her relationship with her father (as opposed to her mother's husband),  just the other day I was thinking it should have been put up for awards as a spoken word album instead of music album or even as a visual music album. 

Now I've found out, a month late, that somebody else kinda thought the same thing. LEMONADE won a Peabody Award.
The Peabody Awards announced their 2017 honorees on Thursday, and BeyoncĂ©'s Lemonade visual album has been recognized by the committee for its contributions to American culture.

Lemonade draws from the prolific literary, musical, cinematic, and aesthetic sensibilities of black cultural producers to create a rich tapestry of poetic innovation,” the committee wrote in the announcement on Thursday. “The audacity of its reach and fierceness of its vision challenges our cultural imagination, while crafting a stunning and sublime masterpiece about the lives of women of color and the bonds of friendship seldom seen or heard in American popular culture.”

I was a fan of Poet Warsan Shire long before Beyonce's Lemonade came out.  So I bought the visual album immediately. Even though I haven't seen the video portion in a while, the words of LEMONADE always make me think.

Or maybe I should say Warsan Shire always makes me feel and think. Or maybe, in this case, it's both Warsan and Beyonce together that make me feel and think about my place in this world as a black woman. It's hard to tell when the poetry of Warsan ends and the poetry of Beyonce begins sometimes.  

That's part of what's wonderful about it. 

I highly suggest giving LEMONADE a listen while you're driving or cooking or cleaning or exercising or just hanging out --maybe see what it echoes back to you about your own life.

Maybe you'll decide to make a change. 
There are some aspects of forgiveness where I think it leads black women down the garden path to nowhere. But even that "disagreement" I have with one of the messages is part of its being complicated. And its being complicated is a large part of its beauty. 

Art is supposed have an impact. And LEMONADE lands most of its punches where it should.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Earlier this month a black woman was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed in front of her children by a white police officer after being stopped for a simple speeding ticket. 

Williams tells Officer Carter that the car is not hers when he asks about the registration. It's her grandfather's.  

Takara Williams is polite while talking to the white officer. North Carolina Officer JC Carter is polite when he comes back from his motorcycle radio to tell her to give him her car keys. 

This is when Williams becomes upset. She says she wants to call her grandfather who lives just down the road, the officer walks around the car to the driver's side and opens the car door. He has already threatened her with arrest (in a polite voice) if she doesn't obey massa and hand over the car keys sans any real explanation.  

Bodycam video was just after 15 minutes and 45 seconds 
by the time he asked her for the keys. 
He says its for his own safety. 
He says he's taking the tags off the car
for some reason.

Williams asked the officer why again and again -- which I would NOT have done unless I was white --especially if I lived in the south. And if I was white, I would have expected him to answer me fully and with respect. 

But Williams in black and female and young and in the south. She is not safe. 

Inside 25 seconds Officer Carter is threatening Williams with arrest and has his hands on her.  It is at this point that a black woman, that was driving by, starts filming Carter's arrest of Williams and this unnecessary arrest becomes public. 

As violent as white police officers can get when defied for any reason, Williams could have been battered and broken.

As it was the white officer, wrestled her to the ground and laid her on her face, put his hands all over her as he frisked her, sat on her back and cuffed her in front of her children.


He couldn't let her call her grandfather about her grandfather's car.

This entire episode happened because the officer didn't feel like explaining that he was going to take the tags off the car (because...the address wasn't changed for more than a year? At the beginning of the video, you hear Williams saying they'd moved a year ago.)  

When you're a white man you don't have to explain anything to a n-word, especially if you're white man with a badge. 

I'll never be able to prove it, but the only reason he even began to explain why he created a situation where she would be resisting arrest is because he probably remembered the body camera he's wearing. I'll never be able to prove it. But I'm 95% certain that something that means "because I said so" would have been the only reason he gave.

I've had to deduce that the reason to remove the tags is because the registration address hadn't been changed in a year -- which is outrageous, if true.

I'm guessing this is the reason because I got a ticket for not changing mine in 10 days once. And I couldn't pay the ticket right away because the ticket wasn't in the police stations's system --before I flew to another city for two weeks for my job. (This was years and years ago.) I tried to resolve the issue and pay by phone while I was away. Couldn't get it done. I had to drive to the police station, hoping I didn't get pulled over again right after I left the airport a few weeks later.   
So I'm guessing he's taking the tags because she answered him honestly about when they moved. 
Live and learn. The answer to "When did you move?" is "Yesterday." 

 I hope Williams wins millions because politeness in the voice and respect are not synonymous.

Respect would have dictated giving Williams the full explanation she asked for in the very beginning and additional 60 to 90 seconds worth of patience. TWENTY FIVE SECONDS was not long enough for her to think about what she should do with a car that's not hers.  

All that cop had to do was answer Williams questions thoroughly and let her to call her grandfather (who owns the car).

He did NOT even have to be empathetic enough to understand that damn near all black folk are terrified of white police officers now that so many of them have murdered us on video without going to jail.

And instead of getting the keys, that officer could have had Williams and her child get out of the car and stand some distance away while he took the plates off the car --after she calls her grandfather. That's the other way the officer ensures he doesn't get run over.  Because I totally get that. 

I totally understand making sure he doesn't get run over.

I do not understand TWENTY-FIVE SECONDS to make the decision to wrestle her to the ground, frisk her, cuff her, and arrest her.

In good ole USA, that only makes sense when the cop is white and the woman you're arresting is NOT-WHITE.

This could easily have been avoided. And I imagine it has been avoided over and over again for white people in white suburbs across the country.

Obey me now n-word was the message Takara Williams got no matter how polite his voice was.

* * * * *

I'm sitting in my living room, calm, and able to think clearly. And it still took me a while to figure out why he was asking for the car keys. And I shouldn't have had to "figure it out." Officer Carter should have answered the questions he was asked in the order he was asked them.

Police Officers are to protect and serve. They are paid with our tax dollars. We are their employers. Until police officers start getting that in the small insignificant situations, they are going to continue to kill black and brown people at will. And it's a matter of time before they start doing the same thing to white people.

Yeah, I understand that this behavior is white supremacy based and that white people are mostly safe from this treatment.  But I also understand human nature.  When people feel all powerful they want that feeling to expand. That feeling has to be as addicting as cocaine.  Eventually it won't be enough to just beat on black and brown folks. 

White cops are currently watching other white cops get away with murder --even when that murder has been videotaped. This has to be having some sort of an effect on them. 

And I think that effect will be for cops (all of shades of them) to start killing more and more indiscriminately.

White folks thought they were safe from illegal drugs. They weren't. It just took longer for illegal drugs to become "cool" where they live. Now their children are dying too and they want drug addiction to be treated like a disease -- hence the bipartisan support to reign in Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his desire to throw everybody in jail for the tiniest drug offense.  

Let's hope it doesn't take 20 to 30 years, this time, for white folks to realize that white people are in jeopardy of being killed by police for nothing too. 



Friday, May 19, 2017


Yesterday Reuters said Trump and his minions had 18 contacts with Russia that they failed to disclose

Today, the New York Times has Trump's own words to the Russians on May 10 2017. He actually talks about the pressure he's taken off himself by getting rid of FBI Director Comey. 

President Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office this month that firing the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, had relieved “great pressure” on him, according to a document summarizing the meeting.
“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Mr. Trump said, according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”
Mr. Trump added, “I’m not under investigation.”
The conversation, during a May 10 meeting — the day after he fired Mr. Comey — reinforces the notion that Mr. Trump dismissed him primarily because of the bureau’s investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives. Mr. Trump said as much in one televised interview, but the White House has offered changing justifications for the firing.

If I was living in another country, I'd think Russia-gate was moving into the hilarious zone.

When Trump wakes up in the middle of the night, if he does NOT imagine he sees The Ghost Of Christmas Past come early in the form of his twin soul Roger Ailes of Faux News

have the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Reuters swirling in his head upon waking which makes him imagine he sees a weather witch raining down lightening bolts of truth from the sky. 


The news outlets are blasting Trump's lyin' @$$ daily -- mostly using what he's done or he's said himself. It's incredible.
Think about this: Twitter Wit met with the Russians the day after he fired Comey. The same COMEY who was investigating his ties to the Russians. And during that same meeting with the Russians (who hacked our election) he spoke to the Russians about getting rid of Comey to get the pressure off himself  --when he had to be aware that meetings like this are recorded in some way.   
The stupid is strong with this one, it is
 Is there any doubt in your mind that President Obama would be under the jail in some black site, never to be seen again, for treason if he'd pulled even 50% of this b.s.? 
Oh well.  Thank goodness Twitter Wit is the nitwit I always took him to be. 
Ya know what else? 
What's happening now won't make sense in a documentary or movie 30 years from now. The visual telling of this story will have to be done in a cartoon format. Nobody will believe what's happening now really happened anyway. 

The thing that really makes me chuckle though is this: Twitter-Wit fired Comey only to wind up having Super-Duper FBI Witch Hunter Robert Mueller brought back out of retirement to head the Russia investigation in Comey's place.


I'm laughing. But I'm still nervous about what comes next.

I'm really not sure anything is going to come of the special prosecutor regardless of how many white men say they admire him. No matter what Mueller finds, KKK Mighty Mouse Jeff Sessions may get to decide whether to prosecute from what I understand -- recusal or no recusal.

However Sessions may have overstepped himself trying to roll back President Obama's changes to sentencing for drugs etc. He may have too many of his own problems to be much of a shield for Trump. The Senate is making a bipartisan effort to reign Session in.  

Not that the mostly white senators care about refueling The New Jim Crow. Don't be confused: White kids were ODing on meth and heroine when President Obama got support for reducing sentencing. White parents had been wanting a more "compassionate approach to drug addiction," wanted to treat drug addiction like a disease -- when Becky and Bucky were in danger of jail time.  So I have no doubt that they will pull Jiminy Cricket back in

Sooo, I've got my popcorn out. This is has the potential to be a witch hunt that'll be worth it's weight in Gold if Trump is impeached at the end of it -- or suddenly throws his little baby hands up and quits.

Jada Pinkett-Smith And Queen Latifa Will SET IT OFF Again In GIRLS TRIP


Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith & Tiffany Haddish in 'Girls Trip'

Produced by Will Packer and Malcolm D. Lee, "Girls Trip" follows four lifelong friends—Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish— who travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival, where sisterhoods are rekindled, wild sides are rediscovered, and there’s enough dancing, drinking, brawling and romancing to make the Big Easy blush.

One of the writers is Kenya Barris (BLACKISH) The director is Malcom D Lee (BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT).

GIRLS TRIP comes to theaters on July 21, 2017

Preview (The Explicit One)

And if you haven't seen SET IT OFF, shame on ya! It's a black classic, one of the few where all the stars are black women.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


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WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND other domestic extremists maintain an active presence in U.S. police departments and other law enforcement agencies. A striking reference to that conclusion, notable for its confidence and the policy prescriptions that accompany it, appears in a classified FBI Counterterrorism Policy Guide from April 2015, obtained by The Intercept...

Although these right-wing extremists have posed a growing threat for years, federal investigators have been reluctant to publicly address that threat or to point out the movement’s longstanding strategy of infiltrating the law enforcement community.
No centralized recruitment process or set of national standards exists for the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, many of which have deep historical connections to racist ideologies... 

[A] report appeared after a series of scandals involving local police and sheriff’s departments. In Los Angeles, for example, a U.S. District Court judge found in 1991 that members of a local sheriff’s department had formed a neo-Nazi gang and habitually terrorized black and Latino residents. In Chicago, Jon Burge, a police detective and rumored KKK member, was fired, and eventually prosecuted in 2008, over charges relating to the torture of at least 120 black men during his decadeslong career. Burge notoriously referred to an electric shock device he used during interrogations as the “nigger box.” In Cleveland, officials found that a number of police officers had scrawled “racist or Nazi graffiti” throughout their department’s locker rooms. In Texas, two police officers were fired when it was discovered they were Klansmen. One of them said he had tried to boost the organization’s membership by giving an application to a fellow officer he thought shared his “white, Christian, heterosexual values.
Although the FBI has not publicly addressed the issue of white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement since that 2006 report, in a 2015 speech, FBI Director James Comey made an unprecedented acknowledgment of the role historically played by law enforcement in communities of color: “All of us in law enforcement must be honest enough to acknowledge that much of our history is not pretty.” Comey and the agency have been less forthcoming about that history’s continuation into the present....



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Barack Obama doesn’t get upset; in fact, he rarely loses his cool. It was one of the things that troubled me about his presidency. I really just wanted him to stop it with the politics of racial representation and threaten to kick someone’s ass. It isn’t really his fault, though; he knew how to play his presidential position. It was just my dream that one day he would get real Chicago on a senator.
Nevertheless, People magazine is reporting that back in November, after hearing that Donald Trump had won the presidential election and professed his “respect” and “admiration” for Obama after once being the biggest voice in the Birther movement, Obama reportedly said of Trump, “He’s nothing but a bullshitter!”

Read More: 

I Knew Obama had to have said something like this

I saw it on Michelle's face when she looked at Trump at least twice.

The only thing that surprises me about Obama calling Trump the "Bullshitter" that he is that Obama said it to someone other than Michelle and maybe his daughters before he officially left office.
HAPPY MEMORIES VIDEO:Five minutes of Obama roasting
Trump's wide-load, limited-energy, birther @SS (and Fox News too) at the White House Correspondent's Dinner in 2011, the same dinner Trump was afraid to go this year


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"[Betty] Shelby, who is white, was charged last September with felony manslaughter in the shooting of Terence Crutcher, 40.
    Police said Crutcher, [black and unarmed] failed to obey commands, and Shelby testified she thought Crutcher was reaching for something in his SUV..."

    ...but reports say THE WINDOW WAS MOST OF THE WAY UP. 

    One of the attorneys involved thinks Crutcher was trying to put his hands against the car so as not to be perceived as a threat.

    "Shelby, who testified in her defense, said she shot Crutcher because he acted bizarrely and she feared for her life."






    Read More:

    Below is 2016 Video of Crutcher's death (in case you've forgotten which unarmed black person Terence Crutcher is). This is police helicopter footage with the pilot(s) talking / narrating the shooting...when they thought his Shelby would use a taser instead of bullets. 

    Wednesday, May 17, 2017


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    The Justice Department on Wednesday named a special counsel, former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, to take over the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Russian agents and associates of President Trump.
    The move heightened the legal and political stakes for the president and his young administration. It came after days of allegations against Trump himself raised new questions about whether administration officials could oversee an inquiry that has the president at its center, facing new suggestions he may have tried to obstruct the FBI’s investigation.

    Read More


    Like I said before, the stock market is how you can know something REAL might be happening.

    Stocks took a huge dive today as the white High Level Satanettes' (the mostly white one-percenter's) faith in Trump stumbled. You see, the one-percenter's aren't at all sure Cheeto is going to give huge tax breaks and remove the regulations put on the banks (the ones put on banks after they nearly took us into a depression by playing fast and loose while also being "too big to fail.")

    Nasdaq suffers biggest 

    daily drop in 

    nearly a year, 

    as fear gauge soars 

    on Trump worries


    I fully expect the low-level Satanette's --which should probably be adjusted to include those those white folks making below 200K per year on down to the white poor--  will hang tough with Cheeto, making up conspiracy theories amongst themselves about the left media. For so long as Cheeto mouth's off about fake news coming from somewhere other than himself and these things keep on looking viable: 


    Basically? Anything policy that destroys people that are not-white will keep the low-level Satanettes on board.

    White supremacy is about a gaining a feeling of being powerful over the other, not thinking. So no amount of logic is going to change the low-level Satanettes. And high level satanettes have a dial that fixes on one point of logic named "greed." 

    So we can't win them over. Stop thinking about that. We have to outvote them. And that alone will crush them. But we don't have to worry about waiting to vote to crush them. Trump is already doing that. Trump is chasing his voters down with a blood thirsty ax.

    Trump voters will eventually start to feel pain as Trump keeps chopping away at their legs. And there will be pain for me-and-white-mine when the Trumpthuglicans can't afford to take little Susie to the doctor because Trump destroyed Obamacare instead of fixing it (--to give those tax dollars back to the rich folk) And Trump is likely to do things that will make them need to go to the doctor more often-- like get rid of the EPA.  
    Some white racists will come to the light and vote against Trump for self-preservation; and some will do so without shedding an ounce of their racism. Fine. 
    Other's white racists will blindly hang onto Trump as he's destroying their lives simply because he's white too. Again, we've already seen white folks do this before: 
    • White poor turned in black slaves. Black slaves worked for free and made the rich white farmer richer. The rich white farmer crushed the small white farmer and drove him out of business.   
    • As the old saying goes, "If you don't know your history, you are doomed to repeat it." 

    White people destroyed white people in large numbers during The Civil War. This time the destruction of white folks will be different -- maybe "only" financial?  Actually, I'm not sure what the slide from Kakistocracy to Coup to Autocracy will look like if the FBI doesn't slow or remove Trump.

    And I hope I don't find out. Because we're all living in this country together.

    We need a black and brown led voting block with about 1/3rd of white folk. It's not impossible. It's already been done twice. We can do it again.


    Even though deep in my gut, I feel Mean Tangerine is gonna throw up his hands and quit being president at some point, I want to point out how critical it was for ALL of us to vote last November.

    We, black, brown and just 1/3 or white people, needed to out vote the majority of white people and we did not do it. Not only did we fail to keep Trump out of office, we let the republicans put so many people in the House and Senate that he has those jackals to protect him as if they are shield and sword.

    So far, the only thing slowing the Chump's roll are the judges and personnel like Sally Yates, whom President Obama put in place. The remaining democrats look completely powerless or inept or both. It's taken this latest action of Trump's for them to seriously start talking aloud about impeaching Trump -- after all that went before in his attacks against anything and anybody not-white.

    A lot of articles written over the last few days say that Comey-gate is worse than Nixon's Watergate (break in, wiretapping a political enemy, cover up: firing the people interested in investigating him)

    But the outcome is unlikely to be the same: Trump impeached, leaving the White House in bravado covered shame.

    To me, it looks like Richard Nixon was impeachable because there was a mixture of republicans and democrats in the House and Senate. 
    Now the House is overwhelmingly republican. If Donald Trump was to do the same thing that Nixon did now? If Trump had his own Watergate? With all the red and purple all over the current voting maps, I have serious doubts Trump would be REPEALED AND REPLACED like Nixon was, very serious doubts.

    The republicans are many feet deep House and they have enough of a majority in the Senate to follow Paul Ryan (and the rest of them in the House) anywhere they want to go. The republicans can do any heinous thing they want to "the poor" (which is code for "lazy" and "brown" in most upper level (high political power and money) republican minds). Except for the fact that Twitter Wit can't follow a script, the republicans are really happy seeing this man just lie and flout...

    I was gonna say, "flout the law" But Twitter Wit is not flouting the law. He's flouting the suggestions. 

    The emoluments clause (can't profit financially from being in office) either isn't a law or isn't a law worth worrying  calling "a law" because it has no immediate penalty attached to it.
    Whoever's in power decides what the emoluments clause means exactly and also decides if the "clause" has been a violated; ignored a little; or ignored a lot. And if the party in power likes the president where is he is (in the white house instead of back out on the street being Joe-Rich-Schmo) then the party in power can say "emoluments clause/ smoo-moluments clause"  

    We're not a nation of laws. We're a nation of suggestions. The democracy is broken -- maybe permanently.  Even if Twitter Wit decides being president sucks if he can't act like a King and walks, maybe the damage is done. The worst that's out there thinking about running for president, knows just how far you can go if your part is the one running the show (and ignoring the laws or reinterpreting them to mean nothing.)

    You know what else? As racist as Nixon and his cronies were, I don't think they were as openly greedy as the repugnant-cans are right now.

    In reality 1970s republicans may have been twice as greedy today's republicans. But I think they had to sneak around to grab all the power and wealth they could. And some of them, the republicans with the Dixicrats already merged within, decided they would not go along with Nixon's plan to fire those investigating him. High level republicans, at least two or three of them, resigned rather than go along with Nixon's order to fire the may investigating Nixon.

    This is not what Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein just did. They aren't only shoring up Trump's firing of Comey. They look like they helped orchestrate it. Actually, it's rather unclear what Rosenstein is doing. But it looks like he's a stooge for his immediate boss, Sessions.

    Greed is the order the republican-day now. The politicians, right and left, probably couldn't be as out in the open with the greed in the 1970s. 

    The country had just come off that peace, love, and joy facade just the decade before. This was the context in which the Civil Rights Movement has its most high profile successes. In the 1970s it was fashionable for at least a percentage of white folks to really care about "justice" being "for all." the rest of white folk (the majority) could be blackmailed into pretending they cared about not-like-me.

    In the 1980s, the vast majority of white folks, under Reagan, started throwing off the blackmail and stopped pretending that peace, love, and joy was a thing. They stopped pretend that they cared about not-like-me. The oft heard phrase, "Why do we all have to be so politically correct all the time?" was born. And it got to be a constant chant on the right. 

    Now the right whites have a nationalistic white supremacist as leader of the country. He ran on white supremacy: First thing he implied was that Mexico was sending all it's rapists and murderers over here. And the majority of white people that love Trump loved him for that approach -- not in spite of it.  With every racist statement he made, his popularity climbed.

    Now, 6 months too late, the white researchers have caught up to what was obvious in the newscasts while Trump was running. White folks, afraid of not-white-like-me, voted for Trump because of his anti-black and brown rhetoric. That's what "afraid of culture changes" means in the mealy-mouthed language I'll call white-ese.  

    And now a bunch more greed than usual has been poured added to the white supremacy --most of which is greed based to begin with 

    And it is greed we're talking about here. Racism, many of the social "-isms" are about grabbing more for me-and-mine.  I can grab more for me-and-mine eliminate the competition. I can eliminate competition by making a not-us group seem less human than me-and-mine

    With Trump as a white supremacy leader, they don't even have to PRETEND to care about not-like-me anymore. And when I say "not-like-me," I mean not-like-me by race/ethnicity and also not-like-me by class.

    The love of greed that's coded as "love of the free market" is out of control. Just. Look at the healthcare bill that was passed in the republican dominated House this year.
    That thing they passed in the House is openly classist.
    Thousands and thousands of people will lose their healthcare, some reports say millions will lose their healthcare.  Some won't be able to afford to pay the higher rates for pre-existing conditions.   
    In the first version of Trumpcare, if someone had a financial emergency went off their Trumpcare plan and then gets back on Trumpcare when they are able, these people were able to be penalized with a much higher insurance rate when they come back. I'm not sure this is in Trumpcare 2.0, but I can't believe the GOP had the audacity to put that kind of penalty in there -- pretending it's about stopping people from committing fraud. 
    Too many of the republicans don't care how easily people can be priced out of health insurance because don't care who they kill below a certain income level.  And I'm not exaggerating about this plan killing people, some people will have cancer and not be able to pay their premiums -- much less they co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses.  
    While low level Cheeto Satan-ettes think "poor" means black and brown people, think that the only people who die from lack of insurance are black and brown. High level Cheeto Satan-ettes know perfectly damn well whites are the largest poor group. 
    Think about the big picture for mostly white Kentucky:
    Cheeto promised to get these highly poor, mostly white Kentuckians (2/3rds of which voted for Trump) back into coal mining;

    while also trying to cut the EPA off at the knees-- the same agency that would have protected them from the deadly output of the coal mining;

    and now these going-back-to-coal folks won't be able to get health insurance at a reasonable rate-- when they're sick due to the coal mining.   

    The "greedy poor" I once heard bell hooks use. The perfectly describes what's happening with poor Trump voters. They are greedy for the feeling of power that white supremacy gives them...and they cutting their noses off to spite their faces to get it. Obamacare was the best thing that ever happened to Clay County, Kentucky yet:

    [The good white] folk of Clay County, KY voted by a huge margin of 86-11for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election.It also turns out that:About 60 percent of Clay County's 21,000 residents are covered by Medicaid, up from about a third before the [Obamacare] expansion. The counties [sic] uninsured rate for nonelderly adults has fallen from 29 percent to 10 percent.

     "Greed" being synonymous with "ambitious" and "successful" now.  Being part of the "greed poor, " many of the lower level cheeto satanettes don't see the white one-percenters are going for their throats 
    That's why I sometimes think that giving white racists the right to vote is like giving a baby a hand gun

    I truly cannot figure out how this health insurance debacle will not come back to bite us all -- should it pass the Senate. Is there a way that it will NOT come to pass that health insurance companies will become so enamored with how much money they're making off the poorest of us that they won't want the rest of us. And they get more out of the rest of us by

    -- not covering pre-existing conditions unless they're paid astronomically high premiums 
    --not providing catastrophic coverage beginning at a reasonable level each year 
    If the health insurance companies get high rates on pre-existing conditions that will be the standard after a while. Keep in mind that those of us that have "good" insurance through out employers, instead of Trumpcare, will have that insurance through some of the same companies that will be inside Trumpcare. Once an insurance company sees that kind of profit coming out of Trumpcare, they are are going to want the rest of us to pay the same kinds of  high premiums for pre-existing conditions. 

    Trumpcare is likely a long term trap.

    For so long as Trump remains popular-- and he was before the Comey mess and now the blabbing of enough classified information that enemies can guess where the info came from --the republicans will protect him.

    But the thing I'm hanging my hat on right now are the pink states (which represent "red " states where the republicans barely won).

    Those representatives from the pink states? Those are the republicans that Trump and Paul Ryan had to arm twist. Pink state republicans are afraid to be voted out in places they barely won. Unlike most republican senators, they will be running for election again soon.

    The next time republican house members will face voters will be in 2018. Folks in the House have to run every two years.  And they were counting on their constituents forgetting that their representatives did them dirty. 

    Yes, that's sight Pink republicans were betting on political amnesia. And it was a good bet. America really does have a short attention span.

    But this Comey thing coming right on the heel of the House Healthcare vote?  That's going to make the Senate vote get pushed back. Whatever ugly piece of healthcare legislation gets finalized, the voters may not have forgotten by Novermber 2018 --- if the healthcare gets pushed back for long enough.

    The fear level has to be building...even for the republican numb-noggins

    At least some of the upper level Cheeto Satan-ettes in the House and Senate understand Trump is screwing with the foundations of the democracy. And some small fraction of low-level Satan-ettes must be wondering about Russia some because Cheeto Satan poured major gas on the Russia collusion fire when decided to get rid of Comey.

    I'm waiting for the day those half-baked tweets stop rallying Cheeto's base? That's when the other republicans, red and pink, will start running for the hills. But I wonder what form that running will take. Our democracy is broken. They are not going to put country before party. It might be impossible to get just 3 republican Senators to cross the aisle and join democrats in impeaching this lying fool.

    Rumor has it, from a questionable source, that a sealed indictment has been issued against Trump. 


    Whether or not this is true, I find it hard to believe Trump won't stumble again....and soon.  I assume he will seek a reprieve by bombing something...Syria? I hope he won't get near N Korea; I cannot imagine him stumbling and bumbling through another N Korea confrontation with or without the advice of his new NSA H.R. McMaster --especially since, rumor has it , that Trump does not appreciate his new NSA .

    In the final analysis, Trump cannot keep his trap shut. He can't do it. The ego will not allow it. I think he'll peal the other republicans away from himself, House members from the pink states first, then some from a few red states.

    DJ Chump is going to put his sword and shield down without knowing it. I know he  is. And part of me think he's just going to get frustrated, throw up his hands and quit.

    But will our democracy already be damaged beyond repair in a year or Gawd forbid I'm wrong and he manages to stick it out for a full four years? I can't tell if I should be frightened about how thoroughly this man is breaking down our democracy; He's made it so clear that the laws we thought we had on the books to protect ourselves from ourselves are paper tigers.

    But I feel absolutely certain that somebody smarter than Trump is watching and waiting to move into the presidency -- and continue our slide from democracy through the current kakistocracy to autocracy. And I hope it's not Pence.