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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Yeah, I feel it is probably significant that the road rager that killed this black football player is white. Wanna know why? Because Mr. white road rager hasn't been charged yet.

Cops know he pulled the gun and McKnight didn't have one. Those are two facts not in dispute. Yet, 54 year old white male Ronald Gasser is not in jail. 

Feeling Rebloggy
In professional football, careers are short and everybody’s young, but on the New York Jets six years ago nobody seemed younger than Joe McKnight. After being drafted in the fourth round out of U.S.C., in 2010, the halfback showed up at his first rookie camp with a reputation for immense physical talent and a resistance to training, and it was immediately apparent that he was even more talented and more resistant than anybody expected. Because reporters were on hand to watch, members of the Jets staff tried to give McKnight privacy behind a goal post when he vomited. The coaches, generally a frowning cohort when anything went against plan, were aghast. What N.F.L. running back can’t handle light spring exercise?
...Little Joe weighed two hundred pounds, but his winning and original personality was that of a very small person among very large people. Part of it was his gift for mischief. At practice, he was always sneaking up on a big somebody, giving him a slap on the helmet, and disappearing into the throng. Everybody liked it when the big somebody chased McKnight, because, in those moments, all his ability was working for him. McKnight was fast and fluid, so improvisational in his directional shifts that, watching him zydeco across the field, you always remembered that he was from the area around New Orleans, the country’s most improvisational city. He was the greatest player of tag I ever saw.
...Some things nobody can run away from. That McKnight, only twenty-eight, was killed yesterday on a Louisiana road by an enraged man with a gun who apparently didn’t like his driving is a shattering development. (The man was white; McKnight was unarmed.) That the shooter was soon released from police custody only increased the pain for McKnight’s former Jets teammate Antonio Cromartie, who wrote on Twitter, “You tell [me] how can a man murder someone go get to sleep in his bed at night. But my brother can’t. What the hell am I to tell my nephew.”

Is this the beginning of white supremacists, who don't acknowledge themselves as such, feeling free to hurt, maim, or kill anybody who doesn't look them? I don't know. I really don't. But you need to keep your eyes open and start keeping count from the day Trump won the presidency and the KKK and neo-nazi's started celebrating.

At some point we're going to be able to say all the black and brown deaths at the hands of angry white people are not a coincidence....again.

In explaining why Gasser was allowed to leave, Normand said authorities need to talk to more witnesses.
"If you make a rush to judgment and you make a strategic or tactical error from the beginning (it's) very hard to recover later," he said.
Normand said an arrest triggers court hearings at which evidence must be revealed. "We did not want to get to that threshold at that point in time," he said.
He said that the stand-your-ground law "is one of the issues that looms on the horizon. ..."