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Sunday, August 6, 2017


In case you don't watch GAME OF THRONES, let me be the one to tell you that 90 percent of images of brown people in this show are slaves, runaway slaves, straight savages, or slave masters 
Yes, the savage slave masters are brown or very clearly not-white too

The slaves are made reference to more than they are seen. But these slaves and ex-slaves are represented in almost every episode by two characters who are being played by what appears to be two light-skinned black actors.

...whose main function is to appear to be worshiping a white savior Mommy/Queen while managing to look dignified.

The images that are going around of all the brownish people worshiping Daenerys Stormborn, White Queen Of The No Longer Damned are bad.

But there is more and worse going on in just this one minute scene from GAME OF THRONES

Not only do they have this black man stoically adoring this woman so much that he kept a name meant to demean him, he was castrated as part of the ritual to make him a soldier-slave in the "Unsullied Army"

That's right. The only black male actor that's had a speaking role for 6 out of 7 seasons is a castrated black man named "Grey Worm."

And the only black woman with a regular role in GAME OF THRONES (GoT) will only be recognized as black for so long as one is less than a block away from her and she doesn't straighten her hair.

The actress that plays Missandei is that pale.

And while I have read that that the actress does identify as a woman of color, based on the little I've read, I don't know that she identifies as black. When she first came on the screen I made a decision that she was supposed to be black based on her hair.

Nathalie Emmanuel - Missandei in Game Of Thrones 

So it's possible that their are zero black women in GAME OF THRONES, which has turned out to be a good thing.

The Sand Snakes from the kingdom of DORNE, who may have been represented as black women in the book (based on complaints I've read), are so pale in the television series that, except for the Asian woman, I wasn't sure they were supposed to represent women of color. 

Sand Snakes - Mother and three daughters in Dorne
I mean, I knew The Sand Snakes weren't pale enough to be white. But when these characters were first introduced I thought they were meant to be almost-white exotics for men to sexually play with. 
I found I wasn't that far off as we got deeper into the story. 
The Sand Snakes got the fighting f--k toy treatment in GoT, much like you see in predominantly white comic books and THE AVENGERS --except that the SAND SNAKES are dark, angry, and deadly.
-- as if the white male writers think all women of color are violent and thinking of sex when they aren't violent.

As I've said before, I pretty much despise how white people write people of color, so much so that at this point that I prefer white people write and produce all white shows while leaving the black shows, Asian shows, and diverse shows to people of color.
That is, the white gatekeepers in Hollywood hire black and brown writers to write black and brown characters or don't bother at all. And the black and brown writers cannot be hired as shields to defend against criticism. They need to be in charge of what's being written. Trust me. We, the black and brown audience, recognize token's efforts when a black or brown character rings false  

So, I am ashamed to admit I kept watching the show after I saw the show was not all white as I originally supposed based on the image above.

In my own defense, when I first saw Daenerys Stormborn character I thought I was right. I thought she was another naked white woman that would be dead in an episode or two based on the way the writers were using most of the other white women without the last name "Stark."

By the time I saw her white savior role coming, I was addicted two 7 other storylines.
Jason Momoa / Khal Drogo 

What sealed the deal that GoT was a keeper (at the time) was my finding out that Lisa Bonet's husband, Jason Momoa, was going to be in it too, which isn't quite as good as Idris Elba, but still...

Then I actually saw Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo and I was ashamed of myself for watching GoT again.

Momoa's role involves him leading a bunch of Latino-to-Middle Eastern looking brown skinned actors who play not-very-noble savages who are deep into being hyper-masculinity 24/7 and inclined to rape

In the first season, Daenerys was sold to Khal Drogo by her brother in exchange for an army. Drogo rapes her because that's his right as a man. But that's okay because Daenerys falls in love with her rapist, LUKE AND LAURA style.

These men called "The Dothraki", including Drogo, only know how to do sex in an impersonal doggie style way --sometimes in public after a rape and a murder at a wedding -- until Becky the white savior teaches Drogo the non-savage, loving way to have sex.

I wound up being extremely grateful that Jason Momoa's character didn't live long. However, Drogo's dead brown body became the path the little white woman used to become a Queen without a King, a white woman with a heart of gold that saves slaves.


...slaves who are so grateful they decide to lay down their lives for her
Aw Hell Naw!

By the end of season six this entire mayonnaise mess had evolved into three brown groups (plus others) following White Savior Mommy across the sea to fight a war they know nothing about:

1. The army of castrated brown slave men called THE UNSULLIED

2. Legions of grateful runaway slaves she has saved.

3. The army of super-sexed, hyper masculine, savage and nearly brain-dead brown men call THE DOTHRAKI

* * * * *

I don't have any excuse for continuing to watch, other than I thought this was an all white production when it started. By the time I found out how wrong I was, I was addicted.

And mostly? They weren't REALLY black. The white boy writers wanted them to be black. But they made sure they got actors that weren't quite as to avoid too much criticism.

And it mostly worked...until they started trying to replace GAME OF THRONES with CONFEDERATE in 2019 or 2020 whenever they plan to put it out on HBO.

Once I made the initial decision to ignore Daenerys Stormborn, the Whitest, Savior-est, of all white saviors that ever was--because she was only taking up 5 to 10 minutes of each episode I was already lost.

And I'm still lost.

I have too many years invested in GAME OF THRONES to not see Cersei get in the neck, Jaime do something extremely self-sacrificing for Brianne before he dies, and see which one of the Sean Bean's children will survive until the end -- even if there's no throne left.

Keep in mind that one is only addicted to things that you know are bad for you. For the most part people talk about being addicted to cocaine not broccoli.  
So give me a break.  
When I purchase HBO for a couple of months per year -- just so I can watch GAME OF THRONES-- I also watch INSECURE, which is black as h*ll and black female as h*ll too.  
So they cancel one another out (HA!) 

I think GoT is going to wind up being about how democracy is best. I can feel it in my bones. The throne will be melted down to nothing in the end. The Game for the Throne will end without a throne.

Khaleesi Daenerys Stormborn is going to be a major part of the last 12 episodes. But I'm just going to wait for her character to die. And I'm pretty sure she will.

She thinks she's entitled to be worshiped and I think the writers care about white women about as much as they care about people of color. 

I can't imagine the orgy of violence CONFEDERATE writers will construct with black bodies with  the torture based slavery of the United States as a backdrop based on what they've already done in GAME OF THRONES. 

Not only is it a bad idea

to have any two white guys

be in charge of writing


it's an even worse idea

to have

these particular two white guys
be in charge of writing

* * * * *