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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Obama Thumped Trump On Climate Change Anyway & The World May Be Better Off Without U.S. Leadership

President Obama Already
Thumped Trump
On The Paris Climate Accord

And It Was Too Late For Orange Judas To Do Much About That This Week

That's why Trump is on the defensive, hiding in the White House unable to come clean about whether he believes in the science and climate change

* * * * *

By now you understand this: A majority of the country and a sizable number of republicans wanted Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. There are oil companies and car companies that rejected Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

A lot of noise has been made about 22 Senators wanting Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. If there are 52 republicans in the senate, that must mean close to 30 republicans were either against Trump on this thing or hiding and non-committal.

There's only one reason that I can think of, consistent with Trump's prior behavior, for withdrawing from the Paris agreement when his own "low education" voters are shifting toward being concerned about climate change.

Obama was in favor of it, so I'm against it.

I'm thinking this was Trump's entire thought process on whether or not he stayed with the Paris Accord.  

And I believe that' because the man that slithered into the White House last fall is an obsessed racist. And this decision making process usually works for him because his white-non-rich base thrives on white supremacy too. 

It must actually keep Trump up at night that a black man got to be president before he did, is more popular than he is, and that some things President Obama did, such as sign the mostly symbolic Paris Accord, really cannot be changed.

The Paris Agreement on climate change works by a delicate bit of magic.
The treaty aims to reduce the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions, but it legally requires no one to actually stop emitting greenhouse gases.
Instead, it advances a set of loose and voluntary norms for getting to the final goal. In 2015, every country announced a (nonbinding) plan in which they promised to (eventually) slow down pumping carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. In 2018, and every five years afterward, all the countries will get together again and announce new promises.
This looseness was intentional.
The accord’s architects hoped to nudge everyone into bringing down their emissions together… In truth, this is pretty much the only thing it does…
  • 1)    [The] accords don’t require the U.S. to commit money to the Green Climate Fund, a UN pool meant to help developing countries prepare for the consequences of global warming…
  • 3)   [Some worry] about the cascading effects of having an indolent United States in treaty meetings.
  • 4)   If America misses its global target—and nothing happens—will the momentum that sustains Paris halter and fall apart?

Will the Paris Agreement Be Stronger Without the United States?

Read More:

More important than Trump withdrawing from this agreement is the United States withdrawing from a position of looking like behaving like a world leader.  All the world's countries signed this agreement except Syria, which is still struggling to exist as a country at this point, and Nicaragua. 

According to this article and many others, gas and oil companies are looking at lowering emissions as a branding opportunity. Automobile companies are too, of course. The ability to use lower emissions as a branding tool is likely part of the reason why all these hybrid and electric cars are selling so well now.

In other words, President Obama’s push toward being green and leaving less of a carbon footprint has already taken hold in corporate America as firmly as it has in the American psyche. And that's most of what the Paris Climate Accord sets out to do anyway.
The part of going green that's missing because of Trump's pulling us out of the Paris Accord are real goals. 
What's missing within the boarders of the United States some of the Obama's Clean Power Plan which Trump has already partially undone which, in turn, would have helped us reach Paris Accord goals. 

Pittsburg is not alone. A lot of cities and states are going to follow Paris instead of Trump

After reading the article above, I've come to a few conclusions:

1 Trump doesn't matter that much

2. It would have better if he'd stayed in the Paris Accord On Climate Change, but...

3. I think our country is already on the path toward reducing emissions etc. 
4. The entire world may truly be better off with the United States removed from the Paris Accord 

Again, Trump's decision was probably based on doing the opposite of what Obama did more than anything else....even making money.

Alt-Right Racism is not logical. It's a feeling of hatred based on fear of the different combined with the warm pink fuzzy feeling of thinking you're superior -- when deep down you know you're kind-of a lower life form.

Again, don't let Trump make you think this was a business decision. It wasn't. All sorts of world leaders and United States business leaders have been clowning Trump over this this silly decision over the last 24 hour cycle. 

A few days ago, before Trump made headlines being a numb skull, I read that stockholders were asking one of the automakers to produce a report about reducing emissions of their cars.
 This proved to me what I said at the beginning. President Obama has already turned this ship that I hereby christen the "U.S.S. America" toward stopping climate change. 

Don't believe in climate change? That's okay. I generally do but after talking to a couple of republicans at a dinner party, I realize that I haven't done enough reading to know one was or the other for sure.

But it doesn't matter. The long term predictions don't matter to me nearly as much as the short term sure-things that will happen with rampant air and water pollution

You should consider me your personal canary in the coal mine.

If take my pollution sensitive, allergy-laden ass down certain freeway with my convertible top down for more than a couple of days in a row, I will have grainy black soot on my car and cough that won't go away for weeks

I'm sensitive. But that's not the point either.

The point is that corporation will pump as much crap into the air as they can get away with for so long as they can make a buck. Those that don't have a way to make money off lowering emissions will do just that. And if the one-percenters that own these corporations ruin the air from sea-level up to 2000 feet, they'll buy their homes above 3000 feet on mountains.
The one-percenters know that they can pollute the air and the water a lot more than it is now and still live comfortably -- or at least they think they can.   
The fact that scientists are starting to think fracking and earthquakes are connected in certain areas make me think these rich sons-of-b****es won't be happy until they've literally cracked the planet in half without even having a Death Star with which to do it.

My ultimate point here is that climate change/ smy-mut change.

I do believe in climate change. I think I see and feel it. I think the little bit of reading I've done on climate change is enough to convince me. But you don't have to because y
ou'd have to be dumber than a rock to think we can keep pumping all the stuff we do into the air and water and think that there will NEVER be any repercussions.  
The repercussions may come in the form of climate change ...or not. 
The repercussions may come in the form of most people don't have clean enough air to live past 40. 
We could all be swilling same water quality as those in Flint.
 Are we really going to leave our health in the hands of people,the U.S. one-percenters, some of whom may believe (whether it's true or not) that they can just move away from the messes they create?  

In the end, Trump's actions yesterday will never matter that much. He'll be gone in 1 to 3.5 years. Somebody will enter us back into the Paris Accord if it's that important... and it probably won't be Trump, regardless of what he like he said about re-entering if the "deal" is right." (<--Just Noise)

Trump has already made an effort to say he wants "a new deal" on climate change because he likely wants "Trump Climate Change" instead of  "The Paris Climate Accord" associated with President Obama. But Germany, France, and Italy have already told DJ Chump where he can shove that idea.

So, for now, Trump is Making America Last Again.

More importantly, he's removing us from the world stage as a world leader immediately following a trip where he was plain rude to the NATO allies, and demanding as well. 

I'm thinking this separation he's created between the U.S. and Europe (NATO and G7) means that the U.S. will still have allies when we need to pull together for defense. Howeverm, the U.S. may not be able to pull other countries toward anything like an offensive action --such as the one we took toward Iraq.

And that's a good thing because the Iraq War created ISIS / ISIL.

It's not good for one country, even your own country, to have too much power. And that war in Iraq proved this to me again.

I may dislike what Russia stands for on this issue and what China stands for on that issue. But the U.S. cannot walk around thinking its the only world power, that nobody can stop it from doing anything it wants -- especially after upsetting things like 9/11 happen.

A lot of people don't think straight when scary things happen. But there are always those among the one-percenter's whose minds never turn off when it comes to making money and taking power.  

Afghanistan had training camps that trained the terrorists. Fine. I understand our one-percenter laden leadership deciding to attack that country on the surface. 
Did we go too far? Try to get regime change going there? That's a debate for a different day.
But Iraq, as far as I could ever tell, was linked to 9/11 via white ethnoracism in the form of "All-those-Muslims /Ragheads /Arabs look alike to me" because somebody wanted unfettered access to the second largest oil reserves in the world. 
Everybody should know by now that Iraq and 9/11 are not connected in any way. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were enemies and the CIA knew that in 2002. But Bush Jr. and the one-percenters capitalized on 9/11 fears and linked up "weapons of mass destruction" fears to get access to Iraq anyway.   
There are arguments that Bush Jr. "just" made errors. And we'll never know who knew what and when (sounds familiar doesn't it?) But unrecognized ethnoracism within the self has deadly consequences. I don't care how personable he is with black folks, including Michelle Obama. Bush Jr's slow reaction to Katrina and callous disregard for life of non-white folks in the middle east is obvious.
It was and still is obvious to me that Bush Jr didn't understand what he didn't understand and didn't CARE that he didn't understand X, Y, and Z in regards to attacking Iraq. And most of white America didn't care either as far as I can tell.

Consider this:  

If people from France had flown planes
into the World Trade Center, killing thousands and we found out the terrorists had trained in Belgium,
would it make sense to white folks
if the President stood up and said, 
"Okay. We're going to bomb Belgium
and Germany is next. (Source: Walter Mosley)

No this wouldn't make sense to white folks if all the players were white. But it did make sense when all the players were middle eastern. Because this is exactly what happened with Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan and Iraq.  
  • The  9/11 terrorists were mostly from Saudi Arabia. 
  • The terrorist trained in Afghanistan. 
  • The U.S bombed Afghanistan and Iraq. 

The more passive(?) forms of the white ethnoracism among our dominant group means white lives are the only real lives as far as white folks are concerned. To white people, white lives are not interchangeable on a country-wide basis 

If the European scenario had happened instead of the middle eastern scenario, white folks would still be screaming to this day about why France was never punished. President Trump would not be visiting France like he just visited Saudi Arabia last week. 
And Bush Jr.'s name would be used as a curse more often than "Benedict Arnold."

Ethnoracism isn't always straight hate. Sometimes it comes in the form of disregard too -- disregard for anything not just like me. 

 This is what was birthed 
in a country 
with too much power 
that says 
"all those Muslims/ Ragheads/ Arabs 
are interchangeable" 
got married

And, don't believe the hype. We weren't trying to save anybody for democracy either. The U.S. has done business with worse than the likes of Saddam Hussein. Millions of people (predominantly non-whites) are no longer on this planet, dead, because of the Iraq War and the resulting ISIS / ISIL.
It is not good for the U.S. to be powerful enough to suck other countries into bombing another country for no good reason. So Trump's breaking up the U.S. love affair with other white run countries that think they should rule the world along side the U.S. might not be the worst thing in the world.

I want our country to have good allies. I live here, after all But other countries saying "How high?" when the U.S. says "Jump" is not good for anybody --even if the U.S. should be multi-racially run at some point. With some arm twisting, this was pretty much what was happening pre-Obama Era, and with very few exceptions.

France and Germany were a couple of those exceptions. They refused to get on board and'"get tough" with Iraq when the U.S. called them to go to war in 2003. White America was so ticked off by this that they started calling "french fries" by the name of "freedom fries." 
This b.s. "freedom fries" attitude is what spreads through a population when it is entitled and churlish as a result of being too used to having too much power. 

In conclusion, Obama has us on the right climate change path already. We need the goals to keep us on track but we'll get back on track sooner rather than later. However, I'm not sure that self-serving clown in the White House hasn't done the entire world a favor by unintentionally 
taking steps to remove the U.S. from being able to command the world's center stage by removing us from the Paris Climate Accord.

Is This the End of America's Global Leadership? 

Will China or some other country moving center stage be better? Probably not. But I'm tired of wondering what form U.S. comeuppance is going to come in.

We need to slow our roll and let some other country be top dog. We don't need to lead, dominate all the time. I'm perfectly content living in a country that's number two or number three in terms of power.

I figure this is high enough in the world order to not be attacked by another country and low enough that we can't just instantaneously round up a bunch of countries in order "regime change" (half-way destroy) another country like Iraq --and accidentally create the worst set of terrorists the world has seen lately. 

Besides, the U.S. is currently being helmed by a Kakistocracy. And Kakistocracies don't have the ability to lead anybody anywhere good.