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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Even though deep in my gut, I feel Mean Tangerine is gonna throw up his hands and quit being president at some point, I want to point out how critical it was for ALL of us to vote last November.

We, black, brown and just 1/3 or white people, needed to out vote the majority of white people and we did not do it. Not only did we fail to keep Trump out of office, we let the republicans put so many people in the House and Senate that he has those jackals to protect him as if they are shield and sword.

So far, the only thing slowing the Chump's roll are the judges and personnel like Sally Yates, whom President Obama put in place. The remaining democrats look completely powerless or inept or both. It's taken this latest action of Trump's for them to seriously start talking aloud about impeaching Trump -- after all that went before in his attacks against anything and anybody not-white.

A lot of articles written over the last few days say that Comey-gate is worse than Nixon's Watergate (break in, wiretapping a political enemy, cover up: firing the people interested in investigating him)

But the outcome is unlikely to be the same: Trump impeached, leaving the White House in bravado covered shame.

To me, it looks like Richard Nixon was impeachable because there was a mixture of republicans and democrats in the House and Senate. 
Now the House is overwhelmingly republican. If Donald Trump was to do the same thing that Nixon did now? If Trump had his own Watergate? With all the red and purple all over the current voting maps, I have serious doubts Trump would be REPEALED AND REPLACED like Nixon was, very serious doubts.

The republicans are many feet deep House and they have enough of a majority in the Senate to follow Paul Ryan (and the rest of them in the House) anywhere they want to go. The republicans can do any heinous thing they want to "the poor" (which is code for "lazy" and "brown" in most upper level (high political power and money) republican minds). Except for the fact that Twitter Wit can't follow a script, the republicans are really happy seeing this man just lie and flout...

I was gonna say, "flout the law" But Twitter Wit is not flouting the law. He's flouting the suggestions. 

The emoluments clause (can't profit financially from being in office) either isn't a law or isn't a law worth worrying  calling "a law" because it has no immediate penalty attached to it.
Whoever's in power decides what the emoluments clause means exactly and also decides if the "clause" has been a violated; ignored a little; or ignored a lot. And if the party in power likes the president where is he is (in the white house instead of back out on the street being Joe-Rich-Schmo) then the party in power can say "emoluments clause/ smoo-moluments clause"  

We're not a nation of laws. We're a nation of suggestions. The democracy is broken -- maybe permanently.  Even if Twitter Wit decides being president sucks if he can't act like a King and walks, maybe the damage is done. The worst that's out there thinking about running for president, knows just how far you can go if your part is the one running the show (and ignoring the laws or reinterpreting them to mean nothing.)

You know what else? As racist as Nixon and his cronies were, I don't think they were as openly greedy as the repugnant-cans are right now.

In reality 1970s republicans may have been twice as greedy today's republicans. But I think they had to sneak around to grab all the power and wealth they could. And some of them, the republicans with the Dixicrats already merged within, decided they would not go along with Nixon's plan to fire those investigating him. High level republicans, at least two or three of them, resigned rather than go along with Nixon's order to fire the may investigating Nixon.

This is not what Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein just did. They aren't only shoring up Trump's firing of Comey. They look like they helped orchestrate it. Actually, it's rather unclear what Rosenstein is doing. But it looks like he's a stooge for his immediate boss, Sessions.

Greed is the order the republican-day now. The politicians, right and left, probably couldn't be as out in the open with the greed in the 1970s. 

The country had just come off that peace, love, and joy facade just the decade before. This was the context in which the Civil Rights Movement has its most high profile successes. In the 1970s it was fashionable for at least a percentage of white folks to really care about "justice" being "for all." the rest of white folk (the majority) could be blackmailed into pretending they cared about not-like-me.

In the 1980s, the vast majority of white folks, under Reagan, started throwing off the blackmail and stopped pretending that peace, love, and joy was a thing. They stopped pretend that they cared about not-like-me. The oft heard phrase, "Why do we all have to be so politically correct all the time?" was born. And it got to be a constant chant on the right. 

Now the right whites have a nationalistic white supremacist as leader of the country. He ran on white supremacy: First thing he implied was that Mexico was sending all it's rapists and murderers over here. And the majority of white people that love Trump loved him for that approach -- not in spite of it.  With every racist statement he made, his popularity climbed.

Now, 6 months too late, the white researchers have caught up to what was obvious in the newscasts while Trump was running. White folks, afraid of not-white-like-me, voted for Trump because of his anti-black and brown rhetoric. That's what "afraid of culture changes" means in the mealy-mouthed language I'll call white-ese.  

And now a bunch more greed than usual has been poured added to the white supremacy --most of which is greed based to begin with 

And it is greed we're talking about here. Racism, many of the social "-isms" are about grabbing more for me-and-mine.  I can grab more for me-and-mine eliminate the competition. I can eliminate competition by making a not-us group seem less human than me-and-mine

With Trump as a white supremacy leader, they don't even have to PRETEND to care about not-like-me anymore. And when I say "not-like-me," I mean not-like-me by race/ethnicity and also not-like-me by class.

The love of greed that's coded as "love of the free market" is out of control. Just. Look at the healthcare bill that was passed in the republican dominated House this year.
That thing they passed in the House is openly classist.
Thousands and thousands of people will lose their healthcare, some reports say millions will lose their healthcare.  Some won't be able to afford to pay the higher rates for pre-existing conditions.   
In the first version of Trumpcare, if someone had a financial emergency went off their Trumpcare plan and then gets back on Trumpcare when they are able, these people were able to be penalized with a much higher insurance rate when they come back. I'm not sure this is in Trumpcare 2.0, but I can't believe the GOP had the audacity to put that kind of penalty in there -- pretending it's about stopping people from committing fraud. 
Too many of the republicans don't care how easily people can be priced out of health insurance because don't care who they kill below a certain income level.  And I'm not exaggerating about this plan killing people, some people will have cancer and not be able to pay their premiums -- much less they co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses.  
While low level Cheeto Satan-ettes think "poor" means black and brown people, think that the only people who die from lack of insurance are black and brown. High level Cheeto Satan-ettes know perfectly damn well whites are the largest poor group. 
Think about the big picture for mostly white Kentucky:
Cheeto promised to get these highly poor, mostly white Kentuckians (2/3rds of which voted for Trump) back into coal mining;

while also trying to cut the EPA off at the knees-- the same agency that would have protected them from the deadly output of the coal mining;

and now these going-back-to-coal folks won't be able to get health insurance at a reasonable rate-- when they're sick due to the coal mining.   

The "greedy poor" I once heard bell hooks use. The perfectly describes what's happening with poor Trump voters. They are greedy for the feeling of power that white supremacy gives them...and they cutting their noses off to spite their faces to get it. Obamacare was the best thing that ever happened to Clay County, Kentucky yet:

[The good white] folk of Clay County, KY voted by a huge margin of 86-11for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election.It also turns out that:About 60 percent of Clay County's 21,000 residents are covered by Medicaid, up from about a third before the [Obamacare] expansion. The counties [sic] uninsured rate for nonelderly adults has fallen from 29 percent to 10 percent.

 "Greed" being synonymous with "ambitious" and "successful" now.  Being part of the "greed poor, " many of the lower level cheeto satanettes don't see the white one-percenters are going for their throats 
That's why I sometimes think that giving white racists the right to vote is like giving a baby a hand gun

I truly cannot figure out how this health insurance debacle will not come back to bite us all -- should it pass the Senate. Is there a way that it will NOT come to pass that health insurance companies will become so enamored with how much money they're making off the poorest of us that they won't want the rest of us. And they get more out of the rest of us by

-- not covering pre-existing conditions unless they're paid astronomically high premiums 
--not providing catastrophic coverage beginning at a reasonable level each year 
If the health insurance companies get high rates on pre-existing conditions that will be the standard after a while. Keep in mind that those of us that have "good" insurance through out employers, instead of Trumpcare, will have that insurance through some of the same companies that will be inside Trumpcare. Once an insurance company sees that kind of profit coming out of Trumpcare, they are are going to want the rest of us to pay the same kinds of  high premiums for pre-existing conditions. 

Trumpcare is likely a long term trap.

For so long as Trump remains popular-- and he was before the Comey mess and now the blabbing of enough classified information that enemies can guess where the info came from --the republicans will protect him.

But the thing I'm hanging my hat on right now are the pink states (which represent "red " states where the republicans barely won).

Those representatives from the pink states? Those are the republicans that Trump and Paul Ryan had to arm twist. Pink state republicans are afraid to be voted out in places they barely won. Unlike most republican senators, they will be running for election again soon.

The next time republican house members will face voters will be in 2018. Folks in the House have to run every two years.  And they were counting on their constituents forgetting that their representatives did them dirty. 

Yes, that's sight Pink republicans were betting on political amnesia. And it was a good bet. America really does have a short attention span.

But this Comey thing coming right on the heel of the House Healthcare vote?  That's going to make the Senate vote get pushed back. Whatever ugly piece of healthcare legislation gets finalized, the voters may not have forgotten by Novermber 2018 --- if the healthcare gets pushed back for long enough.

The fear level has to be building...even for the republican numb-noggins

At least some of the upper level Cheeto Satan-ettes in the House and Senate understand Trump is screwing with the foundations of the democracy. And some small fraction of low-level Satan-ettes must be wondering about Russia some because Cheeto Satan poured major gas on the Russia collusion fire when decided to get rid of Comey.

I'm waiting for the day those half-baked tweets stop rallying Cheeto's base? That's when the other republicans, red and pink, will start running for the hills. But I wonder what form that running will take. Our democracy is broken. They are not going to put country before party. It might be impossible to get just 3 republican Senators to cross the aisle and join democrats in impeaching this lying fool.

Rumor has it, from a questionable source, that a sealed indictment has been issued against Trump.

Whether or not this is true, I find it hard to believe Trump won't stumble again....and soon.  I assume he will seek a reprieve by bombing something...Syria? I hope he won't get near N Korea; I cannot imagine him stumbling and bumbling through another N Korea confrontation with or without the advice of his new NSA H.R. McMaster --especially since, rumor has it , that Trump does not appreciate his new NSA .

In the final analysis, Trump cannot keep his trap shut. He can't do it. The ego will not allow it. I think he'll peal the other republicans away from himself, House members from the pink states first, then some from a few red states.

DJ Chump is going to put his sword and shield down without knowing it. I know he  is. And part of me think he's just going to get frustrated, throw up his hands and quit.

But will our democracy already be damaged beyond repair in a year or Gawd forbid I'm wrong and he manages to stick it out for a full four years? I can't tell if I should be frightened about how thoroughly this man is breaking down our democracy; He's made it so clear that the laws we thought we had on the books to protect ourselves from ourselves are paper tigers.

But I feel absolutely certain that somebody smarter than Trump is watching and waiting to move into the presidency -- and continue our slide from democracy through the current kakistocracy to autocracy. And I hope it's not Pence.