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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Let us begin at the beginning.

Richard Spencer has his name on top of the UNITE THE RIGHT poster meant to advertise the event in Charlottesville. And Richard Spencer is a leader of the white supremacist alt-Right political movement.

The photo below is of Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer himself.

You might think this photo with the KKK-looking torch rally going on in the background was taken on August 11th in Charlottesville, Virginia. But you would be wrong. This photo is from another "Torch Rally" that took place months ago when alt-Right white supremacists marched before

...when they also chanted the borrowed phrase "Blood And Soil"

So why is all the white outrage at white supremacy aimed at neo-Nazis all of a sudden?

I've seen the words "white nationalist" associated with Spencer and "alt-Right" but not "neo Nazi"  The only thing "nazi" about Spencer is that "blood and soil" phrase he gets his marchers to use. And mainstream white news outlets know that's alt-Right linked already.

Prior to a 32 year old woman* dying as the result of a white supremacy motivated terrorist attack via automobile, Alt-Right was recognized as being at the center of this "rally."   But I'm not hearing "Alt-Right" when news anchors discuss Charlottesville on television anymore. And I'm wondering why 

You should be wondering why too because this winds up protecting Trump's direct connection to the white supremacists in Charlottesville.  

Steve Bannon, in the made up job of White House Chief Strategist, is also if his writing for Breitbart wasn't enough to let anybody who wants to know he's a white supremacist.
But ye olde denial runs deep in white folk. 
I saw the mother of James Alex Fields Jr,  the terrorist murderer who mowed people down in Charlottesville, say that she thought her son was going to Virginia for something to do with Trump. And she adds at the end,  "Trump's not a white supremacist."   
She may be confused. But her son wasn't.   

And I'm not confused either.

But I do want to know why do the huge mainstream white run media outlets appear to be protecting Trump even as they call him out for not condemning white supremacy.

When Trump finally did a press conference on a racism based riot big enough for the governor of Virginia to declare a state of emergency, he stopped to shake Veterans hands first, talked about Charlottesville for a moment, then stopped to talk about how well the country was doing financially, then tried to spread the blame for the Charlottesville terrorist level, white supremacy based hatred on anybody and everybody but himself and the white supremacists that love him.
Smaller news outlets, like the Daily Beast, know alt-Right is at the center of this.

Charlottesville Crowd Chases Out Alt-Right ‘Murderer’ Jason Kessler

But what's with the decades old mainstream news outlets?

Could it be that even when white-run major media outlets call out Trump for not calling out white supremacy, they are still protecting their white selves?

That is, do white mainstream news reporters and white owners of television stations have alt-Right folks sitting across them at the dinner table every night? Do they belong to the alt-Right political group themselves? Is saying the white racists white people...that belong to a political group called "alt-Right" instead of "fringe extremist groups" like the KKK and neo-Nazis just too close to home.

Alt-Right may consider themselves a politically organization group but they are a white supremacist terrorist organization more than anything else. They go out with those torches at night to deliberately terrorize people of color with memories of the KKK

So what's going on with mainstream news outlets?

Whiteness protecting itself, conscious or unconscious, is first reason that comes to mind for white run media outlets like ABC and Reuters to stop identifying alt-Right as the center of the white supremacist terrorist activity in Charlottesville once a murder had been committed using a car.

But I still can't figure out how the neo-Nazi label got put on the white protesters instead.

Again, Alt-Right has used the "Blood and Soil" chant before and white outlets reported on alt-Right activity accurately in May -- when there was no murder involved.  Furthermore, I do not recall that neo-Nazis have been this organized in the past --not even with Trump making white supremacists everywhere feel bolder.

But Alt-Right has been this organized. And the name at the top of the Charlottesville poster is Alt-Right's Richard Spencer. And Trump's Steve Bannon is alt-Right too.

I haven't watched all the news media outlets. But Reuters and ABC are now calling the white supremacists bent on terror "neo-Nazis." Whether it's deliberate or just comes naturally, they are protecting alt-Right's leadership role in this. And by doing this they are protecting Trump's connection to this too.

Trump came out of the gate spewing hatred at Mexicans, calling them rapists and criminals when he started running for President. He energized his white supremacist base by saying he'd ban all Muslims (which is 10x more about xenophobic ethnoracism than religion) He doubled down on accusing the Central Park 5 murderers despite them being proved innocent.
Lately, using a racism based triangulation and model minority myth, Trump told  the Department of Justice to investigate how white and asian students are being discriminated against in college admissions due to affirmative action  for blacks and latinos -- when Asians are complaining about white students getting preferential treatment in college admissions despite whites, on average, scoring 140 points lower on SAT tests 

All of this together means that the death and injuries that occurred in Charlottesville can be laid directly at Trump's feet.

You know what else?

To tell you the truth, I keep wondering if Trump would have shot his mouth off so quick about "Fire and Fury" with South Korea so close to the North Korean threat IF the people in harms way in South Korea were white.  

If Trump sets North Korea off with his mouth most of the first set of bodies will almost be entirely Asian. And Trump doesn't give a single damn about anybody not-white.

The other thing he screwed up with macho talk this week was South American countries uniting against Maduro's attempt to become dictator of Venezuela. Trump suggest that the United States might militarily intervene in Venezuela's internal affairs. Prior to Trump shooting off his macho mouth again, South American countries had been uniting against Maduro and his bid for dictatorship. But now those leaders have had to stop, turn around, and unite against Trump's statement.

Our president is dumber than a rock.

And you know what else? With Iraq in everyone's rear-view mirror every non-white country on the planet has good reason to be afraid of us. But with Trump in charge, they have reason to be terrified. And people who are terrified can make deadly mistakes.

North Korea bombing Guam would be one of those deadly mistakes. 

I really cannot think how we would legitimately avoid going to war if that happens. Trump may have maneuvered into a position where the U.S. won't be able to do anything other leave a hole in the ground where North Korea once was.

I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what should happen. But I do know that President Obama wouldn't have put us in this position in the first place.

Donald Trump's white supremacy is escalating hostilities to fever pitch both inside and outside the country. Bannon's days(hours) are probably numbered. Non-white-supremacy-based excuses are being made up about Bannon being the source of White House leaks as I write this. But white supremacy is not going to leave the white house with Bannon.

Trump was/is attracted to Bannon's white supremacist core because he's a white supremacist to the core himself.  And the white supremacist part of him is one of the significant parts of him attracted to Russia too.



Beyond that, Trump is fundamentally incompetent. That's why so many people think Trump needs to resign for the good of the country immediately.

If Special Investigator Mueller doesn't find something to make this man resign and leave the White House, I don't know how we're going to make it through the next four years. I really don't.