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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Ain't no atheists in a foxhole being shelled.

Ain't no racists in a home about to be foreclosed on either.

Me -- Watching the Republican Party Disintergrate
When the white folks were looking to break away from England, Crispus Attucks was a good guy to have around. When Lincoln was scared of losing the Civil War, he let the black soldiers fight. When the white folks were losing bombers in WWII, they let the Tuskegee Airmen fly.  And 40 years after The Civil Rights Movement, when the bank was coming for white folks houses, they voted for the black guy to be president.  

It's relatively simple. President Obama being elected during a white crisis, fits the pattern.

But the next thing that happened was a big surprise.

Once the black guy moves his entire black family into the White House, Southern Strategy starts working way too well to suit the traditional white republicans.

The racists the republicans been courting in back rooms for decades broke out into the front room and got themselves elected as Tea Party Members.

Dog Whistle Racism has long been used to get traditional white republicans the Dylann Roof Vote. But once there was a very visible black president in the white house, the dog whistle that is southern strategy started working too well, so well that it attracted Dylann Roofish politicians too.

And now that those racist dogs are in congress, the traditional covert racists don't like dog whistles. They are trying to claim the dog whistles never even existed. Tea Partiers bark their racism loudly. And that makes the overt white racists happy while making the covert racists feel bad about themselves.

Then Donald Trump came along to recognize the overt racists as the party base. And he started speaking their language loudly. He didn't even turn away overtures from the KKK until it was way past "embarrassing" for the more covert racists of the party.

Now the covert are figuring out how they can come together with the over racists to save the republican party. The predominantly white culture thinks that racism in the public sphere is mostly about "how it sounds" and being "tone deaf" anyway.  

So if Donald stops talking to his base, and that white KKK minded base assumes that Donald is simply being "politically correct" just so he can get into the White House, the entire republican party and up to two-thirds of the independents will be just fine with Donald Trump as the republican nominee --because he "sounds" okay now.   (This is the one part of the Donald Trump Story that Shonda Rhimes got right on her TV Show "Scandal." And I saw an interview of a white boy on the street, during one of the late night television shows, where he said Donald Trump is going to start "sounding more presidential now."  ) 

But I don't think the republican party is going to be able to completely pull itself together and move in one direction. They may pretend for a minute during the presidential election. But they won't be able to truly set aside their differences.

White people, which makes up 97% of the republican party power structure, do not like to see themselves as racists - even when they are very racist in attitude. The one thing the Civil Rights Movement did almost 99% successfully is make being labeled "a racist" a socially horrible thing to be called.

Donald and the REAL republican base that Donald appeals to don't care about being called "racists" To the egomaniac that is Donald Trump this is probably just another way of being called "unique"

So all of this is why the republican party looks like it's been devouring itself for the last few years.

This is also the story of how black faces in The White House, all by itself, helped racism collapse the republican party from the inside.

Of course, it didn't hurt that our brainy black President Obama saved the economy, got Obamacare through, and nailed Osama Bid Laden

I'm not going to talk about what the Prez did or didn't do directly for black folk until he's completely done, especially since I tend to find out that he sneaked things through for Black Americans --without much fanfare-- days or weeks after they've happened.

President Obama has already broken LBJ's record of 226 for granting clemency.  In consistency with his Fair Sentencing Act, President Obama granted clemency to drug 89 drug offenders during the first week or so of his prison reform agenda alone. March he gave clemency to 61 more drug offenders, reportedly bringing the total to 248.

But I digress.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens to the republican party once they get to the other side of the 2016 Presidential Election. I was kind of hoping for some sort of reform, racism wise. But I doubt it now. I've seen article after article at politically "neutral" websites where Donald Trump's racism and misogyny are watered down to nothing.

If I don't get to see a true two party system where I actually get to feel like I have a real choice, I guess I might have to entertain myself by watching the very white republican party continue to eat itself up from the inside.