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Friday, August 14, 2015


THE POLICE ARE NOT THE LEADING EDGE OF WHITE SUPREMACIST CULTURE The police department are NOT the front lines of maintaining white supremacist culture in my mind. White culture is the front lines of maintaining white supremacist culture.
Cops are simply the most visible.

Thinks of America as being 1000s and 1000s of cheerleader pyramids. Everybody starts off on the ground and climbs on top of others, cooperatively, to build a solid society. There's that one person on the top of each pyramid. But everybody from top to bottom are all cheerleaders.

The people at the base of each pyramid represent the general population. People in the middle can fill all sorts of slots.But in this case, let's imagine that a cop is that individual at the top of each cheerleader pyramid. And just like when building a real cheerleader pyramid, everyone starts off on the ground. The white supremacist police officers are being created on the ground, near the base with the REST of the white supremacists.
That is, racist cops are a result of white supremacist culture not a cause of white supremacist culture. And it's no accident that I chose these particular cheerleader pyramids to represent the thousands of cheerleader pyramids of my metaphorical america. The Ben Carsons and Clarence Thomases have to do their part in supporting the structure. They are necessary as they decrease the chances of white supremacy recognizing itself in the mirror. If every single black agrees a thing is racist, there's no room for white denial to exist in regards to that specific thing. Lynch mobs don't go to jails and drag black men out of jails anymore. There's agreement, at nearly 100% of black people that this is a racist, undesirable thing. No room for white denial here. If a white cop shoots a black person that ran away from him, there's room for doubt as to the motive. If it happens 1,000,000 times in a row, if a small percentage blacks say there's some doubt as to a pattern then there's room for huge swaths of white denial There must be some small percentage of black and brown cooperation with some forms of white supremacy in order for it to remain cloaked and hidden.

The thing that's different about the person at the top of all of these pyramids that make up my America-- other than the fact that he or she carrys a gun regularly-- is that some of these people that become police are of the aggressive bully type personality.

And the aggressive bully is someone who CANNOT handle authority. He or she lives to abuse the socially weaker (black, brown, homeless, and women) But these people CAN BE weeded out via:

1) Psychological Testing

Did you see Supertrooper, run, drop, and roll, then keep running after CHILDREN at a pool party?

Did you see the bullet entry wound recreation on test drive dummies repesenting the very dead Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell? Officer Michael Brelo STOOD ON A CAR HOOD and shot them to death --dividing about 15 bullets between these two black people.

I refuse to believe this super cop, 1970s movie cop cowboy b.s. cannot be identified by psych exam.

2) Increasing required education levels - Studies appear to show that an educated white supremacist is a less physically violent white supremacist.

3) Firing supervisors along with the cop when somebody with more than a couple of complaints against him kills an unarmed person

4) Refusing to hire or fire anybody who hits his spouse (4x The amount of spousal abuse among cops or some such --- that's a violence red flag that can be used for weed out.)

5) National Tracking of death in police custody - especially those that die unarmed. I think a bill has already been proposed. We need to be vocal about this. I left out don't hire racists and sexists because that's obvious and impossible for those who refuse to recognize it when symptoms are them biting them on their own butts. We can focus on things other than racism to get rid of some of the racists.