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Saturday, June 20, 2015

AME Church Shooting: President Obama Misses The Mark

I've been thinking about rethinking my feelings on our 2nd Amendment rights for a while now.  I'm simply tired of imagining black people running from white people with guns. I am so tired.

Born and raised in the church, I truly never thought I'd imagine something like one of the church mothers or fathers in Emanuel AME Church pulling a glock off her hip, mowing Dylann Foot down long before his protectors got that bulletproof vest on him.

And I felt this way despite the fact that I was also raised in a secular time and place where even toy guns were frowned on. To this day, I still cannot imagine wanting to own a gun and keep in my house, much less get a permit to keep it on my hip. 

But this feeling that maybe I should reconsider peaked when President Obama started talking about gun control rather than the violence of white supremacy the day after the AME Church Shooting. And when the President did finally talk about racism, it was so abstract he could have been talking any country in the world - but not any country in the world where one side is dominating and annihilating the other.

The president to decided to save his detailed comments for gun control. Gun control?  Really? When
 it's probably time to face facts about gun control.

The NRA won. 

This country knows that more than two dozen people were shot dead at Sandy Hook, most of them white children --tiny children-- by yet another white boy that should never have had access to a gun, who got that gun from a mother who was reportedly stockpiling weapons in preparation for a spiritual end of the world shoot out (Where is THAT in Revelations? Has that prediction that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be one of the four horsemen actually been confirmed by biblical scholars?)

Nearly two dozen dead children, predominantly white, at the hands of someone that most definitely never should have had a gun. And despite that Christmas time massacre what's changed?

Not jack.

The NRA won.

This IS gun culture.

We are gun culture.

The next two dozen deaths of white children might make a dent in the NRA's latest big win. Maybe. So what do you think the chances are that national mourning over the deaths of nine black people will breaking the NRA's hold?

Pssssh. Negro please!

So why go there at all?

When black people are killed by a white supremacist, you start and end your speech talking about white supremacy, using the words "white supremacy," and you mention white supremacy's favorite symbol.

And white supremacy's favorite symbol is that mother #$%#$@# flag that southern white children have been raised under for the last 150 years.

If social media, trailed by main stream media, has already hopped on the fact that the confederate flag flies atop the statehouse in South Carolina is problematic, why not jump on the bandwagon step out (in your second term) and try to take a verbal shot at stopping that symbol from being a source of pride for the next generation of white racists?

Anti-racism black, brown, and white people are NOT confused about what that flag means. Card carrying mostly white pro-racists are not confused about what that flag means either. How is it that so many of the I'm-not-a-racist white south IS claiming to be confused about what that flag means?

Are Germans and Jewish people in Germany confused about what the swastika means? No. Has that symbol had other meanings in the past?  Yes. Are Germans and Jewish people in Germany confused about what the swastika means? NO! Know why? When the terrorist regime lost, their flag (and symbolically their ideals) were burned --never to be seen again without people spitting on it.

Why are white I'm-not-a-racist people of the south
being allowed to fly that KKK flag
while pretending that
no white supremacy wishes are involved
in longing to bring back the days of black slavery
--SANS the need for a fake drug war
and an extensive, very real, prison system?

Help get rid of the confederate flag. Sign a petition like the one below. Maybe once that flag is gone, the next Dylann will use his ill-gotten gun on enough people-that-appear-to-count that they'll turn on the NRA.

Two birds.

One stone.

Just Sign!