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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


In case you missed it early this month, Korea has announced that they have a missile capable of delivering a nuclear payload to Alaska.

"The US has ramped up pressure on North Korea after Tuesday’s successful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, making a show of force off the Korean peninsula and calling for a broad international effort to hamper the secretive nation’s nuclear weapons programme.
Donald Trump attacked China over its trade ties with Pyongyang in an early morning tweet, after his top diplomat warned that any country providing economic or military aid, or hosting North Korean workers, was abetting Kim Jong-un’s regime." 

I don't know how much attention to give this, since I've heard this before. I swore Kim Jong-un said he could hit California a long time ago.
Maybe it wasn't nuclear missle he was talking about when he said it the first time.

Or maybe he was lying.


Eventually North Korea is going to have nuclear weapons. If Chucklehead McTwitterwit had paid attention to how president Obama handled Iran, maybe we could have delayed this a bit.

Instead he's making good soundbites for his deadhead white followers who like the sound of tough talk -- tough talk that can't be followed up on.

He really can't just bomb the crap out of North Korea and get anything but WWIII.  The thing that scares me is that he may truly be too dense to get this. 

Even if he is too dense to get this, however, I keep hoping the checks and balances in our government stop him from going too crazy. Is anybody else wondering if when he sent an "armada" to North Korea last April and it went to Australia instead "by accident," if someone in Washington or someone on the Carl Vinson stopped him from escalating things in North Korea too far too fast.

Now that international actors are paying less attention to what Chucklehead says, I feel like we're less at risk of starting something as big as WWIII. 

But had he changed our relationship with allies and enemies forever-- and not for the better.

Angela Merkel removed the U.S. as "a friend" of Germany's from their federal(?) documents. Even if the U.S. elects somebody different 3.5 years from now and you were an ally, would you trust a country full of people capable of electing such a person? Our Government Ethics Director just freaking quit trying to reign the Trump administration in so he could join a non-partisan organization  in order to deal with campaign ethics.

And now, on the international front, he's run his mouth so much that China and Russia appear to be moving together to thwart the U.S. and its intentions toward North Korea.


How Russia and China are bonding against the US

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In other words, like I said before, the racism and sexism may turn out to be the least of our freaking problems if McTwitterwit keeps doing our talking for us.

And what if Russia had no intention of trying to run the U.S. by getting Trump elected? What if Russia's intention was to spur what's happening right now? 

We have a business man who hired other business men as cabinet members (upper level cheeto satanettes) who have every intention of pillaging every single they can on the inside of the country while McTwitterwit sheers us of every single ally we have.  
 If white Americans persist in seeing this country as innocent and good after this, I just don't know how we survive as a country.  White people are close to 70% of this country and 57% of their voting population voted to make what's happening happen -- and somehow the sexist, capitalistic white supremacist (low level cheeto satanette) voter is still seeing this as a "those people" are destroying us issue. 

Are they watching Putin and thinking, "Well. He's white. He must be okay if Trump likes him." How else do you not become an enemy of the United States when you hack an election? How?  I don't care how dumb Trump voters are; I can't figure out how an exceptionally stupid 6th grader could make Trump look like an ethical leader in his head --except if you have a brain numbing white supremacy motivating your every thought.

Does authoritarianism have the power to numb the brain this thoroughly? Even if it does, the "authority" has to attach itself to something. You have to think about why me-and-mine should be the authorities. And I think authoritarianism in this country always attaches itself to white maleness (which is firmly adhered to by those that marry into that power, white females)

I look at Trump and see us imploding. Of course, I've been thinking things would get worse before they get better. White's are losing their numbers and, in their minds their power. It's their minds that matter. Don't think it's reality that matters. It isn't. If enough white people believe they are losing power they will become violent to retain it.

And that's already begun. It began during Obama's tenure as president. You'll never convince me the leading edge of white supremacy, cops, didn't start shooting black and brown folk like they might go out of style because white people in general started feeling threatened.

And isn't that how every white cop gets off? "I was scared." The jury always believes this and believes the fear is reasonable --because some 57% of them them are scared alright, scared of losing power.

Scared cowards are always dangerous.  Always.  

But the scared coward leading the country right now? He has power. He's like a toddler with a machine gun.