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Thursday, May 11, 2017


But if it walks like a duck
and it looks like a duck,
and it smell like a duck too?

Well hello...maybe it's a duck.

The president of Bethune-Cookman, Edison O Jackson, invited Trump Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, to speak at the 2017 commencement. This would be the same Betsy DeVos that said Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were the "pioneers of school choice."

The graduation ceremony didn't quite go off as Jackson and DeVos planned.

For nearly the entire time the Secretary of Education spoke, she was booed, shouted at, and met with calls of "Go home!" from students and audience members.
About two minutes into DeVos' speech, the university's president, Edison Jackson, stopped her to address the students disrupting it.
Jackson said degrees would be mailed to students if their behavior continued.
"Choose which way you want to go," he said.

Again, this woman wrote a press release praising HBCUs for being the pioneers of school choice

It is 2017 and somebody had to tell this woman that HBCU's were created because racist whites wouldn't allow blacks into the American colleges that already existed. Knowing this, the head of an HBCU, Edison O Jackson, invited her to speak at Bethune-Cookman. And he would not un-invite her despite students' vigorous protests.
DeVos is not merely "tone-deaf" as some have called her. She's displaying selective-deafness born of not giving a damn about anybody that's not wearing a skin-color similar to your own.

I don't care how many times she apologized.  A lot of people don't.

How does someone get to be above the age of 20, get a college education, know that HBCU's were established approximately 100 years before 1964 and not DEDUCE that black colleges came to be because American colleges, following the racist law of the land at the time, didn't allow blacks through their doors?


The only answer I come up with is the one I already gave you:




Keep in mind, DeVos was creating a press release, a written document, something she probably planned for multiple speeches. So she either had speech writers,  multiple people in her office, a-bunch-of-somebodies proofread the text she wrote. Or worse yet, somebody else wrote it an she liked it.  She is a new secretary with no federal experience. Do you understand how many white people must have read what she wrote and thought that the HBCUs "pioneers of school choice" statement was okay?

Do you, in turn, know how many highly educated whites-are-superior-ists have swarmed Washington D.C. since Trump got there?

A whites-are-superior belief system was very likely part of Trump's hiring criteria. Not knowing any black history at all was probably part of the spot quiz he gave during the interview. This might mean that DeVos found out she wouldn't be crossing paths with Frederick Douglass at  a D.C. party the same day Twitter-Wit did.

New Flash: Whites-are-superior-ists only know and retain the history of white people.

Even without that quote, this woman is trying to destroy public schools That's why the black students at this HBCU gathered 50,000 signatures to tell their school president, Edwin O Jackson, that they did not want DeVos AT THEIR GRADUATION.

The students at Bethune-Cookman, boo-ed her and stood up and turn their backs on her during THEIR GRADUATION. And they got loud too. I'm so proud of them. 

I haven't read more than 20 to 50 sentences in a row about Betsy DeVos. But there's no doubt that the person that hired her is a white supremacist hero; the KKK supported Trump. And it should be crystal clear that Trump hires like-minded people to put in position of power. Therefore, Jackson couldn't have had a good reason to invite somebody held in such low esteem to speak at an HBCU.

A lot of people in this world like to hob-knob with the rich and powerful like some of the money and power will rub off when they shake hands. I wish I could say black folk aren't like that too -- but some of us are. All I can do is hope that this wasn't about that.

Maybe it was about getting money. A bunch of Black HBCU's heads went to meet with Trump and posed with him while KellyAnne (Skeletorina) folded her legs up and sat on the couch like it was no big deal, like children came in from the hall for a quick picture with the president.  I'm hearing they went to kiss the ring to secure federal funding.

Lawd knows you have to do what you have to do to keep the money flowing in order for HBCU's to keep their doors open. But even if this invitation was extended in order schmooze the federal money in the door --some kind of way-- this was a step waaay to damn far.

This was the students' graduation. The graduation belonged to the students. It was their celebration. So, Betsy can go kick rocks.  And let me say it again: President Jackson owes those students --whose graduation he ruined-- an apology.

May those
 students put a protest together to fire Jackson, if he doesn't have a stellar record otherwise.