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Saturday, October 1, 2016


My position on Parker again: Forget the one on one sex with the woman he was accused of raping. I believe the accuser but you don't have to.

If I hired a hit man and he killed my boyfriend and then we got caught, I'd go to jail as a murderer though I never touched the gun.  And Nate Parker became a rapist in the same way, the minute he waved two other men into the room to have sex with an unconscious woman -- according to Mr. Kangas, one of the men he invited into the room. 

And being drunk is not the same thing as temporary insanity where the woman's knowledge of self is completely unreliable and a man's drunken "confusion" is always found to be reliable

If Nate Parker thought the furor over his 1999 sexual-assault case and the 2012 suicide of his accuser would fade by the time The Birth of a Nation arrived in theaters Oct. 7, he [has] miscalculated [badly.]

That issue was the subject of the first promo for his60 Minutes interview airing this Sunday on CBS (7 ET/PT).

In the clip released Thursday, Parker told Anderson Cooper that he does not feel guilty about what happened that night at Penn State, which led to a trial and exoneration for him and an overturned conviction for his roommate and co-writer, Jean Celestin.

You know, I've been hoping and praying for the success of this movie, Birth Of A Nation, for so long, I was thinking maybe I might be able to pay to see the famous western that's been remade but then actually go see "Birth Of A Nation" instead. That way I'd get to see a black movie about black history told from a black perspective without one cent going to support a rapist.

But, like I said before, I used to love the "Lethal Weapon" series. And I haven't been able to sit through one of Mel Gibson's movies yet. And he must have made that "pack of n*ggers" comment a decade ago by now.

And now Gabrielle Union, former rape victim and feminist, may have proven that nothing gets between a star and her money and her reputation as a "professional" with white run studios that expect her promote this movie no matter what. But I still expected better from her.

I'm not sure I would have done that much better than Union did when she spoke on Nate Parker's rape charges. But I know for damn sure I wouldn't have said some version of, "We don't know what happened because we weren't there "

...just like we weren't there when she SAID she was raped

...just like we weren't there when Darren Wilson murdered Mike Brown

...just like we weren't there when police killed Miriam Carey with her baby in the car

...just like we weren't there when Daniel Pantaleo killed Eric Garner (who knows WHAT happened before the video started-- according to a bunch of white folk)

I'd straight up call her a coward and an idiot. But again,  I'm not sure how much better I'd have done with the kind of pressure she must be facing. Besides, there were tons of black people who used these very defenses on behalf of Bill Cosby and Ray Rice.

I just don't even know what to make of my black community sometimes.

We've put ourselves in the position where we acknowledge that black men are more often attacked by feral and snarling white men in and out of uniform from outside the community. But we refuse to acknowledge that our coddling black men within the black community, in response  --as if black women aren't victims of racism too then sexism/misgynoir on top of that -- has led to us having to deal with entitled boys in grown men in bodies like Nate Parker, Bill Cosby, Ray Rice, and Chris Brown. And they are standing out front of the black community, in the lime light, being taken as representative of blackness in America.

That makes me wanna vomit.

Furthermore, I swear I despise Parker's friends more than I despise Parker himself. I'm almost certain the man pictured in the article is the one who said Parker told him, "We ran a train on ______" Then he added that the sex between Parker and his date was consensual.

When ever you hear somebody say "We ran a con job on Jack" or We ran a _____ on Jack" or "We ran a ______ on Jack" it doesn't matter what's in the blank, you know something bad happened to Jack and whoever "We" is did it. 

And I promise you've I've never heard the phrase "We ran a train on Jane" where the utterer didn't know Jane was feeling violated which is why Parker said "You put  yourself in that position" to his date when she called him over the next couple of days.  When "We ran a train" is uttered whomever makes up "We" is laughing about violating a woman or calling her whore (the woman who is human trash that doesn't matter anyway). 

Black folk making these weak excuses for Cosby, Rice, Brown and Cosby are just like the white cops who don't see anything when their white MALE cop buddy shoots an unarmed black person not two inches from their noses. They are just like the poor whites who made sure they reported every move a slave made to the slave master -- ensuring blacks couldn't get away very often. 

The poor whites held slavery in place because they the status they got out of their skin color was all the had; that was true during slavery, during Jim Crow (official South and unofficial North), and during this new Civil Rights Movement called "Black Lives Matter."

And a lot of black people use all the same methods on women, black women or white women. 

White women may not have black women's back most of the time, feminist or not, but I never expected them to. Never. I know the whiteness blinds most white people to their own white racism and their own white privilege. The homosexual, white male designer Marc Jacobs proved that conclusively this month. But I sure as hell expected the black community to have black women's back  -- until Cosby, Rice, Brown, and now Parker. 


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