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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Feeling Rebloggy

The country’s largest gun lobby has fought tirelessly in recent years to expand gun ownership to all Americans, successfully securing the right for people to legally carry both open and concealed firearms virtually anywhere they want. In Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was shot Tuesday night at a convenience store, a license is not required to openly carry a firearm. And in Minnesota, where Philando Castile was shot on Wednesday during a traffic stop, people with permits can carry weapons, openly or concealed.
Before he died, Castile specifically told the officer Wednesday night that he was armed and had a license to carry, but was shot and killed anyway.... 
The night before, Sterling was restrained and pinned to the ground after an officer yelled: “He’s got a gun! Gun!” An officer shot him in the back several times before another officer pulled the gun out of his back pocket.

~Think Progress

In 2014,  a white police officer shot and killed  within 3 seconds Yvette Smith of Bastrop Texas for opening her door when police knocked. And he shot her with his own personal AR-15 (the mass shooter's weapon of choice) The officer was found not guilty of all wrong doing by a judge in Texas just a couple of months ago. 

So where's the NRA? When's the press conference going to be held? Somebody send me a link. (<--extreme sarcasm)

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Anybody who can't see that police are willfully killing black people just because the ARE black at this point is willfully ignoring the news or is looking at the news through a sociopath's eyes. You can hear the cop in the Philando Castile murder video, you can hear his abject fear of absolutely nothing but black skin. You can hear that coward's panic. The sight of black skin and the memory of a black stereotype inspired this murder, right? I mean, what ELSE could it have been?