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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Today would be a good day to review what happened during Watergate Scandal and the subsequent impeachment of Richard Nixon. President Nixon too fired the person investigating him in regards to the break in at the Watergate building in the 1970s

Early in the morning of June 17, 1972, several burglars were arrested inside the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), located in the Watergate building in Washington, D.C. This was no ordinary robbery: The prowlers were connected to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign, and they had been caught while attempting to wiretap phones and steal secret documents. While historians are not sure whether Nixon knew about the Watergate espionage operation before it happened, he took steps to cover it up afterwards, raising “hush money” for the burglars, trying to stop the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from investigating the crime, destroying evidence and firing uncooperative staff members. In August 1974, after his role in the Watergate conspiracy had finally come to light, the president resigned. His successor, Gerald Ford, immediately pardoned Nixon for all the crimes he “committed or may have committed” while in office. Although Nixon was never prosecuted, the Watergate scandal changed American politics forever, leading many Americans to question their leadership and think more critically about the presidency.

But with the short-sighted Twitter-wit as president, you would also do well to look at what was flipping him out the day before --because this is what happens when you elect a tantrum throwing talk-show host as president.

Sally Yates was handing Trump his head on Monday (also fired by Trump for refusing to support what she considered an illegal order) It was made crystal clear that President Obama and Sally Yates made it clear to Trump that Flynn had ties to Russia well before Trump made Flynn the head of the NSA.

Yes, Trump is trying to stop the investigation. But with someone as childish and ridiculous as this man is we don't know

--if it's because he was feeling embarrassed by the investigation to his ties to Russia and wanted throw mud in the water right after Sally Yates testified. "YOU'RE FIRED" ala the apprentice would be a great move to someone who is as simple minded as Trump and his Cronies. Yesterday, several newscasters said the White House actually had the nerve to be shocked by the blow back. 

--if Trump and his campaign cronies actually did have contact with Russia in an attempt to sway the election and Trump should be impeached

--or if investigations into his financial ties to Russia is about to show he's in violation of the emoluments clause and should be impeached.

--or if he was always looking for a reason to fire someone the black president before him hired. That racist is obsessed with President Obama.

As ridiculous as that letter to fire Comey was, Trump probably didn't have the brains to construct it or construct the idea to weave all four of these things together. And if Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon were instrumental constructing a method to get rid of Comey  --who was due to stay in office until 2023 and was probably trying to make up for damaging Hillary Clinton by going hard on the Russia investigation-- then it could have been a combination of all these reasons together. 

There's a new word you need to become familiar with:  

(English pronunciation: /kækɪsˈtɑkɹəsi/) is a state or country run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. The word was coined by English author Thomas Love Peacock in 1829.

I hope there's fire beneath the smoke, fire enough to get him impeached. But I'm not at all sure of what's really going on other than the Kakistocracy.