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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


This defiant face you see here is not that of Nate Parker. The defiance you see here is on the face of one of The Steubenville Rapists of 2012. This is the face this man-child had on when he was defending himself prior to his rape trial. This is the face he had on when he was denying that he and a bunch of his football buddies raped a girl while she was unconscious at a house party.

He denied the rape was rape though there was video of him carrying her while she was unconscious.

Of this damning video where he and the other accused teen are seen carrying this girl by hands and feet, this 16 year old black boy (or his attorney) claimed it was staged. The accused man-child said the girl was play acting as drunk. This eventually convicted rapist said she was actually awake and into having sex with multiple guys that night. (Only a fraction of the boys involved in the rape were charged as I understand it. )


Another link to video
The girl herself said she doesn't remember anything  She was too drunk. The picture of the two boys charged should have been enough to tell the tale anyway. But it probably wasn't. Good thing teammates, friends, and acquaintances of the accused posted videos and photos of themselves laughing about how "she is so raped." 

The hacker who found the damning videos and photographs on a website run by the football players wound up in court longer than the rapists did.

In 2016, four years later, the hacker was still facing charges for hacking. The hacker that brought this rape to light faces up to 16 years in jail. The Steubenville rapists are already out of jail . If there was ever a doubt in your mind that male privilege exists, let that doubt die here.

The laughing loser to the right lost his scholarship after this video of him laughing about "she is so raped right now" went viral.
You can't see the black Steubenville Rapist's face in the video below. But this is the same man-child, crying after he was convicted.

"I know I ruined her life"

Another link to video
Nate Parker was near tears too when he was on the television show 60 minutes on Sunday, October 2, 2016.  Parker said he was falsely accused. He says his buddy, Jean Celestin who co-wrote the movie "Birth Of A Nation," was also falsely accused, wrongly convicted, and imprisoned. (Celestin's conviction would eventually be vacated because the victim either refused to testify a second time or the prosecutor refused to try the case. If I had been the rape victim, I doubt I'd have gone to court the first time if I'd known Celestin's sentence would be less than 2 - 3 years)  

Again, Parker got very, very close to crying for himself while being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. He's been working on "Birth Of A Nation" for 8 years. And the 17.5 million price that was paid for it at Sundance was the highest price paid for an indie film there.

If I was him, I'd be crying too if what I'd done at 19 was about to undo 8 years of work.

But maybe Parker would be less defiant, hurt and angry and more ashamed of himself if just one person would ask him the right questions in the right order. 

For Example: 
1) Kangas, a black man described "your date" as unconscious, as in not moving, not verbally responsive to anything. Was Kangas, who said you invited him and Celestin into the room, to have sex with your not moving, non-responsive date lying?

2) If the woman who accused you of rape hadn't been too busy attempting suicide to come to trial a second time, do you think your co-writer Celestin would have been convicted a second time?

3a) If your date had been stronger or foolish enough to go to trial a second time for a cheap ass 1 to 2 year conviction for Celestin and he'd gone to jail a second time for rape, wouldn't that make you a rapist too?

3b) I mean, if Celestin was convicted as a rapist and you were the one that invited him to have sex with an unconscious person (a.k.a. rape) wouldn't you a rapist in the same way I'd be a murderer if I hired a hit man?

4a) Do you think not understanding the word "consent" the way it's used to makes you innocent of rape? 
4b) And if you believe not understanding the current interpretation of the word "consent" as it pertains to sex, does that also mean that you also believe rich white slave owners and poor white slave enablers weren't guilty of racism until after slavery was over because the word "racism" wasn't coined in years 1879 - 1932?  

At the risk of sounding like a complete fool, I'll tell you the truth. I actually felt sorry for the black Steubenville Rapist when I saw him cry a few months ago. My heart broke a little. I'd forgotten what he was like a few years ago when this was happening in 2012 or 2013. But then I remembered his attitude pre-conviction. I had to go back and watch the video where he defiantly defended himself against the charges. There was zero repentance. Zero. Now I feel more sorrow for the fact that his parents didn't pull him back from boys-will-be-boys meaning boys-will-be-rapists given the slightest opportunity the way masculinity is defined in the United States (and that is raceless)

Sixteen or not, I am not sure one can grow an empathy muscle in your heart simply by aging. Sometimes you need your hand slammed in the car door, a little or a lot. I think maybe that boy would have continued on the Nate Parker path had he not been convicted. I haven't mention this man-child rapist name here because he was 16 and I hope his life goes on.  I wish he'd been put in jail for at least a decade but that didn't happen. All I can hope for now is that he can never, EVER, forget what he is -- a sex offender. I hope he remembers what he is for as long as the girl he raped remembers how she was raped and then put on display, despised, scorned, and laughed at like she wasn't human too.

*********In my mind, the black Steubenville Rapist's behavior completely explains who Nate Parker is today.

Sooo, regarding Nate Parker:

- even if I didn't believe Kangas's testimony

even if I didn't recognize the words "You put yourself in that position" recorded out of Nate Parker's own mouth as familiar words of a rapist 

even if I didn't recognize the Nate's words (according to his friend Kavamahanga) 'We ran a train on" woman X  as words used by rapists who don't recognize themselves to be rapists bragging about the rapes they got away with from my college days because the women were marked as whores for drinking, wearing tight clothes, agreeing to go off with a man she doesn't know alone, etc

Even if all that were true, I still wouldn't be able to understand Nate Parker's claiming he never thought about that 18 year old girl again. Even if he convinced himself he was right, that she wasn't THAT drunk. How the f*** do you live with yourself, unrepentant that confusion occurred? Even if she hadn't killed herself, how do you forget violating someone, even if it's inadvertent?

I think I know how you find yourself outraged and unrepentant about drunk sex where the other person woke up with a strange penis in her mouth. I think you defend yourself TO YOURSELF come hell or high water when you know, in the back of your mind, that your dirty -- just like the Steubenville Rapist did.


Maybe it's just the way it looks from Nate Parker's point of view:

1) He had drunk sex with a woman he thought was awake enough (He was taught only an audible "no" meant "no" according to him though.)

2)He thought her being awake enough to consent to a train being run on her even though she probably too drunk to say "no" (that was the objective for many boys in 1980s, 1990s, and now)

Let's say I believe Parker is not lying to himself and then to us. I don't. But let's pretend. That still leaves us having to decide what kind of low life Nate Parker is, doesn't it? 

Let's say the standard of consent is as abysmally low as Parker thinks it is. He REALLY never thought of this human being again after she woke up feeling violated?

So what is he teaching his 5 girls? Don't get drunk. If you're a good Christian girl you'll never get drunk or even fall asleep near a boys-will-be-boys type young man like I was. Or is he teaching her boys will be boys - don't put yourself in that position, you'll only have yourself to blame

That defiant face of the black Steubenville Rapist PRE-CONVICTION would be the exact same face you see on Nate Parker's mug if he wasn't hawkin' his movie right now. You wouldn't be able to tell them apart, his dates eventual suicide be damned. 

By the way 1: I've heard Nate Parker speak in person before. His voice was deeper. I have no idea what was going on during his interview.

By the way 2:  I resent the hell out of him using his faith to imply he's repentant about unsavory group sex as opposed to being repentant for rape. Trust me. That's what he's saying when he says he looks back with different eyes as a 36 year old Christian. He's trying to be crystal clear about not being sorry about violating that woman -- even after he admitted that he was taught that an audible no was the only "no" that counts and implies that it was considered fair play to deliberately get a woman so drunk she couldn't form words (<--a .k.a="" font="" rape="">
<--- a.k.a.="" a="" br="" doesn="" having="" it="" matter="" nbsp="" no="" on="" put="" rape="" sex="" t="" that="" want="" what="" with="" woman="" word="" you="">
Racists and rapists love minced words. It's their favorite thing, ever.

In case you haven't guessed? I try to have zero sympathy for black men who use the same tactics on women they've abused as white people use on blacks they've abused -- no matter the race of the woman.

Link to 60 Minutes video interview by Anderson Cooper 

updated 10 4 16