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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Lincoln to the 2016 Republican National Convention


1)1850s - The Northern Republicans, Lincoln, and Abolitionists  -  The Civil War was fought was not fought over *slavery* but over *slave power*

The North did not want white people with slave power moving into western states. Southern white men were richer than Northern white men due to the free labor (slave power)

The slaves also provided southern men political power. While slaves could not vote, each slave did count as 3/5 of a person and THAT increased official population of each southern state which increased the number of representatives each southern state sent into the House of Representatives. (slave power =political power)

The Industrial North wanted to be stronger and richer than the Planter Class South

The abolitionists in the Northern Republican Party were like a fringe group. If you can envision Green Peace choosing today's democrats over today's republicans if they had to choose between the two then you can imagine the abolitionists relationship to the republicans in the 1850s and 1860s.
2) 1860s Once the Republican North won the Civil War, they become the rich and powerful white business people instead of the southern white democrats. 
The North leaves troops in the south after the war. That is, the South is essentially occupied by the North. (I
n 1869 Black men get the vote and are able to vote and elect black people to congress)
3) In 1877 when the southern white candidate won the presidency and the powerful white northern republicans cannot allow this. 

No longer interested in black rights now that they've taken **slave power** away from southern whites, the republican north agrees to take troops out of the south in exchange for letting the northern candidate have the presidency. Abolitionists fade from power and/or lose interest in giving black people a representative share of the pie.

Blacks are then terrorized by southern whites who are recovering from the aftermath of the civil war. Lynching becomes popular. Blacks can't vote anymore. Blacks don't get elected to congress for decades.

4) Republicans centered entirely on business and growth were still in charge of the country when the stock market crashed in 1929. 

The great depression begins.

5) 1930s Democrats came into power and did clean up following the depression using "The New Deal" which expanded the size and role of government power. 

Rich Corporation Favoring Northern republicans hated the New Deal and become anti-big government

"Then, Franklin D. Roosevelt and other Democrats were swept into power and began dramatically expanding the size and role of the federal government, in an attempt to fight the Depression and better provide for Americans (as this map of New Deal projects across the country makes clear).
The Republicans left in Congress generally placed themselves in opposition to this newer, bigger government role."

6) 1930s Southern Democrats, who already believe in "states rights," who still hate the federal right of the federal government for taking away their slaves are already anti-big government. 

7) 1930s - 1940s States Rights loving White Southern Democrats and Rich White Republican businessmen are on the same side against federal government regulation. Some of the white southerners (who still think they should have slaves) leave the democrats for the republicans at this time. 

8) As in the civil war, when white troops are losing their lives at a high rate of speed, and all the hands on deck are needed -- even black hands. 

So some republican presidents do things like integrate some aspects of the military during WWII (to stop the loss of white life. An example of this can be seen in movie "The Tuskeegee Airmen" - 1980s version) 

9) Eisenhower, a republican, as a result of pressure from Civil Rights Leaders, integrates some schools. 

10) 1964 - Lyndon B Johnson, a democrat, signed the Voting Rights Act as a result of high pressure put on him by Civil Rights Leaders. 

This new thing called "the television set" is broadcasting American racist hypocrisy across the globe. And this hypocrisy is being broadcast to allies and enemies only 15 to 20 years after Hitler made it clear ethnoracism can have massively deadly consequences 

11) As a result of the democrats putting the Voting Rights Act in place, the white racist (supposedly defunct) dixiecrats moved into the republican party while the vast majority of the remaining blacks move into the democratic party.  

"I think we just delivered the South to the Republican Party for a long time to come," President Johnson said shortly after signing the Civil Rights Act, according to his aide Bill Moyers. And indeed, Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina switched his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican specifically for this reason.

12) White racists across the country know they have a home wherever the southern white racists congregate.  So that's where they start moving in 1964.

Note: When the economy is better, the numbers of black republicans rises. We, as black people, have a black 1%. Sometimes we've called them "The New Blacks"


13)  1970s Richard Nixon -- The Civil Rights Movement has taught white people what they are not allowed to say even though most still thoroughly believe in most stereotypes/racism. 

Southern Strategy then Dog Whistle Racism become major tools of the republican party

14) 1980s  white racism trends -- The republicans, in particular, rail against "political correctness" and talk about words they are not allowed to say like n*gger,  kike,  d*ke,  f*g,  sp*c, etc as if these words and terms are not precursors to white violence. 

15) 1980s Ronald Reagan becomes a master at southern strategy and dog whistle racism. He coined terms or made them famous."Welfare Queen" and "Black-on-black crime" are phrases he used in speeches. 

When talking about welfare in the North he talks of how sad people must be to have to go get a welfare handout after they've worked so hard. In the south, when speaking on the same subject of welfare, he tells white southerners he understands how mad they must be to see "some young buck" using welfare money for steak 

Reagan even uses the term "state's rights" whenever he can to let white southerners know he is on their side

15) Racial violence explodes in the 1980s as a result of Reagan's making it okay to be a white racist again. However only big stories involving multiple whites in mobs travel across the country via black magazines and black newspapers -- not the one on one cop killings of people like Trayvon Martin, Yvette Smith, Mike Brown, Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. 

Today's cop murders are practically invisible from 1860 to 2000s. Black people only know about black people being murdered by police in their local areas until Black Lives Matters is able to feed into already organized black social media 

16) 1980s to 2000s  White democrats get to point at overt republican racism and call them racist sans a scintilla of self examination. Paternalism is a favorite brand of racism among liberals but it IS better than the republi-klansmen type racism. Republi-klansmen type racism kills faster and is hands on. Liberal racism keeps black people from getting jobs and keeps higher rates of black poverty high. In other words, liberal white racism kills slowly. 

17) In the 1990s Clinton leads by following popular opinion polls. And he moves further and further right toward a truly powerful white republican party that does NOT look like Trump's giant clown car. The republicans looked organized enough to take over the world in the 1990s.

18) Bush Junior watches people from Saudi Arabia fly planes into buildings on 9/11 after they trained in Afghanistan. Instead of attacking Saudi Arabia after Afghanistan, he attacks Iraq.

Bush junior gets support from a large percentage of white America due to white racism. He wouldn't have gotten an ounce of support to bomb Iraq (and accidentally create ISIS out of the now jobless Iraqi military) if it weren't for white racism in THIS country.

Let's re-imagine what happened in the lead up to bombing Iraq using different countries in a different year.

Imagine there were planes big enough to damage to buildings high enough in 1960 like there were on 9/11.

Now imagine France terrorists, who trained in Spain, flew two big planes into two, nationally symbolic buildings and killed 3000 people.

What kind of speech would the president have to give to convince the entire country to go bomb Germany.  

  1.  when German terrorists didn't fly the planes into building
  2. when  Germany didn't provide space in their country to train the terrorists  
  3. when Germany actually hates the French too 
  4.  BUT we were at war with Germany during WWII, more than a decade earlier  
This basically describes are decision to invade Iraq.

Substitute Saudi Arabia every place I put "France" and "Iraq" every place I put "Germany" and you have the argument that was made to invade Iraq for "regime change" for the benefit of the savages (sarcasm) so we could get access to the oil (reality).

This decision to go to war with Iraq only works within  a white racist framework. My version of the  argument that implies all those white Europeans are alike anyway, let's go bomb the crap out of them because there's no difference between the European Spanish, French and German white people anyway.

But my version of the argument won't white dominated United States. They-are-all-the-same-anyway so let's bomb them to bits only works when you plan to bomb "those people."  

Brown people,  Muslim people, or Brown Muslim people. *Those people are all alike* live in  the middle east or Africa, but not white Europe.  
~Theory paraphrased from Walter Mosley

19) Barack Obama is elected to office. 

The racist Tea Party rises from obscurity as a result, and takes a stand against "political correctness" and is more overtly racist. The Tea Party leaders don't usually make directly racist remarks but they defend constituents that do or pretend they don't see racist signs in the crowds they speak to. 

20) Donald Trump sees how well the Tea Party is doing with their little jabs of overt racism and becomes one of the prominent faces of the "Birther Movement" claiming President Obama wasn't born in this country. 

21) The birther movement having gotten enough momentum from angry white men, who were out voted two elections in a row, Donald Trump decides to use overt racism as a platform to run for president.  Under estimating just how strong white racism is in this country, white pundits for republicans and for democrats are shocked by his meteoric rise...while black and brown people get nervous. 

22) White racists watching Donald Trump rise higher and higher in prominence with every overtly racist comment (his anti-political correctness), and gradually THE "Alternative-RIGHT" is born

"Commonly referred to as the “alt-right,” this group of [clever] skinheads and [well-read] white supremacists (but still ignorant as rocks) has emerged from the shadows and positioned itself as a formidable force in the party of Lincoln and Trump. Its members are young, energetic, educated and persistent. They are homophobic and xenophobic, and they are dangerous.
On Monday night Steve King, the anti-Muslimracist-cartoon-tweeting Republican lawmaker from Iowa who once walked out of the State of the Union because he dislikes Obama so much, revealed in a nationally televised interview on MSNBC that he believed everything good in America and the world came from white people, and he was tired of white people losing."
(read more at link below)

23) Laura Know-Nothing Ingram does something very close to a Nazi Salute at the Republican National Convention. I find it hard to believe that weird wave wasn't done on purpose. But I could be wrong. 

24) David Duke, who was an actual Grand Wizard or Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan is feeling relevant again, relevant enough, thanks to Trump, to run for the senate again -- in Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was killed. 

When Duke made an overture to Donald Trump, Trump was slow to reject him. Trump also seemed to suggest there might be some good groups in the KKK -- but he really didn't know anything about them 

The nickname "RepubliKKKLan" now fits the Republican Party like a glove. 

But there are moderate republicans, aghast at Donald Trump's ethnoracism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, who absolutely will not own that the rabid white racist dogs now running the party that are nothing more than the chickens the republican party leaders have been dog whistle calling for decades are finally at home and roosting. 

Racism piled on racism piled on racism has been coming directly at us, almost silent and sometimes deadly, from republican party for decades. Yet, "reasonable" and "thoughtful" white republicans who are appalled by Trump cannot figure out where the racism came from.
They think the OVERT racism just sprang up whole in Donald Trump and his followers, that it did not come in stages and waves -- now provided extra fuel by a white fear of the **decreasing percentages of white people as compared to black and brown people. (Analysts have been predicting white people will not be the majority by 2060 or so.)

The most fearful of the two parties for decades, worried about "race wars" and being outnumbered by people of color and "immigrants" too, the white republicans think because they can say "white democrats aren't racism free either" that this decreases the level of overt vileness they've executed on black and brown and/or willfully ignored for decades. 

And a bunch of white republicans are completely serious when they say they are flabbergasted by Donald Trump's popularity.***

Republican senators and congressmen have defended the symbols of black destruction such as the confederate flag then claim they don't know that the KKK uses that flag at a march for the same reason their political colleagues keep that flag on their desks.

The white democrats are guilty of enabling and ignoring racism, but the republiklansmen are hands on. The republiklans are THE ONES politically protecting these white cop murderers -- and it is the political protection that counts. 

But the thing that worries me more than these ignorant white republicans determined to defend their ignorance are the black people who think Trump is more of the same ole crap. He's not the same. This white racism is like 1940s and 1950s racism and earlier. 

Black people cannot afford to believe white historians, even white liberal ones "doing their best." White people defend themselves against knowing how heinous their crimes against people of color have been. And when black researchers do research there's often a white gate keeper (publisher) to keep the number of heinous crimes as low as possible

When I was in school, I was taught there were 1 million Native Americans on this continent, not much more than that.  White people made themselves believe that before they taught white history of the U.S. because they didn't want to acknowledge they wiped out  90% of  20 million people (today's estimates based on DNA etc. However these estimates may be minimums too for the reasons stated above)

So when I read black people saying things like white cops TODAY are killing black people like they lynched people back in the 19th century, I get worried that some people actually believe that.

News is traveling so much faster and so much further, it's hard to compare one age to another age. But the thing that never changes is that white people tell the best story they can about themselves. All humans are like that.

When black people were first released from slavery, white southerners were scared of the repercussions they might face. So they became vicious as a type of defense. What we call "civilized" now-a-days wasn't even a factor back in the 19th century. 
These are the same people who gave Native Americans small-pox infested blankets so they could steal their land. 

In the 19th century, white people -- southerners in particular-- weren't even pretending to be civilized. I'll probably never be able to prove it, but there's likely not a snowball's chance in hell the white cops afraid of black skin now are anywhere near as scared as the white people who had owned slaves OR who never owned slaves but enjoyed their status over slaves just because they were white. 

There's no comparing the level of white fear between  1865, 1965, and 2016 and therefore there's no comparing the level of white deadliness. 

We cannot allow Trump to take us back to 1965, 1955 or 1935.

Read an old newspaper. Read Fanny Lou Hamer's biography. The year 1965 was a lot worse than any year in the last decade or so for black people.  We cannot afford to let Trump take us back even that far. 

I expect that we will be pushed and leaned on hard as white people lose their majority numbers. But to fail to show up and vote, even when you only have the choice between the lesser of two evils, is like spitting on Civil Rights Leader's graves.

Some of them died to make sure we could vote. And I got to vote FOR someone two presidential elections in a row when I thought I'd go to my grave only able to vote for the lesser of two white male evils.

I was a little depressed at the thought of returning to voting for the lesser of two evils at the beginning of this year. But that was when Donald Trump was supposed to disappear like the racist cartoon character he kinda is. Now I'm energized. I'm energized to vote against the rabid racist dog who is a card carrying racist, but probably doesn't believe half of what comes out of his mouth -- if he even knows what comes out of his mouth. 

Something is wrong with him. I've seen evil card carrying racists before. And I've heard them say things that don't begin to make sense But this card carrying racist has something wrong with his brain.  Even if all of this is just this racist's way of getting all the attention he can get before he dies of old age, this man is beyond bizarre.

Vote against Trump. This matters. 


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Accidentally posted 7 24 16. Updated 7 29 16