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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Rod Rosenstein (the #2 under the recused/excused Attorney General Jeff Sessions) knew Trump was going to fire FBI Director James Comey before he wrote the memo Trump used as Justification #1 to fire Comey. 

This means we can stop asking ourselves if Rosenstein was an unwitting pawn in the Trump scheme to fire Comey. He wasn't.

The other thing we found out this week is that Comey wasn't the only one Trump tried to pressure into stopping the investigation into Flynn and Trump Campaign ties to Russia. Trump is said to have pressured high level officials in the NSA and DNI too.  

I didn't know such a thing as a DNI until I saw this story. I had to look up who that is. 
Apparently there is a Director of National Intelligence (DNI) that the boss of the Directors of FBI, CIA, NSA and all the Intelligence Services associated with each branch of the military--and a couple of others I'd never heard of before, making a total of 16. 
I thought Homeland Security was created in order to be the umbrella security organization. Oh well, live and learn.  
When Coats was asked direct questions about what Trump said about doing something to stop the investigation of Flynn and/or Russia-gate he was noncommittal ( public?)

So let's review here:

Trump tried to get Director of the FBI, James Comey, to back off Flynn (who has refused to give up the information congress is asking for) then Trump move on up to the Director of the FBI's boss, who is the Director of National Intelligence. Next or before that Trump went to the NSA to get the investigation to end.

It seems to me it is possible that Rosenstein already knew former FBI Director James Comey had some serious back up  of his memo on his "uncomfortable meeting with Trump" in the form of the DNI and the NSA -- which may be why Rosenstein did that SERIOUSLY SUDDEN about face and put a Special Prosecutor on Russia-gate

Maybe Rosenstein was playing both sides against the middle because he knew these two skeletons were about to fall out of the closet. And there are probably more.
Maybe Rosenstein simply believed Comey 's notes. Maybe Rosenstein figured if Twitter Wit tried to push law enforcement to stop investigating Flynn and Russia at the FBI, Twitter Wit probably tried to do it  the same thing with other federal law enforcement agencies. (Seriously, I'd have been able to guess with less) 
Maybe Rosenstein figured Twitter Wit's a twit that can't be trusted, there's no telling what he said to whom and when if he felt like bragging.  This would mean the Special Prosecutor was the safest way for Rosenstein to cover his own butt.
Maybe Rosenstein's a patriot and wants to see our democracy survive the Kakistocracy  (HAAAA!   I had to throw this one in there) 
* * * * *

Ex NSA Flynn plead the 5th and refused to respond to a congressional subpoena.

I didn' know "pleading the 5th" was a response to any subpoena. I'm confused. I thought you had to give up whatever documents people ask for when you get a subpoena. I thought refusing to speak, refusing to testify against yourself was "pleading the 5th." I thought if you refused a subpoena, you went to directly to jail without passing go. 
Yeah...the impeachment chatter is rising.  Congress responded by supoena-ing companies Flynn owns. So far a company can't "plead the 5th" But the decades not over yet and the republicans are still in power. 
If the Grand Old Party (GOP) figures a corporation has the right to have its might felt in elections why shouldn't they have rights to privacy and rights to not testify against itself like a  human being too?  

Can you tell I think this country is going to hell in a hand basket? And more swiftly I ever imagined. I wonder if Rome and Babylon and Empires X, Y, and Z slid off the cliff really quick once their one-percenters got there sticky paws on all the levers of power required to completely take over?  

Speaking of crooks having their hands on all the levers of power. That picture of all those white Nato members made my blood run cold. 

I couldn't help but think that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if all the European Nations were no longer walking in lock step. These mofo-s separated might be a lot less deadly.
But then I think of the alternative. 
Putin is straight up hiring hitmen. 
And the MINOs (Muslims In Name Only) running some of these Middle Eastern Countries and also running separate Terrorist Groups would likely be worse. 
The Male Supremacy in the Middle East and Africa would need to drop the same level as it is here before I flat out start praying NATO members go their separate ways. 

Even so, Trumps demand that each of the European countries come up with more money each (2% of their GDPs) scares the hell out of me. Where will those white supremacist feet start stomping next if they have that much financial power marked for NATO endeavors? I shudder to think what militarized arrogance would head next.

As it is Britain, France, and other white-ish countries with MINO terrorist problems seem to be doing their level damn best to ignore the fact that it is NOT new refugees that are blowing things up and running people down. It's MINOs who have been living with the white supremacist in white countries for a long time.

White folks like to call how white folks feel about Muslims "islamophobia" when "phobia" means "fear." What's going on here an in Europe is "Islamo-hate-ia"

Fear is always at the bottom of hate. But calling the hate white folks aim at those not like them a "phobia" like "Arachnophobia" and "Agoraphobia" is a way of white folks letting themselves off the hook -- as usual.

Between 50% to 70% of France's prison population is Muslim. (White French Leaders makes sure they do not know demographics through things like nobody can accuse them of obvious ethnoracism?)

In any case, with Muslims so over represented in prison how is it France is confused about...

how those old men monster MINOs 
still living in middle eastern countries  
are finding  
18 - 25  year MINOs 
that were born and raised in France, Britain  
who were already ticked off
by the white supremacy long before 
they were first contact?

Young CINOs are trying to prove they are men by committing mass shootings that are not called "terrorist acts" by a white press.

MINOs are trying to prove they are men committing mass murders that are called "terrorist" acts. 

This is not that difficult to figure out

* * * * * *
Earlier in the week, Former CIA Director John Brennan,  testified about how he figured out the Russians were playing footsie with our election process during the summer of 2016. He also said that the Russians were making multiple contacts with people in the Trump Campaign.

"Brennan stopped short of saying that the communications he saw between Russia and the Trump campaign amounted to actual collusion.
His overall point was something damning in a different way: Trump aides were in regular contact with Russia and never stopped to ask themselves whom they were actually working with or why Russians would be taking so strong and direct an interest in an American presidential election.
“I know what the Russians try to do. They try to suborn individuals and try to get individuals, including US individuals, to act on their behalf, wittingly or unwittingly,” he told the panel. “I had unresolved questions in my mind as to whether or not the Russians had been successful in getting US persons involved in the campaign or not to work on their behalf.”
That’s the central question facing Mueller as well. The answer could determine the future of the Trump presidency — and whether impeachment, already under discussion, becomes reality...
Brennan's probably gave us the quote of the year today too:
“People who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late.” 

"US president Donald Trump trusts Marc Kasowitz. The New York attorney has been representing Trump for more than 15 years, helping the real estate-mogul-turned president face casino bond-restructuring in Atlantic City, fraud allegations at Trump University, and a $5 billion lawsuit against biographer Tim O’Brien for allegedly understating his net worth. (The suit was thrown out.)
Now, Trump has reportedly retained the feisty New York attorney to defend him in his most important case yet: the Justice Department probe into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russian officials. Here are a few reasons why, for all his familiarity with the Trump empire, Kasowitz is an odd choice for this vital role....

Read More:

I've been loosely tracking websites that are betting Trump's president won't survive a full year. I've been thinking that for a while as some of you may know. I'm pretty sure he'll get bored when the applause stop. And it seems like there's danger of that already. 

While Trump was in Israel they canceled one of his speeches for fear he'd be heckled. Then Trump came back and wanted to go to Iowa for another I'm-so-great speech and that had to canceled too for some reason.

This last cancellation made me wonder if the white Trumpthuglicans have finally started to figure out that the republican one-percenters they elected are tightening a noose that's around their throats too.

I doubt it. Racists are dumb.

I saw Cheeto Satan read speeches while he was abroad. I saw him look down, appear to read something, look back up and talk. He did NOT just open his ridiculous mouth and let fly. 

I really was starting to think that "joke" somebody made about him being unable to read back in November 2016 might not be a joke. I mean he has contradicted his own staff sooo many times-- and shot himself in the foot. I was starting to wonder if there's a disability in addtion to mental illness. I don't think Trump seriously offended anybody while he was out of the country, not even that Nato member he pushed to one side to get in front of the cameras.