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Monday, June 19, 2017


You may not have noticed. But White Supremacy went nuts last week. Some things don't look like they were related to white supremacy. But I'm pretty sure they were.

Let's start with Otto Warmbier 

I was not gonna talk about him because this young man may be dying over stealing a poster. But my shrinking sympathies aside, we need to talk about him because we need to talk about white abdication of responsibility

-- especially since his father decided to chose Fox News' Tucker Carlson to give an exclusive interview to.

But before we talk male Warmbiers, lets talk London.

When London was attacked the first time, a Muslim man that had been in Britain for years ran people down with his car. 
Britain's leader  Teresa May--who is closer to Donald Trump in sentiment than Bernie Sanders-- suggested that maybe the attacker was trying to make his attack coincide with some other attack a year earlier -- in Brussels as I recall 

Me? I'm thinking someone who has lived IN THE COUNTRY FOR YEARS is responding to things happening IN THE BREXIT which was scheduled to start the very next week. And BREXIT is Britain's MUSLIM BAN.   
White people keep asking what is radicalizing young Muslim men.

    Dear White People,
Um....White Supremacy makes people hate-cha back. And when young men soaked in hyper masculinity feel like their masculinity has been impugned, they look for someone to tell them how to get their masculinity back.     
Dialing back the white supremacy values and your hyper-masculinity values, both will stop the radicalization of young Muslim men in European countries. And here in the United States it will stop the radicalization of young white men into mass shooters. 

The United States is sort of doing the very same abdication of white responsibility with the super smart white frat boy that went to North Korea and stole a poster of "the Supreme Leader" --when North Koreans at least BEHAVE LIKE that man is one step from God.

Only a white boy would go to another country KNOWING that the regime is incredibly oppressive and steal a poster and think nothing of it. Only a white boy thinks he's entitled to a slap on the wrist for theft no matter where he goes.

I have to admit it. I would not have expected fifteen years hard labor. But in North Korea? I damn would have expected 2 or 3 years hard labor. And I wouldn't have expected to survive 1 year intact.

Maybe a lot of people don't know how deep the do-do gets in North Korea. But a white frat boy -- that's reportedly so smart-- should have. And he probably did. He simply over estimated the power of whiteness in another country.

And his timing was bad. A lot of negative things happened about the same time he went there But the thing the white run press refuses to discuss is the impact a white supremacy motivated movie might have had on the North Koreans sense of humor --over what truly was a petty theft.

A year before Otto got to North Korea a major movie studio put a movie together called THE INTERVIEW which made a joke about the assassination of another country's leader.

Wanna guess which country? 
Don't bother to guess. I'll tell you. 
North Korea.  

Okay. So Let's Review

1) Otto Warmbier went to North Korea looking like  a young version of every single white man in Congress that has ever  spit in North Korea's face as they hinted at their own superiority, 2) And he did so one year after THE INTERVIEW was released in the U.S. 3) Then he steals a poster of a the Supreme Leader in a country known to be "oppressive" and 4) is surprised when the North Koreans make an example out of him 

This could only happen to a white frat boy who comes from a country where other white frat boys think the word "oppression" is a joke.But I can't really blame him. He's too young to blame yet -- if he survives to get older.

This is on his Daddy who tried to lay what happened to his son at the feet of President Obama. If I was Otto Warmbier's mother or father, anybody who didn't move heaven and earth to get my son back "wouldn't have done enough." And I get that. But I also get that Otto Warmbier is the son of a white man who went to a news station that thrives on making the word "oppression" a joke.

I think values born of white supremacy just chewed Otto Warmbier up and spit him out. 

If Philando Castile's murderer hadn't just been released for looking nothing like Otto I might be able to work up some sympathy for his parents. But I got nuthin 

As for the boy himself, I 'll try to hope the boy survives and becomes something a hell of a lot more valuable than his Daddy who decided to link himself to Tucker Carlson and therefore Carlson's race baiting The Daily Caller.

Dear White People,

Racist stereotypes and race baiting kills. Ask Philando Castile's mother and his fiance and the hundreds of students that loved him where he worked. 
When you mock other people -- because ya hate them, they hate you back. And since The Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un doesn't seem like he's wrapped any tighter than our own Grand Dragon, you probably shouldn't pour gasoline on the crazy fire (by creating a movie like THE INTERVIEW) when people of your own tribe are planning to visit the country in question.    
Daddy Warmbier said his son was in China and decided to North Korea at the last minute. I'm not sure but I thought I heard Daddy Warmbier implied he thought maybe the Chinese travel agent enticed his son to go some place hostile (North Korea) on purpose

  So did Daddy Warmbier mean to say:
A) All the mean-spirited people of color are out to get us purely nice innocent white people?
B) We as white people know that non-white people hate us back?

Before you answer,remember he gave an exclusive interview to Fox News Tucker Carlson.

   Dear 57% of white voters.

You voted Cheeto Satan McTwitter Wit and his white nationalist minions into office. So, some of us gots no mo sympathy for white supremacists or white supremacist adjacent folk. And my sympathy should be seen as in short supply EVEN IF the White House white supremacy and misogyny turn out to be the least of our problems -- and it just might be. 
That empty headed jackal you voted for is out for money-- mostly yours. And if he doesn't cause an international incident that causes your sons and daughters to have to go to war, it'll be a small miracle.

Voting for Trump was one big GO-TO-HELL from white folks to people of color. But it's gonna bite you hardest if he doesn't get bored and go home. 

By the way, yet another study came out saying that white working class angst was complete bullsh** a few weeks back. It was the white racism that got Trump elected. And anybody who refuses to see that (Bernie) ain't no friend of mine.

next up-- Steve Scalise
Update 6 19 17 Evening:  Otto Warmbier died today. I've suspected for a while that the North Koreans sent that boy back here when his vitals started dropping; They got him back here just in time to die on American soil.