Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tanya Hargrove Brutalized By Police When Mistaken For Bald Man With A Machete

Tanya Hargrove is black. She was stopped by Bakersfield Police, battered by them, and torn at by their K-9 unit (dog)

  • Bakersfield Police were looking for a  5' 10 bald man, 170 pounds with a machete
  • Tanya Hargrove is  5'2, female with hair, 115 pounds sans machete

Police say they mistook her for him....then arrested her as she screamed, "I can't breathe"

What provoked them? 

  • They asked her if she was in the store. 
  • She said, "No" When they asked for her backpack, she asked for their warrant. 
  • The cop responded by pointing at the K-9 unit behind her. She decided forgo her rights and handed over the backpack, they attacked her anyway. 

Her arrest sounds like a repeat police performance, sounds like that pool party in McKinney Texas. 


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