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Wednesday, October 28, 2015





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Apparently, there's this new thing in school since I was a kid.  There's a person called a "Resource Officer" running around loose in schools now. And apparently the "Resource Officer" comes when the teacher thinks he or she needs physical assistance in the classroom.

In the link below, within the cell phone video, there are images of this "Resource Officer" throwing this black girl around. All you can really see is her legs flying in the air. Niya Kenny, a classmate, took the video while loudly protesting this girls abuse. And she was arrested for her trouble.

Niya Kenny of Spring Valley High School in South Carolina

And all this came to pass because a teacher said this girl "wasn’t participating in class, [and] when the teacher asked her to leave but she refused."

My first question was what does this "not participating" mean? And why would a teacher be able to call a "Resource Officer" to handle that? Has this teacher, a black male, missed what's been happening black people in the news?

But the thing I'm stuck on is a teacher being able to call anybody at all because of "not participating," much less anybody called an "officer."

What is "not participating?

Is it a refusal to answer questions?

Is it a refusal to speak when spoken to?

What the heck is "not participating?" 

Whatever it is, it doesn't sound "officer" worthy.  And I'm supposed to think the conservatives aren't stone crazy when they talk about teachers being able to carry guns in school to protect students (ala Sandy Hook)?  I'd sooner have the entire student body strapped.

So was the teacher's maneuver meant to communicate  'how dare you defy me in THE SLIGHTEST WAY?'  It kinda sounds like it, doesn't it?  "Not participating" I hope this teacher is not Ben Carson's psychological twin. 
I hope the teacher has a better story than what we've heard so far.  And maybe he does. Then again, maybe the Resource Officer is the only one that's extra stupid.    

However what makes this story even more interesting is the following comment a woman made on "Resource Officers" in general:

"I had to take a school here in Richardson TX to task for sending an officer to escort my daughter out of class.

The teacher, a 25 year old, 6'4 white guy decided he should call the resource officer to remove my daughter from class instead of simply writing her up for her cell phone going off in class (while it was on the charging station he provided against district policy).

My daughter called me as she was being escorted out and I had the pleasure of hearing the white officer curse my 13 year old daughter out. The reason the teacher did this, he didn't want a confrontation to start in his class so he called the officer.

I have witnessed teachers call resource officers for stupid things like this in at least 3 states I have lived in . The reality is that officers are only to be called in for things such as fights or criminal offenses. Teachers know this, principles know this, and the districts know. We were able to get the officer removed from resources duty, but parents I encourage you to read the district policies and stay on their asses. They are gunning for black girls, more so than black boys!"


If this woman is correct, then the cowardly teachers and the Resource Officers, both, are abusing their power.

"Stay Woke" as they say. Keep your eyes open and aimed at your child's school. Do the "Resource Officers" work at your child's school? How many? What kind of incidents have they been called to the classroom for? I'd find out if I were you.