a quasi-repost
from January 2017
(As I think about Syria and N Korea, it seems like I had a crystal ball)

Don't let the hoteps fool you. It's an idiot that believes that most OTHER black people believe that a white president is going to come and rush to black folks rescue.

It's also an idiot that mistook President Obama for King Obama. I didn't like everything he did. And he was slow out of the starting block. But considering all the crap the republicans threw in his path? He did a damn good job.
He did a great job. 
That said, there are different levels of white racism. And anybody who cannot see the difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton needs their right to vote taken away -- because they haven't got the sense Gawd gave a rock.
Trump's a dragon, a grand dragon supported by the KKK. Hillary's just a weather vane.
Hillary turns in whatever direction the wind is blowing. Post-Obama she was relatively safe--- because the direction the wind was blowing was already set by President Obama.
But now? Now Hillary is not safe.

Freaking Bernie Sanders is not safe either. 
He and other liberal whites are trying to cover for the white supremacists (a.k.a. Cheeto Satan's Satan-ette voters) by calling them the anguished "white working class" so they can win them over into the democratic party next time out. [And we don't want that.  We want the repentant white Cheeto voter. But we don't want the Satanette who thinks he can what he wants on the left just as easily as he can get it on the right.] 

Bernie was as far left as you go. And yet, he's a danger to us now too because he's trying to appeal to white supremacist voters  --people that he refuses to identify as white supremacists-- ALL because Trump has the white supremacy wind blowing hard.

Bleached Cheeto the Dragon is causing wind or raising the white-supremacy-wind-speed by capitalizing on white fears that we will outnumber them relatively soon. But our outnumbering white people won't mean JACK if people of color are too d*mn silly to be able to tell one category of racism from another.

More than that, how is it anybody with even a tiny bit of sense cannot see that the ethnoracism and sexism might wind up being THE LEAST of our problems?
This man and his surrogates were talking about Japanese-type internment camps for Muslims and doubling the size of people shooting non-white at the border. And if that's not bad enough, he's been silencing organizations like the EPA as a precursor to shutting them down. Flint is going to look like Disneyland compared to some parts of country. 
And Unstable Mabel, our current halfwit of a president, is perfectly capable of tweeting us into a war or two. If you are not seeing this, then you are not looking very hard, very far, or very deep.
Hillary would have been nothing to worry about immediately after Obama. NOTHING compared to Trump. And if we don't figure this kind of thing out as a group BEFORE the next two election cycles, we deserve whatever we get.
With Hillary there might have been some progress to zero progress for blacks, browns, and women. With Trump there's doing to be sliding backward at a high rate of speed --- IF we all manage to survive this numbskull in the first place

...and that's a BIG IF.