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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


"A new report, titled “Pirates of the Caribbean,” argues that control board members José Ramon Gonzalez and Carlos Garcia should be held accountable for their part in plunging the island into debt. The paper, released Thursday, comes from two progressive coalitions, Hedge Clippers and the Committee for Better Banks, which both seek to combat the political power of financial institutions.
Before they were appointed to the control board, Gonzalez and Garcia moved between top positions in Puerto Rico’s Government Development Bank (GDB), which issues [or sells] the island’s government bonds, and Banco Santander, the Spanish-owned mega-bank that was buying and structuring the vast majority of those same [bonds]  
[If you didn't know what a bank-gangster or "bankster" was before, read the paragraph above again. These greedy fools have taken down an entire country ]  
The report alleges that Garcia, Gonzalez and other executives at Santander presided over an explosion of lucrative underwriting that allowed the financially strapped island to continue borrowing huge sums, but on increasingly risky terms. The structure of those loans, the report suggests, was more favorable to Santander and other financial institutions than to the government ― and thus the taxpayers..."


If you don't think Chumpster McTwitter Wit and RepubliKKKlansmen won't (accidentally) do the same thing to the rest of us through their unfettered greed if they get the one-percenters down to somewhere near a 0% tax rate --especially after the Chumpster bragged about looping holing his way through not paying his fair share of taxes in the country on national television-- then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.
And I'll let my bridge go cheap too. Just 1 million dollars. Send me your bank information, I'll just take the million out of your account myself. 

The report on how Puerto Rico was pilfered isn't that hard a read.  Give it a scan. Reading it might give you enough nightmares to motivate you to vote for the lesser of two evils now that we all know that Hillary wouldn't have been this hellish and also not half crazy enough to push THE BUTTON if one too many scandal's rock his...I mean her little world.

I'd be even happier if the article motivated somebody to run for office themselves. I'd be happier still if people were so horrified by reading about what happened to Puerto Rico that they started raising their children to include PRESIDENT, CONGRESSMAN, and SENATOR as one of the professions they'd like to pursue one day.  
White one-percenters shouldn't be the only ones asking their young children "What do you want to be when you grow up?" while thinking about whether their adult children might grow up and want to lead the country as a way of doing public service. White one-percenter parents start grooming their children for such things before college. 

Why do you think that white frat boy who led that racist song on the bus held a press conference to apologize for the racist song? His Daddy has him on some sort of leadership career track (not necessarily politics) that doesn't involve a racism scandal. 

So now, Puerto Rico is looking for statehood -- to be as protected from these kinds of shenanigans as other states. If the United States stole Puerto Rico from itself, colonized it, and said "It's mine now, then Puerto Rico should be as worthy of bail out as United States banks in 2007 and 2008 and places like Detroit and Flint Michigan.

I hear that's going to be an uphill if not impossible battle, even when Chumpster loses in 2020. However, based on what I've read of Puerto Rico's history with the United States?  I think we owe Puerto Ricans the 51st spot at the table.
Tomorrow: From Spanish Empire to American Empire in 1898
(A brief history of Puerto Rico)