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Monday, May 22, 2017


[...S]ome have suggested that SNL didn't really know what to do with [Zamata]. I'll leave that to those of you who have been watching to debate. 
But I could buy that argument even if only based on what Pharoah said, when he finally opened up about his exit from the show, in an interview with Hot 97 hosts Laura Stylez and Rosenberg (Ebro was absent) last month (April), which was mostly about SNL.  
In fact, from the very beginning of the 40-minute chat, they dove right into SNL, specifically why Pharoah left the series. 
And in response to that question, the comedian/actor said the following: "You go where you're appreciated... if you have multiple people on the cast saying things like, 'you're so talented, and you're able, and they don't use you, it's unfair, and it's making us feel bad... because they don't use you... and you're a talent...'"  
He was interrupted by Stylez who asked him why he felt that he wasn't used as much as he maybe should've been; and Pharoah continued with:
"I think... they put people into boxes... and whatever they want you to do, they expect you to do."


Boi...You ain't gonna be doing an Eddie Murphy on us. We, the white folks, took back total control of this here ship when he-who-shall-not-be-named-again left.   
There will be no originality birthed from you. No characters you create on your own. You do what we tell you. And we will tell YOU if you're mocking a black stereotype or being a black stereotype. No thinking is required on your part. Stand where we tell you stand. Grin when we tell you to grin.  Bring us some ten year old black slang every now and again. That's it. This is your role. The end. Capisce

I hope Zamata and Pharoah had the 411 before they got to the show. And they should have had all the info they needed. There's tons of stuff you can read between the lines of Eddie Murphy's departure and his refusal to return to SNL for three decades.

Even though Eddie Murphy hasn't ever been frank about why he left SNL, his refusal to go on the show even for a guest appearance for 31 years says tons.  

It occurred to me that this twice as good (four times as good) to be appreciated half as much by the white gatekeepers in charge makes some of us resentful -- even after we've become successful in spite of white those who tried to throw down road blocks.  

You know what else?

Eddie Murphy carried Saturday Night Live, damn near all by himself for a couple of years after Lorne Green and the entire original cast quit in 1980. 

Oops. maybe Green thought SNL was supposed to go under with without him and the original cast. 
But SNL didn't go under without Green and the original cast almost entirely because of Eddie Murphy.   
And Green wasn't wanted or needed back at SNL until Murphy left to pursue his movie career. 
Hmmm. Maybe that's where the bad blood is.  

I'm totally guessing. But my gut is saying that this is right. Because when Eddie Murphy showed up for the 40th anniversary of Saturnday Night Live he was as stiff as a wooden post. Other white ex-SNL cast members return for guest appearances, used to do it regularly. Murphy? He was totally gone for 31 years. 

Chris Rock doesn't show up at SNL that much either.

Most black folks I know don't show up to watch SNL from start to ever.

SNL is a white show with white humor., isn't it? The SNL white folks aren't making fun of the stereotypes, are they? The black stereotypes ARE the jokes, aren't they? The mocking of black folks is funny to white folks that watch, right? So that's what's happening right?

This is why SNL has always made me itch inside isn't it?

Sometimes I'm a little slow.

I hope Sasheer isn't slow. 


Put that SNL mess on your resume and keep your mouth shut. But RUN GIRL RUN!!! Hopefully Pharoah has left you some bread crumb. Don't you dare look back for Keenan. It's like Harriet Tubman said. You can't free folks who don't know they are slaves