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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


"Black People Are Racist TOO!!!" the white race card if there ever was one.

And while I completely acknowledge and understand that "black people cannot be racists" when you use the definition of racism that justifiably includes a power aspect, I often don't use this definition when talking to diverse groups of people because the common knowledge definition of the word "racism" is simply "prejudice" with hatred on the side.

And for some people (white people in particular) the word "racist" has no more meaning than an epithet. 

Many white people have a definition of "racism" that was plucked from a 1955 television set. When they hear the word "racism," in their minds eye they see cops hosing black people down in the street; in their minds eye they see deadly white people in white pillowcase masks down south; and in their mind's ear they hear a white voice shouting the n-word. Racism is ONLY hatred to most of this kind of white person. And they are legion. 

This is why

"What you said sounded kind of racist."

is met with

"How dare you. I don't hate anybody."

All white Oscars, all white presidents - except the current one, white police officers shooting black people over mental illness, car backfires (a lie), tail lights out, noise complaints are all racial coincidences because all the Hollywood producers, congressmen, voters, and cops all have at least one black friend. Therefore there's no hatred and subsequently there's no racism. (<---extreme sarcasm)

So how would you explain the subtler signs and definitions of "racism" and racist action to a white person who thinks in these kindergarten terms about racism THEN ADD the component of power too?

I don't think it could be done.

Or at least I didn't think it could be done, until I saw Paul Mooney break it on down in 3 minutes.

(Usually he's a a little rough. But he's pretty clean and clear here)

PHOTO: "PaulMooneyDec09" by Timothy M. Moore. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -