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Monday, June 15, 2015

PETITION, NAACP, Rachel Dolezal and Colorism

No proof at all. But I'd bet a whole lot of money that Dolezal got a lot more positive feed back as a light-skinned black girl than as a white one while studying at my favorite HBCU, Howard University. Let's call what she may have contracted while there a variant on "Kim K syndrome." Think about it: Kim K's entire body, but especially her butt, was very likely too huge for the white boys. But a pale skinned woman with a black woman's butt is catnip for a lot of black men. We've seen so many fall to Kim K's feet. So there is zero mystery to Kim K's attractiveness.
And there isn't any real mystery about the small but very vocal defense of Dolezal by a small cadre of black men either. The difference between the-K and Dolezal appears to be that Dolezal had brains enough to parlayed her new found love of blackness into a career where she'd continue to be surrounded and praised by a lot of black people, especially black men.

A friend of a friend said this when the Dolezel story first dropped: "Why work your way up the white female social ladder when you can zoom directly into the top of the black female social ladder.

This may be like announcing the wheel is round, but... Colorism is REAL. Black men suffer from colorism too The NAACP response is likely a sign of this not so secret suffering.* Dolezal's climb up the NAACP ladder may be a side effect of all of the above.

Logical as this theory may be, the extent of the lies still leaves her in crazy-ville. *And if somebody has a theory other than colorism (and/or catering to white patrons) to explain how the NAACP can pretend to not understand "cultural appropriation" as problematic, I'd like to hear it.

 Development Department
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore MD 21215

 Dear NAACP,

Re: Rachel Dolezal

You'll never get another cent from me for so long as you pretend that the cultural appropriation of black female identity is a legitimate way for white people to contribute to the struggle against racism. The NAACP and its leadership knows perfectly well that her skin color is not the issue as the NAACP currently has or has recently had openly White NAACP Chapter Presidents in Florida and Nevada.

Furthermore, there's not a doubt in my mind that if a white man had put on a wig and a spray tan and did a real live imitation of the movie "Soul Man" so as to join the NAACP and rise within its ranks, the NAACP's response would have been anything except endorsement.

Again, the negative response to Dolezal is not about skin color. There have always been white people in high ranking positions within the NAACP.  Dolezal is simply the first white person to join the NAACP while in, what is essentially, black face. Remove her from her position. Your response, or lack thereof, on the Dolezal issue so far has been a slap in the face to black women if not all black people.

I sincerely hope you do not let Dolezal's lack of integrity compromise this nearly 100 year old institution.