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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The military veteran shooter of the Dallas Police, diagnosed or not, is one of the mentally ill fringe of the black community, someone that has been reading about and seeing videos of white cops murdering black people for no good reason. And I was relatively certain of this before the Dallas Police Chief said Micah Johnson, the shooter of 5 police officers, seemed delusional and wrote crypic messages in his own blood before he was killed.

The reason I was sure that the shooter was mentally ill is because after hearing about Alton Sterling then Philando Castile in less than 24 hours, and that was just a few months after hearing that Yvette Smith's cop murderer walked away too, a lot of the mentally-sound black women I know have expressed a desire to want to crawl into bed, pull the sheets over their heads, and stay there forever.

Me too.

So I figured it was a matter of time before somebody mentally-ill and black (for a change) snapped after decades* of police thuggery that has only recently started making the national news --thanks to Black Lives Matter.

And here we all are.

The first thing I thought of when I heard that white people wanted to blame The Black Lives Matter Movement for Johnson's actions, was how much Micah Johnson probably had in common with the very white anti-abortion movement that wound up having
 mostly white anti-abortion crazies who bombed and shot up abortion doctors, Planned Parenthoods not so many years back.


In the 1990s and early 2000s, the mostly white, anti-abortion, mentally-ill fringe were motivated by the violent rhetoric of the average white anti-abortion protester, those who used to like to call an abortion a "murder" every single time they got near a television camera. While it is biologically crystal clear that stopping a pregnancy stops a specific life --you cannot give birth to James next year as Jame's egg and sperm specifically created James -- it is probably going too far to call the removal of x number of cells murder.  That just my opinion, even though I do think later trimester "abortions" are very, VERY questionable.

However, if those who are strongly anti-abortion TRULY BELIEVED abortion IS murder, they'd still be in the streets screaming, and stopping traffic right now. The average anti-abortionist doesn't do that because they do not truly believe in the violent words they use "abortion is murder". But the mentally ill fringe of the anti-abortion movement does/did literally believe that abortion is murder and acted accordingly -- by committing murder back. 

The mentally ill black shooters of police, by comparison, are not motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement because that movement is anti-violence, it is anti-police violence, and specifically anti-police-murder.

The mentally ill shooter of Dallas Police was motivated by violence though, just like the predominantly white anti-abortion bombers/shooters were. But that violence is coming from the police and those who cover up for the police. And the mentally-ill shooter, Micah Johnson, said as much.

If you want to stop the mentally ill fringe from multiplying and murdering, you stop the violence.

Anti-abortion crazies 
aren't being bombing and shooting anymore 

because anti-abortion activists toned down their violent rhetoric

I'm guessing, anti-cop-murder crazies 
will stop shooting cops 
when cop murders of black and brown is toned down. 

But the cop murders aren't going to stop until white people join black and brown people via Black Lives Matter, and other organizations, in yanking the covers off the places where vermin hide.

If the white majority had any interest in making the police murders stop, they'd help Black Lives Matter remove the prosecutors who aren't prosecuting the cops, put together protests to remove the judges who kick cops loose on technicalities -- just like some did when Brock Turner got six months for rape ("20 minutes of action" according to his Dad.)

And the majority of white people might have an actual active interest in making the cop murders of black and brown people stop if they understood that U.S. History is repeating itself right now.  And I'm not talking about lynching.

It doesn't matter how few cops are straight-executing black people because today's black-murder-by-cop is very much like slavery days of old.

Only 2% or 5% or 10% of the white people ever owned slaves, but it took the rest of the white public to make slavery work. It took the rest of the white public make it so

1) the slaves had no place to run;
2) couldn't be seen on the road appearing to be free;
3) couldn't move anywhere at anytime without a piece of paper in their hands from the slave master explain why they weren't at a white master's side.

A slave had to have a piece of paper from the white slave owner for every non-slave-owning white person they come into contact with. And that poor white person's ability to demand that piece of paper made that poor white person feel like they were high and mighty, of higher status because they were of higher status.  Black skin meant "slave."  Even in the North, at a period of time when some blacks were free, they could not move from point A to point B without a piece of paper proving they were free -- and that paper was subject to being snatched and torn up by any white non-slave-owning person they met.*

Slavery didn't work without the majority of white people.

Cops shooting black and brown people for nothing doesn't work without the majority of white people either.

It doesn't matter how FEW murdering cops there are. It only matters how committed white people are to their own denial as to how bad things really are due to systemic racism, how committed they are to making sure they doing nothing about the particular piece of systemic racism that has cops killing black people, often poor black people, under the cover of law for

for selling loose cigarettes, 
for not having car registration, 
being at a free, loud party in a park.

Beating one's breast and saying, "black people being killed for nothing is terrible but most cops are good" is an effort to keep things the same because there really isn't a problem.  "A few bad apples," like a few slave owners, "isn't really worth doing anything about because there are so few of them." This logic(?) only serves to justify the decision to keep voting the same prosecutors into place, to keep the same judges in their same jobs, and to keep letting the police unions get away with having the city to pay for bad shootings WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS --which allows the police union to save their money to pay an attorney to defend the latest cop murderer.

These cops doing the shooting are just the fingers on the body of white supremacy. The white, brown, black NON-RACIST (I don't hate ANYBODY) tsk-tsk-er is the body of white supremacy because they are complicit in keeping white supremacy in place. The white hate groups are so much nothing, by comparison. And black respectability politics believers like Chrissette Michele help reinforce white denial of white racism which also helps keep white supremacy in place. 

Only the ANTI-RACISTS actively looking for answers to stomp out the excuses can safely say they are not participating in the police murders of black and brown people.

* - I have cousin I never got to meet in this life. He was killed by police in Baltimore decades ago - 1960s or earlier. My grandmother told me the police were looking for a light-skinned tall guy while he was a short wide dark-skinned guy or vice versa. The police found the wrong guy, my cousin, and killed him for some other guy's crime.

NOTE: Just because there's a new story about someone black being killed by police for no reason nearly every other week, does not mean police are killing black people at a higher rate of speed. It's just that the news of black deaths (and pretty much only black male deaths) are being reported nation-wide instead of locally. As soon as news outlets think following what goes viral (mostly videos the occasional word-of-mouth story of unjust black death) is NOT profitable, reporting on and spreading news of black deaths nationwide will cease. We need to have made more progress than international exposure by the time this happens