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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Twitter Voltron Assembled To Stop HBO's Alt-History CONFEDERATE While Amazon's Alt-History Project is BLACK AMERICA

Feeling Rebloggy
"Entertainment journalist ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, #OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign, filmmaker Lauren Warren, "social justice warlord" Shanelle Little and Black Girl Nerds founder Jamie Broadnax have joined forces to stop HBO from airing the newly announced show, Confederate, with #NoConfederate.
It has been a week since news broke about the latest project from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. And since, there has been intense scrutiny because of the two showrunners' history with people of color in Game of Thrones.
The show based off of George R.R. Martin's novels, had several instances where people of color were poorly written. For example, the entire Dorne story line was mishandled, the Sand Snakes were relegated to angry sex objects and in episode 10 of season three, the white character Daenerys Targaryen was lifted up by a crowd of brown freed slaves. [And that wasn't the worst of it]


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Less than a minute... a video
in case you don't know who VOLTRON is

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Internet, there's Amazon.

And Amazon's alt-History offering called "BLACK AMERICA" is going to be written by two black men, one of whom is Aaron MacGruder of BOONDOCKS fame. 

And, instead of having an alt-History where white folks won on one side or the other of the Civil War, the black folks won.  

That is,  BLACK AMERICA imagines a current United States where we black folk were paid what we were owed at the end of slavery -- Reparations. 


MacGruder and his partner, Will Packer, need a new title if they don't want their BLACK AMERICA title to get lost among three decades worth of documentaries with the same name everytime somebody uses a search function to find information about the show. But I want to see this bad. 

And I'll continue to feel this way if I see a dark-skinned black woman stars in it.  

But if this yet another black male created series where *all the blacks are men and all the women are white or light*, I will wind taking a pass on the show.  

I'm trying to quit supporting this kind of thing whether it is black men or white men create it - which is why I'm not proud of myself for getting sucked into GAME OF THRONES 

To be frank, I nearly always hate the way white writers construct black characters, so much so that my preferences are in the following order

  1. Black Drama or Comedy by black women
  2. Black Drama or Comedy by black men
  3. Diverse Drama or Comedy by black women
  4. Diverse Drama or Comedy by black men
  5. White drama by white woman
  6. White drama by white men
  7. Diverse drama by white women or men

That's right. I'd rather see an all white show than a Diverse drama written by white people. I hate the way they create people of color 8.5 times out of 10.

And that's exactly how I got sucked into GAME OF THRONES When I saw all the swords and armor in the advertisements, I assumed there would be no black or brown people.
To be continued