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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Martyrs Against The Ethnoracism Being Generated By Trump's Version Of America

Feeling Rebloggy

     The actual title of the Salon Article is here-- 

Martyrs against racism in Donald Trump’s America: What happened in Portland was shocking, but not surprising

We will need more heroes like Ricky Best, Taliesin Namkai-Meche and Micah Fletcher. They acted selflessly to defend two young women against a white supremacist thug in Portland. 2 of them were murdered. 1 was seriously injured. Unfortunately, they will not be the last people to suffer harm by the hate mongers who have been aroused and excited by Donald Trump's regime. I explain more in my new piece that can be read below.

Micah Fletcher,  Ricky Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche are heroes.
These three men acted selflessly and without concern for their own safety as they came to the aid of two women — one Muslim and the other African-American — who were being verbally assaulted and threatened by a white supremacist in Portland, Oregon, last Friday....

Christian allegedly slit the throats of Best and Namkai-Meche and then stabbed Fletcher. Best and Namkai-Meche are dead; Fletcher remains hospitalized with serious injuries. The two young women were able to escape unharmed.

Destinee Magnum: One of the two women
defended by Fletcher, Best, and Namkai-Meche.
Best and Namkai-Meche gave up their lives

...About two weeks ago, a 23-year-old African-American college student was stabbed to death on the University of Maryland campus by a white supremacist. Richard Collins III refused Sean Urbanski’s order to “Step left, step left if you know what’s good for you.” Urbanski then channeled the white supremacist logic of Jim and Jane Crow and the “black codes,” allegedly killing Collins for refusing an order from a white man....

These murders are part of a larger trend. There has been a record increase in hate crimes and other violence against Muslims, nonwhites, Jews and immigrants that began with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 and continues through to the present. [Despite Jeremy Christian being an atheist], the Anti Defamation League has documented how right-wing domestic terrorists — almost all of them white and Christian [CINOs] — have killed hundreds of Americans since 2007.  

Read More:



Either way, we may not have Sean Spicer to kick around anymore. And I'm kinda sad about that. Melissa McCarthy was hilarious as Spicer. She's been the best thing about the Trump presidency.

McCarthy  as Sean Spicer/   Sean Spicer

Trump's Communications Director, Mike Dubke, reportedly turned in his resignation on May 18, 2017 too. I think he was with Trump for about 3 months.  
Mike Dubke
Maybe Dubke had sense enough to quit.  In fact, I'd be surprised if that went down any other way. But Trump could have asked for his resignation too.

Reports seem to indicate that Trump thinks the White House communications problems are something other than him, his tweets, and his tendency to tell 4 different stories about the same event inside 48 hours.

There's also a rumor Trump wants to talk to the press himself instead of having press secretaries and such speak for him. 

Well, that oughta be real interesting since he hasn't figured out that the lies don't fly like they did during his campaign. 

Somehow he doesn't understand that the lies he tells now will have to hold together more than a day or two.
During his campaign he was considered a buffoon nobody except Trumpthuglicans* thought would win. (A few black and brown folks who knew they wouldn't vote for Hillary also knew) 
Now people other than white supremacists that love white supremacy are actually paying attention to the details of what he says instead of how outrageous offensive he is.

A big shake up of staff is supposedly coming up. The big question is this: Is Trump firing people or are the rats leaving a sinking ship? Jared Kushner was the only one looking like he had common sense -- because he mostly kept his mouth shut. Now we find out he might be the shadiest or the dumbest of the bunch

I heard on the television news that bookies (in Vegas) put Trump's ability to last a full 4 years as President at 50/50.
I don't think Russia-gate has the power to do anything but wear him out...unless 2018 changes the House from republican to democrat.
If I had money to burn, I'd bet on him having his doctor write him a note saying his health is too robust for the presidency, that he needs to focus all his extra brain power somewhere else lest he explode. Whatever he gets a doctor say, it's gonna make him sound stronger while giving him his get out of the White House card.
Melania's no dummy. She probably thinks he'll be back to New York soon. Or maybe she's even smarter and his hoping he'll stay the full eight.
  •'s us or her. Send him back to New York. 

Read More

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Zaha Hadid Reshaped Modern Architecture

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Iraqi-born British architect Zaha Hadid, was the first female winner of the top Pritzker Architecture Prize on this day in 2004...

Zaha Hadid was born into a prominent family in Baghdad during the last years of the Hashemite monarchy. 
She grew up in the aftermath of the military coup led by Brigadier General Abdul Karim Qassim, and left for Beirut to continue with her college education in mathematics, before moving to London to study architecture.
"Hadid took a fistful of everything that was good and beautiful in her homeland ... and with it she signed her signature on every corner of the globe she visited," Hamid Dabashi wrote.

In 1979, she established her own practice in London, the Zaha Hadid Architects. She was a woman in a field dominated by men, but her passion was in pushing the limits of design. 

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Feeling Rebloggy
Because Donald Trump is the president of the United States and the most famous person on the planet, one wouldn't think he would need to employ a bot to boost his Twitter following. 
It appears, however, he might have done just that. As screenwriter John Niven pointed out Tuesday morning, Trump's Twitter account saw an unusual spike in followers over the weekend, many of which appear to have been created artificially.

I wouldn't take this as gospel yet --even though this came from Newsweek. Typos make me think this is still being researched. 

But PRESIDENT FAKE NEWS never fails to drop to lower depths.  I wouldn't put it past him.


Russia-gate has turned it's eye toward Trump's son-in-law. He's been up to this mess to his armpits for a while, but now there are specifics.

The FBI is reportedly looking into Trump's son-in-law and unpaid advisor, Jared Kushner because he was looking for a back channel direct to Valdimir Putin BEFORE Trump was president according to a New York Times article.

Once again, I can't figure out why the word "treason" isn't being used. Opening a back-channel to another country when you are in charge of that country is one thing. Opening a back channel to an enemy, when you aren't in charge of a damn thing and have no authority at all, this ought to be called "treason." (when you try to screw up our country's elections = enemy) 

If President Obama's black self had tried such a thing, they'd have put him to death by now.

But the funniest thing about this is that Trump is SUPPOSEDLY upset with Kushner over the other thing they found out about Kushner's Russia ties.

The greatest sin that Kushner has committed so far, in Trump’s eyes, was a video clip that came out earlier this month of Kushner’s sister, Nicole Meyeroffering EB-5 visas to Chinese investors willing to fork over a hefty sum to the family real estate business (which Kushner has stepped back from due to his White House position). It made it seem as though she was hoping to profit off of Trump, and it undermined his adamant stance on immigration laws.

This level of hypocrisy is just laughable.

Trump has taking dignitaries to his own hotels, like Mar-A-Lago, and making money

Passing his budget as is will put a bunch of money in Trump's pocket
Repeal and Replace will put a bunch of tax dollars in Trump's pocket too

To me all these new revelations mean is that Kushner appears to see the presidency as a giant cash register, same as his father-in-law

Boys and Girls

Let us review the definition of the word "Plutocracy"

  1. PLUTOCRACY (noun) government by the wealthy.
    • a country or society governed by the wealthy.
      plural noun: plutocracies
    • an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.

Let's use the word in a sentence, shall we?

    We are not living in a democracy but a plutocracy.
* * * * *

Chrystia Freeland, author of Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else,[37] says that the present trend towards plutocracy occurs because the rich feel that their interests are shared by society.[38][39]
You don't do this in a kind of chortling, smoking your cigar, conspiratorial thinking way. You do it by persuading yourself that what is in your own personal self-interest is in the interests of everybody else. So you persuade yourself that, actually, government services, things like spending on education, which is what created that social mobility in the first place, need to be cut so that the deficit will shrink, so that your tax bill doesn't go up. And what I really worry about is, there is so much money and so much power at the very top, and the gap between those people at the very top and everybody else is so great, that we are going to see social mobility choked off and society transformed.
— Chrystia Freeland, NPR

Then white supremacy gets the poor whites to follow the rich white one-percenters to their own destruction 
Image by Michael Dal Cerro


1) There's an old man spouting about how executing hatred and violence against those that don't believe or look like you make you a real man

2) There are thousands and thousands of young men who are listening to the old man.

3) Out of the thousands and thousands of young men listening the the old man's hatred, there's a percentage with a few screws loose.

4) The man-child with a few screws loose attempts to murder several people at once.

When the man-child with a few screws loose is Muslim, he's and evil terrorist whose family should be taken out too. When the man-child is white, the white press asks if he's high or drunk-- not if he's evil.

Dec. 3, 2015: The morning after Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif., Trump called into Fox News and said: “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.” (Killing the relatives of suspected terrorists is forbidden by international law.) Later, in a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition, Trump criticized Obama for not using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” and commented: “There's something going on with him that we don't know about.”
Dec. 8, 2015: On CNN, Trump quoted a widely debunked poll by an anti-Islam activist organization that claimed that a quarter of the Muslims living in the United States agreed that violence against Americans is justified as part of the global jihad. “We have people out there that want to do great destruction to our country, whether it's 25 percent or 10 percent or 5 percent, it's too much,” Trump said.
Dec. 13, 2015: On Fox News, Trump was asked if his ban would apply to a Canadian businessman who is a Muslim. Trump responded: “There's a sickness. They're sick people. There's a sickness going on. There's a group of people that is very sick.”
Jan. 12, 2016: At a rally in Iowa, Trump shared his suspicions about Syrian refugees and then read the lyrics to Al Wilson’s 1968 song “The Snake,” the story of a “tender woman” who nursed a sickly snake back to health but then was attacked by the snake. Trump often read these lyrics at rallies.
March 6, 2017: Trump issues a new travel ban for citizens from six majority-Muslim countries, which is also challenged in the courts.
April 29, 2017: At a rally celebrating his 100th day in office, Trump once again dramatically read “The Snake.”

read more

President of United States Waits Nearly Three Days to Condemn Racist Portland Murders

read more



Monday, May 29, 2017


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ABC's much-anticipated post-"Romeo & Juliet" TV series from Shonda Rhimes' Shondaland, titled "Still Star-Crossed," which stars British actress Lashana Lynch, is finally set to premiere on tonight, Monday, May 29, airing from 10:01-11:00 p.m. 
Written by Heather Mitchell, and based on the book by Melinda Taub, "Still Star-Crossed" is set in 16th century Verona, picking up where Shakespeare’s original work ended. It chronicles the treachery, palace intrigue and ill-fated romances of the Montagues and Capulets in the wake of the young lovers’ tragic fate...
The diverse cast also includes (in terms of actors of African descent) Lucien Laviscount, Sterling Sulieman, and Ebonee Noel.

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TRAILER 2 (Long)


Decorating the burial sites of fallen soldiers goes back many hundreds of years. But the first established "Decoration Day" as a memorial for soldiers that died was established by former slaves in 1865.

Feeling Rebloggy
African Americans founded Decoration Day at the graveyard of 257 Union soldiers labeled “Martyrs of the Race Course,” May 1, 1865, Charleston, South Carolina.
The “First Decoration Day,” as this event came to be recognized in some circles in the North, involved an estimated ten thousand people, most of them black former slaves. During April, twenty-eight black men from one of the local churches built a suitable enclosure for the burial ground at the Race Course. In some ten days, they constructed a fence ten feet high, enclosing the burial ground, and landscaped the graves into neat rows. The wooden fence was whitewashed and an archway was built over the gate to the enclosure. On the arch, painted in black letters, the workmen inscribed “Martyrs of the Race Course.”
At nine o’clock in the morning on May 1, the procession to this special cemetery began as three thousand black schoolchildren (newly enrolled in freedmen’s schools) marched around the Race Course, each with an armload of roses and singing “John Brown’s Body.” The children were followed by three hundred black women representing the Patriotic Association, a group organized to distribute clothing and other goods among the freed people. The women carried baskets of flowers, wreaths, and crosses to the burial ground. The Mutual Aid Society, a benevolent association of black men, next marched in cadence around the track and into the cemetery, followed by large crowds of white and black citizens.
All dropped their spring blossoms on the graves in a scene recorded by a newspaper correspondent: “when all had left, the holy mounds — the tops, the sides, and the spaces between them — were one mass of flowers, not a speck of earth could be seen; and as the breeze wafted the sweet perfumes from them, outside and beyond … there were few eyes among those who knew the meaning of the ceremony that were not dim with tears of joy.” While the adults marched around the graves, the children were gathered in a nearby grove, where they sang “America,” “We’ll Rally Around the Flag,” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
The official dedication ceremony was conducted by the ministers of all the black churches in Charleston. With prayer, the reading of biblical passages, and the singing of spirituals, black Charlestonians gave birth to an American tradition. In so doing, they declared the meaning of the war in the most public way possible — by their labor, their words, their songs, and their solemn parade of roses, lilacs, and marching feet on the old planters’ Race Course.
After the dedication, the crowds gathered at the Race Course grandstand to hear some thirty speeches by Union officers, local black ministers, and abolitionist missionaries. Picnics ensued around the grounds, and in the afternoon, a full brigade of Union infantry, including Colored Troops, marched in double column around the martyrs’ graves and held a drill on the infield of the Race Course. The war was over, and Memorial Day had been founded by African Americans in a ritual of remembrance and consecration.

Some white people may contend that Memorial Day was established three years after this first celebration on U.S. soil because only white people had the official and political power to declare a holiday.

But that doesn't change the fact that the Memorial Day Celebration put together by ex-slaves in North Carolina first, in 1865 

Southern White women created a "Memorial Day" a year later for confederate(?) soldiers in 1866 in Georgia

Then in 1968, according to white history books, a white man named General Logan may have "co-opted" the women's Memorial Day idea for a federal holiday.

It seems just as likely to me, within what is now the United States,  that the establishing of Memorial Day is just as likely a three-step cultural appropriation event -- if  we are to believe General Logan "co-opted" the white women's event, then it's just as likely the women "co-opted" the former slaves' event without giving black folks credit.

Who knows?

Yet, it sounds to me like the former slaves Memorial Celebrations looked remarkably like today's Memorial Day celebrations.

We should also remember our grade school years.  When white folks write white history books for school children, it is usual that white person or white persons that did X first got credit for creating X.

So I say, Memorial Day was created by former slaves in 1865. Period. The end.  

That's why I've made re-reading Historian David Blight's 2011  "FORGETTING WHY WE REMEMBER in the New York Times an annual tradition.

Black History will only be remembered if we dig it out and remember it. 


Sunday, May 28, 2017


Rod Rosenstein (the #2 under the recused/excused Attorney General Jeff Sessions) knew Trump was going to fire FBI Director James Comey before he wrote the memo Trump used as Justification #1 to fire Comey. 

This means we can stop asking ourselves if Rosenstein was an unwitting pawn in the Trump scheme to fire Comey. He wasn't.

The other thing we found out this week is that Comey wasn't the only one Trump tried to pressure into stopping the investigation into Flynn and Trump Campaign ties to Russia. Trump is said to have pressured high level officials in the NSA and DNI too.  

I didn't know such a thing as a DNI until I saw this story. I had to look up who that is. 
Apparently there is a Director of National Intelligence (DNI) that the boss of the Directors of FBI, CIA, NSA and all the Intelligence Services associated with each branch of the military--and a couple of others I'd never heard of before, making a total of 16. 
I thought Homeland Security was created in order to be the umbrella security organization. Oh well, live and learn.  
When Coats was asked direct questions about what Trump said about doing something to stop the investigation of Flynn and/or Russia-gate he was noncommittal ( public?)

So let's review here:

Trump tried to get Director of the FBI, James Comey, to back off Flynn (who has refused to give up the information congress is asking for) then Trump move on up to the Director of the FBI's boss, who is the Director of National Intelligence. Next or before that Trump went to the NSA to get the investigation to end.

It seems to me it is possible that Rosenstein already knew former FBI Director James Comey had some serious back up  of his memo on his "uncomfortable meeting with Trump" in the form of the DNI and the NSA -- which may be why Rosenstein did that SERIOUSLY SUDDEN about face and put a Special Prosecutor on Russia-gate

Maybe Rosenstein was playing both sides against the middle because he knew these two skeletons were about to fall out of the closet. And there are probably more.
Maybe Rosenstein simply believed Comey 's notes. Maybe Rosenstein figured if Twitter Wit tried to push law enforcement to stop investigating Flynn and Russia at the FBI, Twitter Wit probably tried to do it  the same thing with other federal law enforcement agencies. (Seriously, I'd have been able to guess with less) 
Maybe Rosenstein figured Twitter Wit's a twit that can't be trusted, there's no telling what he said to whom and when if he felt like bragging.  This would mean the Special Prosecutor was the safest way for Rosenstein to cover his own butt.
Maybe Rosenstein's a patriot and wants to see our democracy survive the Kakistocracy  (HAAAA!   I had to throw this one in there) 
* * * * *

Ex NSA Flynn plead the 5th and refused to respond to a congressional subpoena.

I didn' know "pleading the 5th" was a response to any subpoena. I'm confused. I thought you had to give up whatever documents people ask for when you get a subpoena. I thought refusing to speak, refusing to testify against yourself was "pleading the 5th." I thought if you refused a subpoena, you went to directly to jail without passing go. 
Yeah...the impeachment chatter is rising.  Congress responded by supoena-ing companies Flynn owns. So far a company can't "plead the 5th" But the decades not over yet and the republicans are still in power. 
If the Grand Old Party (GOP) figures a corporation has the right to have its might felt in elections why shouldn't they have rights to privacy and rights to not testify against itself like a  human being too?  

Can you tell I think this country is going to hell in a hand basket? And more swiftly I ever imagined. I wonder if Rome and Babylon and Empires X, Y, and Z slid off the cliff really quick once their one-percenters got there sticky paws on all the levers of power required to completely take over?  

Speaking of crooks having their hands on all the levers of power. That picture of all those white Nato members made my blood run cold. 

I couldn't help but think that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if all the European Nations were no longer walking in lock step. These mofo-s separated might be a lot less deadly.
But then I think of the alternative. 
Putin is straight up hiring hitmen. 
And the MINOs (Muslims In Name Only) running some of these Middle Eastern Countries and also running separate Terrorist Groups would likely be worse. 
The Male Supremacy in the Middle East and Africa would need to drop the same level as it is here before I flat out start praying NATO members go their separate ways. 

Even so, Trumps demand that each of the European countries come up with more money each (2% of their GDPs) scares the hell out of me. Where will those white supremacist feet start stomping next if they have that much financial power marked for NATO endeavors? I shudder to think what militarized arrogance would head next.

As it is Britain, France, and other white-ish countries with MINO terrorist problems seem to be doing their level damn best to ignore the fact that it is NOT new refugees that are blowing things up and running people down. It's MINOs who have been living with the white supremacist in white countries for a long time.

White folks like to call how white folks feel about Muslims "islamophobia" when "phobia" means "fear." What's going on here an in Europe is "Islamo-hate-ia"

Fear is always at the bottom of hate. But calling the hate white folks aim at those not like them a "phobia" like "Arachnophobia" and "Agoraphobia" is a way of white folks letting themselves off the hook -- as usual.

Between 50% to 70% of France's prison population is Muslim. (White French Leaders makes sure they do not know demographics through things like nobody can accuse them of obvious ethnoracism?)

In any case, with Muslims so over represented in prison how is it France is confused about...

how those old men monster MINOs 
still living in middle eastern countries  
are finding  
18 - 25  year MINOs 
that were born and raised in France, Britain  
who were already ticked off
by the white supremacy long before 
they were first contact?

Young CINOs are trying to prove they are men by committing mass shootings that are not called "terrorist acts" by a white press.

MINOs are trying to prove they are men committing mass murders that are called "terrorist" acts. 

This is not that difficult to figure out

* * * * * *
Earlier in the week, Former CIA Director John Brennan,  testified about how he figured out the Russians were playing footsie with our election process during the summer of 2016. He also said that the Russians were making multiple contacts with people in the Trump Campaign.

"Brennan stopped short of saying that the communications he saw between Russia and the Trump campaign amounted to actual collusion.
His overall point was something damning in a different way: Trump aides were in regular contact with Russia and never stopped to ask themselves whom they were actually working with or why Russians would be taking so strong and direct an interest in an American presidential election.
“I know what the Russians try to do. They try to suborn individuals and try to get individuals, including US individuals, to act on their behalf, wittingly or unwittingly,” he told the panel. “I had unresolved questions in my mind as to whether or not the Russians had been successful in getting US persons involved in the campaign or not to work on their behalf.”
That’s the central question facing Mueller as well. The answer could determine the future of the Trump presidency — and whether impeachment, already under discussion, becomes reality...
Brennan's probably gave us the quote of the year today too:
“People who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late.” 

"US president Donald Trump trusts Marc Kasowitz. The New York attorney has been representing Trump for more than 15 years, helping the real estate-mogul-turned president face casino bond-restructuring in Atlantic City, fraud allegations at Trump University, and a $5 billion lawsuit against biographer Tim O’Brien for allegedly understating his net worth. (The suit was thrown out.)
Now, Trump has reportedly retained the feisty New York attorney to defend him in his most important case yet: the Justice Department probe into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russian officials. Here are a few reasons why, for all his familiarity with the Trump empire, Kasowitz is an odd choice for this vital role....

Read More:

I've been loosely tracking websites that are betting Trump's president won't survive a full year. I've been thinking that for a while as some of you may know. I'm pretty sure he'll get bored when the applause stop. And it seems like there's danger of that already. 

While Trump was in Israel they canceled one of his speeches for fear he'd be heckled. Then Trump came back and wanted to go to Iowa for another I'm-so-great speech and that had to canceled too for some reason.

This last cancellation made me wonder if the white Trumpthuglicans have finally started to figure out that the republican one-percenters they elected are tightening a noose that's around their throats too.

I doubt it. Racists are dumb.

I saw Cheeto Satan read speeches while he was abroad. I saw him look down, appear to read something, look back up and talk. He did NOT just open his ridiculous mouth and let fly. 

I really was starting to think that "joke" somebody made about him being unable to read back in November 2016 might not be a joke. I mean he has contradicted his own staff sooo many times-- and shot himself in the foot. I was starting to wonder if there's a disability in addtion to mental illness. I don't think Trump seriously offended anybody while he was out of the country, not even that Nato member he pushed to one side to get in front of the cameras.



 continued from 

Richard Collins' Murderer, Mike Brown's Murderer, CINOs, MINOs,

 and Trump's Losers Have Much In Common

Though the details of Dorian Johnson's stories aren't consistent each time he talks, I never expected them to be. His part of Mike Brown's story after Wilson and Brown are struggling for the gun might be 30 to 60 very long seconds. And that part of Brown's death story takes place while Dorian is running for his own life.   
Who can think and remember details in such a situation?    
When cops ask 7 bystanders near the scene of a horrific car accident, "What happened?" they get 7 stories that may not overlap very much. The people released from jail after 30 years due to a wrongful conviction were most often put in jail erroneously by eye-witness testimony.   
People's memories are bad when they are afraid. 
But I believe what Johnson says about what happened between Mike Brown, himself, and Darren Wilson BEFORE he was afraid. There was likely no panic involved in those initial moments before the struggle for the gun. 
Before the struggle at the cop car window begins, according to Johnson, Darren Wilson initiated the incident by cussing these two black men out for jay walking.

Wilson's own white cop boss has said enough to let us know Wilson did not know anything about that non-existent store robbery. The initial encounter was a jay walking beef. When they don't move fast enough, Wilson apparently swung the door out hard and hit Mike Brown with it. Then the car door ricocheted back and hit Wilson.   
For me it's easy to assume an established white racist like Wilson became enraged and fearful when his attack on Brown backfired. (Isn't hitting somebody that hard with a car door an attack?)
I have to believe Johnson about the door because something provoked Wilson to go for his gun.
The only reason for a person of any color --who is not mentally ill-- to put his or her hand anywhere near a cop's gun near an open car window is to stop him from shooting it.  
And if this altercation had happened between two white men, it would be obvious that Wilson's story of Brown just deciding to reach in his car for the gun makes no sense at all. 
In addition to the racism, or even because of the racism, Mike Brown's death story should be seen as a white male initiated penis measuring contest gone bad. Wilson, and most white racists, need to prove that they are collectively winning the competition that creates fragile end of white masculinity.
Richard Collins III & Murderer Sean Urbanski
Mike Brown & Murderer Darren Wilson
"Move left if you know what's good for you"  is one of the last things Richard Collins III heard before he was killed. That is even more obvious as a white initiated dick measuring contest.


A few weeks ago when a Muslim man drove a car up onto a sidewalk and killed 5 people in Britain on Westminster Bridge near the parliament. A white reporter over there said maybe this Muslim man, who had lived in Britain for years, was trying to perform a terrorist attack on that particular date because it was the anniversary of the Brussels terrorist attack.

This reporter said this ignoring the fact that the white folks of Britain were right in the midst of triggering BREXIT which sounds like MUSLIM BAN in that both seem to be meant to communicate the same thing:  "We hate you non-white outsiders. This is ours." 

White people have no idea how much PTSD they cause in non-white people. No idea. But this matters. 

When you have a population that is oppressed and scapegoated by white people then come up with things like BREXIT,  MUSLIM BAN 1, and the recently re-thwarted MUSLIM BAN 2 you create resentment in a population already way-tired of the white supremacy and unacknowledged white hatred.

Inside the oppressed culture, imagine a fledgling male trying to feel like he's a masculine man that's winning. All you would have to do is add a little emotional imbalance and an adult voice (from ISIS) that seems more masculine than you yourself are. That's how you get the young male MINO to turn into a terrorist.

And you can only do this to men for the most part. There aren't any forms of violence that make a woman more womanly. Creating a feeling of worthlessness by being unable to give up your life doing violence doesn't seem nearly as possible for women

...which is why women terrorists are few and far between.

True oppression (Muslim communities) or imagined oppression (white working class angst) plus promises of being able to compete your way to masculinity is all it takes to create a KKK member, an Alt-Right or Alt-Reich member, a white mass shooter, or a MINO Terrorist with middle east ties.

The feeling like whiteness and maleness isn't paying off the way it should is all it takes to manufacturer a feeling of (pseudo) oppression within yourself.

Again, I see a hair's breadth worth of difference between most of the United White States Mass Shooters and MINO Terrorists. And that small difference is based on a much older adult male terrorist's ability to speak into a boy's sense of failure at being a man.

Therefore, I think it takes a lot of nerve for a CINO like Trump to call out MINOs when he's got to be one of the worst examples of  hyper-masculinity based fake manhood there is.
Trump is winner inside the patriarchy. Saying his Daddy's money is his own makes him look like a competitor that has won. For other men who love the patriarchy-as-competitiveness the way it is and think they could win if it weren't for the black and brown people in the way, Trump can no far.   
No matter what idiotic thing comes out of Trump's mouth the other white males that want to compete and win at masculinity, the other white males who want to become masters of the universe too, they will follow him.
All of this is why I don't think you can separate race, class, and patriarchy. I think they are braided together and have become one. We should all remember that bell hooks has been saying this for decades now.

The capitalism bell hooks also mentions is at the cauldron that holds it all together. 

We can think of racism, sexism, and classism as social systems designed by the winners (the one-percenters) to reduce the number of people competing for wealth and power. In other words, all the claims of superiority (competition) are about greed for money or power; the more people you stop from being able to compete, the more  you have for yourself.   
And if you, as a one-percenter, can convince some of the poor that look like you (poor white folks) using white supremacy to identify yourselves as an "us" in an  us-versus-them competition, mostly white one-percenters can use the poor white folks like a shield to protect their wealth  
I feel like this almost has to be the method by which you get white people come together to slit their own financial throats.  Money and power are the only reasons I can think of that a man or woman will choose to believe, for example, that the same chunk of DNA responsible for skin color makes a person intellectually inferior or superior to another. 

The motive behind this choice of belief is clearly NOT logic.
Therefore it's a positive feeling that's being sought when you seek out superiority. 

Proving one's own superiority to oneself makes one feel good. Taking more than ones fair share can be called  "greed" which can also feel good for so long as you can hide your unfair motivations from yourself.  

It is emotion, not logic, that drives the racism, sexism, classism and patriarchy. 
And most of it is coming into the world from the men that run this world. 

Men are more than 80% of the presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, parliaments, judges, and policemen the world over. It is men who have decided what masculinity is supposed to look like, who is competitive, who is winning, and who is a loser.   But women love and execute patriarchy too
It is no accident that feminists began to use the word “patriarchy” to replace the more commonly used “male chauvanism” and “sexism.” These courageous voices wanted men and women to become more aware of the way patriarchy affects us all...

We need to highlight the role women play in perpetuating and sustaining patriarchal culture so that we will recognize patriarchy as a system women and men support equally,  even if men receive more rewards from that system. 
Dismantling and changing patriarchal culture is work that men and women must do together.

~bell hooks

Patriarchy having an unstable, emotional base is why the fringe dwellers of patriarchy, Trump's losers, explode when they are not coming out on top the way they feel they should strictly because they are men

And if the losers are having emotion based problems then the winners are too 

-- ugly winners like white cop murderers who get away with it,--ugly winners rapists who get away with it, --ugly winners like war starters who make sure we all pay one way or another.--piggy-eyed, alt-Right, alt-Reich supporting rich men presidents.

All of the above is why I find it laughable that men think women are more emotional than men.

Women don't actually have more feelings. Women express more feelings. And because women are free to express their emotions in a culture men have 80% of the power to shape, they are more familiar with identifying their feelings And because women can identify their feelings, they are more able to control their feelings. 

When men feel bad because they are not competing and coming out on top, especially the youngest of men, their emotions explode into things that look like white cop shootings, rape, terrorism, and war.

...which kinda brings us back to the emotional base and emotional outcomes of white supremacy.

Everybody on the planet except white people know that white men are the ones running rough shod over everyone else for now. 

That's why the MINOs are choosing white sections of white countries to terrorize. The young male MINOs knows that their manhood appears to be less than white manhood (because white men are richer and have bigger armies). MINO terrorists fear collectively losing the competition that is patriarchy --in the same ways as KKK white men, Alt-right white men, and Alt-Reich white men are afraid of losing collectively. 

MINO terrorists know that bombing black and brown sections of countries like the U.S. and Britain won't gain them even one point toward repairing their masculinity. 

This is almost certainly why most black and brown people in the U.S. are more afraid of the white cop (trying to prove his penis is bigger) than they are any MINO terrorists (trying to prove their penises are collectively bigger). When black and brown people die at the hands of a MINO terrorist it's because they were in close proximity to large numbers of white people that are important to white men.

The older men, the MINO Svengali Terrorists, who control the baby-boy-terrorists ignorant enough to kill themselves,  are not stupid. 
Think about it: What tears at the masculinity of white men more than killing young white females that white men are supposed to be protecting? 
When men wage war on other men, the winners try to make sure they rape the losers women. This should be considered yet another my-penis-is-bigger-than-yours gesture.   
  • These victory-rapes have happened in country after country. And, in addition to the money making aspect of creating more slaves, white men raped black women as a sign of their winning the male supremacy competition.  
I take the bombing of a stadium full of pre-teen girls in Manchester as the same gesture. 
Until we start treating patriarchy like the sickness it is the rapes and domestic violence will continue to increase without much repercussion whenever "good men" are stressed. We all already knew that, I hope.

But there will also be more Presidents like Trump that 13% of black men voted for and damn near one-third of latino men will voted for -- if it means winning the male supremacy competition. 

There will be more wars where the torture of enemies is seen as normal and necessary. There will be more Sandy Hooks and more Manchesters too.