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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


1) a video of him shooting a man in the back

2) while unarmed
3) after having falsified a police report

4) more video of him planting evidence.
5) and a white murder victim

And if the victim is black you'll also need  

6 ) a black jury 
7) a black judge 
8) a black prosecutor who's focus is on something other than stopping the Black Lives Matter Protest (remember Baltimore prosecutor's theory of "THE SEAT BELT DID IT")
9) EVEN THEN you'll still need the cops confession to something other than murder at a civil rights trial.

Walter Scott's murderer
Michael Slager went to his SECOND court proceeding and decided not to roll the dice today.

"Former police officer Michael Slager pleaded guilty on Tuesday afternoon to federal charges of using excessive force and violating the civil rights of Walter Scott. According to his plea agreement, which you can read here, the remaining state-level charges against Slager will be dropped. Sentencing will occur at a later date to be determined. In theory, he could face life in prison—but that is highly unlikely, as you will discover when you read the story below."

The other stories I read earlier today about Slager's conviction? These white news outlets act like I'm supposed to be happy about Slager going to jail at all.

Today, May 2, 2017, was THE SECOND TIME he went to court. The jury couldn't make up their mind after watching Slager murder Scott and plant evidence.

And now I'm supposed to be happy the prosecutors gave up on the murder charge for fear their white jury would set him free while Slager was afraid they might convict him after all. And I'm supposed to be happy because the other cop murderers -- George Zimmerman (a loser, wanna be cop), Darren Wilson, and Dante Servin etc. etc. etc. -- all just walked away. 

I'm supposed to be happy Slager was too scared to go through another trial and decided to plead to something less than murder because white people protect their murderous own?

I guess I ought to be happy Mighty Mouse the Attorney General didn't step in to protect Slager. 

But I can't quite get there. I'm not even relieved he'll get at least SOME time in jail. Do you remember that video?  It's absolutely incredible he's not up for the death penalty...and I don't even believe in the death penalty.

Here's a word picture of Walter Scott's murder from the online magazine MOTHER JONES.

"The reason for the stop is your third brake light's out," Slager said through the driver's side window. It was the classic DWB (driving while black) rationale for a stop, but Scott knew he had a bigger problem. He was $18,104 in arrears on child support and there was a warrant out for his arrest. Scott had been to jail in the past for failure to pay support. It had cost him jobs and made his debt ever larger and harder to manage. He handed over his license and told Slager he planned to complete the purchase of the car in a couple of days. The interaction was entirely respectful. Scott said he had no registration or insurance card with him. "I'm sorry about that," he said.

"Okay, but you're buying the car?"

"Yes, sir."
The officer returned to his cruiser intending to run Scott's license through an FBI database, standard procedure. Scott stepped out of his vehicle and then climbed back in when Slager, sitting in his squad car, instructed him to do so. But moments later, Scott got out a second time and ran toward an open field, the site of an abandoned trailer park, and onto a painted asphalt path known locally as the Yellow Brick Road. Slager pursued on foot, warning that he was preparing to fire his stun gun: "Taser! Taser! Taser!" Scott didn't stop, so Slager hit him with two darts.
The electricity brought Scott to his knees, but he refused to surrender. Slager then "drive-stunned" Scott—put the business end of the Taser directly on him and pulled the trigger—but could not cuff him. The men scuffled on the ground, and a winded Slager pleaded for backup. "One-five-six," he said into his radio, calling out the badge number of the officer he knew was closest. "Step it up!"
Scott managed to break free and run away in a slow, wobbly gait. This time Slager did not give chase. He unholstered his .45-caliber Glock, took a stance, and put his left hand underneath to steady the weapon. His form was perfect, like in a training video. The only problem was that his gun was aimed at the back of a fleeing man. He squeezed off eight quick shots.

According to this story, it's looking like Slager might not even get life in prison. 

Read More:

By the way...Is my math right? 

Based on the info above to the right, 120 people were fleeing police when killed, 48 were unarmed,  Two-thirds of the fleeing unarmed people murdered were black men (33). Yet less than half of the 13 officers were ever charged with murder or manslaughter.

And now Slager has escaped  the murder or manslaughter charge too despite

1) a video of him shooting Walter Scott in the back
2) while unarmed
3) after having falsified a police report
4) and planted evidence.

* * * **

While Slager might go to jail for SOME time Trump's Injustice Department is going to protect Alton Sterling's murderer completely.

White cops are white supremacy's sword while the white voter (the white juror) is its shield.