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Friday, May 19, 2017


Yesterday Reuters said Trump and his minions had 18 contacts with Russia that they failed to disclose

Today, the New York Times has Trump's own words to the Russians on May 10 2017. He actually talks about the pressure he's taken off himself by getting rid of FBI Director Comey. 

President Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office this month that firing the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, had relieved “great pressure” on him, according to a document summarizing the meeting.
“I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Mr. Trump said, according to the document, which was read to The New York Times by an American official. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”
Mr. Trump added, “I’m not under investigation.”
The conversation, during a May 10 meeting — the day after he fired Mr. Comey — reinforces the notion that Mr. Trump dismissed him primarily because of the bureau’s investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives. Mr. Trump said as much in one televised interview, but the White House has offered changing justifications for the firing.

If I was living in another country, I'd think Russia-gate was moving into the hilarious zone.

When Trump wakes up in the middle of the night, if he does NOT imagine he sees The Ghost Of Christmas Past come early in the form of his twin soul Roger Ailes of Faux News

have the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Reuters swirling in his head upon waking which makes him imagine he sees a weather witch raining down lightening bolts of truth from the sky. 


The news outlets are blasting Trump's lyin' @$$ daily -- mostly using what he's done or he's said himself. It's incredible.
Think about this: Twitter Wit met with the Russians the day after he fired Comey. The same COMEY who was investigating his ties to the Russians. And during that same meeting with the Russians (who hacked our election) he spoke to the Russians about getting rid of Comey to get the pressure off himself  --when he had to be aware that meetings like this are recorded in some way.   
The stupid is strong with this one, it is
 Is there any doubt in your mind that President Obama would be under the jail in some black site, never to be seen again, for treason if he'd pulled even 50% of this b.s.? 
Oh well.  Thank goodness Twitter Wit is the nitwit I always took him to be. 
Ya know what else? 
What's happening now won't make sense in a documentary or movie 30 years from now. The visual telling of this story will have to be done in a cartoon format. Nobody will believe what's happening now really happened anyway. 

The thing that really makes me chuckle though is this: Twitter-Wit fired Comey only to wind up having Super-Duper FBI Witch Hunter Robert Mueller brought back out of retirement to head the Russia investigation in Comey's place.


I'm laughing. But I'm still nervous about what comes next.

I'm really not sure anything is going to come of the special prosecutor regardless of how many white men say they admire him. No matter what Mueller finds, KKK Mighty Mouse Jeff Sessions may get to decide whether to prosecute from what I understand -- recusal or no recusal.

However Sessions may have overstepped himself trying to roll back President Obama's changes to sentencing for drugs etc. He may have too many of his own problems to be much of a shield for Trump. The Senate is making a bipartisan effort to reign Session in.  

Not that the mostly white senators care about refueling The New Jim Crow. Don't be confused: White kids were ODing on meth and heroine when President Obama got support for reducing sentencing. White parents had been wanting a more "compassionate approach to drug addiction," wanted to treat drug addiction like a disease -- when Becky and Bucky were in danger of jail time.  So I have no doubt that they will pull Jiminy Cricket back in

Sooo, I've got my popcorn out. This is has the potential to be a witch hunt that'll be worth it's weight in Gold if Trump is impeached at the end of it -- or suddenly throws his little baby hands up and quits.