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Friday, June 9, 2017


Before I jump into the subject at hand, let me say that it is my opinion it is always unlikely that rich men will go to jail (Cosby) or get charged with obstruction of justice (Trump) --unless you catch them red handed in a video. And as Black Lives Matter aficionado's know, there are exceptions to that. 

But I am wondering if Cosby being black will cancel his rich man's get out of jail free card.

I'm also wondering if Paul Ryan hasn't supplied Trump with the only excuse he needs to duck and dodge his way out of the mess he's in. Trump is "new to this." He didn't know what he was doing. (paraphrased) 

And while that's kinda true, because Trump thought he was King instead of President, Trump does recognize arm twisting when he's doing it. And he did know that ex FBI Director James Comey was the head of a law enforcement agency when he fired him. He also ran on "I'm Mr. Maverick Outsider" He's actually been bragging about not following protocol (in so many words) since he's been president. So I think this is a bunch of crap --but it's crap that may fly.  

Smart play by Mr. Ryan. May it be last one he makes.

One good thing about James Comey's testimony --which I didn't find shocking based on everything that he supplied to the public before the hearing-- is that Trump may not have been under investigation while Comey was still FBI Director, but he probably should be now. The number of times Trump contacted Comey, inviting him to a one-on-one dinner, is suspect all by itself. According to Comey he and President Obama only spoke twice while Trump contacted him nine times. 

Apparently there's a layer of separation maintained between the executive branch and the Director of the FBI so that there is at least the appearance of objectivity in their law enforcement. And it's part of Jeff Sessions job to help maintain that separation...and it sound like Sessions didn't do it. 

What's most interesting about the nine times Trump contacted Comey directly --as compared to the two times Obama spoke to Comey alone-- is that Trump never once asked about the Russia investigation itself.
You know the Russia I'm talking about right? The Russia that tried to hack our elections? That Russia.

Trump was contacting Comey again and again about loyalty pledges and letting former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn go because he's a good guy. But Trump didn't ask about the investigation into the country that is trying to undermine our democracy at its foundation.

This information ought to be shocking.  It should also be shocking to the public that Russia isn't flat out considered an enemy.   
And I'm not just talking about Trump here either.

Our  congress, the news outlets, nobody is acting like this country is an enemy. And if congress, FBI, CIA was treating Russia like an enemy,  Jared Kushner --who tried to create a back channel to Russia AFTER WE KNEW Russia successfully hacked our election-- would be jail already.     
I understand  countries spy on one another all the time, even allies. But Russia hacked our election. If that doesn't make a country our enemy, what does? Not giving us good oil prices when you have the second largest oil reserves in the world (-- like Iraq). 
The other good outcome of this hearing is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Coretta Scott King labeled a "racist," may be on the hot seat next. It's clear to many that Comey did not trust Sessions ---and that's why he didn't report Trump's behavior to him. 

At this point, everything James Comey said should be headed to the Special Prosecutor.  And that's a good thing, not necessarily because I expect much to happen to Trump directly. But it would be good if Sessions had to resign, if Jared had to resign -- the more people that get peeled away from Trump the more likely he'll stop playing president and go home to New York.  Failing that, his agenda --like tax cuts for the rich while slashing programs for the poor-- is derailed and/or slowed for as long as the investigations continue.

If this mess keeps churning, Trump's base may stay loyal, but they'll be the only ones. We CAN out vote 57% of white people. We know this because we've done it before -- at least twice.



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