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Saturday, October 8, 2016


Apparently there's audio of Donald Trump talking very lewdly about women in 2005 To me, this is about as surprising as the Ray Rice knock out video. 

Do you remember how much debate there was about Ray Rice, how many people defended him? All we'd seen for days or weeks was Janay Rice, unconscious after he'd hit her. We saw him drag her out of the elevator and drop her on her face. Then, there was all this debate, debate, and more debate about how bad this domestic abuse was or wasn't.  

And, I couldn't believe there was any debate AT ALL. I was hoping for jail time and failing that losing that football contract. One of the football organizations tried to ignore it as they had done for years and years (Remember , white-men-in-charge tend to ignore domestic violence and rape for black players if they have the potential to make money like Cosby did for them -- regardless of the race/ethnicity of the victim. It's the green that counts.) 

Then TMZ gets the video inside the elevator. Then all of a sudden Rice's defenders were shocked at the content -- as if they thought Janay Rice had been knocked unconscious by this huge man via a light slap prior to seeing the video

This Donald Trump video falls in the same category called "DUH." That is, anybody with half a brain should have known Donald Trump racist/sexist/homophobic ass has done and said similar things with from the day he turned 18 to now. He hasn't ever come close to hiding what kind of low life he is. 

A link to the video/audio is in the link below the headline

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005

But now the republicans, kings and queens of the dog whistle racism, sexism, and homophobia are outraged....because they are becoming surer and surer that this foul geezer with orange skin probably can't win


They're scared that their bananas for brains white racist, sexist, homophobic base is enough to get his unstable @$$ into office.

Here’s the fast-growing list of Republicans calling for Donald Trump to drop out