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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Timothy McGinty WAS the Cleveland prosecutor that failed to get a conviction of Officer Michael Brelo.

You may not remember Brelo's name. But you probably remember hearing about him standing on the hood of car and firing no less than 3 dozen bullets down into two unarmed people
Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell over what sounds like a car backfiring.

He and cops on the scene were so scared of the sound that they fired a total of 137 bullets into these two black people.   

And then a judge dismissed the case against Brelo.

Whether McGinty flubbed the case or not, McGinty did file an appeal of the Michael Brelo decision. However, as others in the main stream media have pointed out, McGinty knew that double jeopardy applied and that this would prevent his appeal from changing the reality that Brelo was not going to see the inside of a jail cell.

How does one fail to get a conviction in case like this? Judge or no judge, is it even possible to fail at appealing it when cops fire 137 bullets over a misfiring car sound in the distance? And Brelo stood on top of the car and fired down into it--- clearly indicating he was NOT afraid of anything, as exposed as he would have been....had Malissa or Timothy been armed.

Timothy McGinty is also the prosecutor who declined to file charges against Frank Garmack and Timothy Loehmann, the incompetent police officer that murdered Tamir Rice seconds after arriving on the scene of a playground.

inty was one of those that said Rice looked like an adult, like he was trying to make the defense attorney's case.
Tanesha Anderson

Last month, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty's office on Wednesday announced that the Ohio Attorney General's Office will take over the investigation into the Cleveland police killing of Tanisha Anderson.

Black folks vowed they wouldn't forget that McGinty doesn't appear to believe that Black Lives Matter, and they didn't.

Black folks turned out in force to vote on Super Tuesday, proving Black Votes Matter too. Timothy McGinty conceded defeat to Michael O'Malley with only 89% of the precincts counted.

* * * * *