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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Either way, we may not have Sean Spicer to kick around anymore. And I'm kinda sad about that. Melissa McCarthy was hilarious as Spicer. She's been the best thing about the Trump presidency.

McCarthy  as Sean Spicer/   Sean Spicer

Trump's Communications Director, Mike Dubke, reportedly turned in his resignation on May 18, 2017 too. I think he was with Trump for about 3 months.  
Mike Dubke
Maybe Dubke had sense enough to quit.  In fact, I'd be surprised if that went down any other way. But Trump could have asked for his resignation too.

Reports seem to indicate that Trump thinks the White House communications problems are something other than him, his tweets, and his tendency to tell 4 different stories about the same event inside 48 hours.

There's also a rumor Trump wants to talk to the press himself instead of having press secretaries and such speak for him. 

Well, that oughta be real interesting since he hasn't figured out that the lies don't fly like they did during his campaign. 

Somehow he doesn't understand that the lies he tells now will have to hold together more than a day or two.
During his campaign he was considered a buffoon nobody except Trumpthuglicans* thought would win. (A few black and brown folks who knew they wouldn't vote for Hillary also knew) 
Now people other than white supremacists that love white supremacy are actually paying attention to the details of what he says instead of how outrageous offensive he is.

A big shake up of staff is supposedly coming up. The big question is this: Is Trump firing people or are the rats leaving a sinking ship? Jared Kushner was the only one looking like he had common sense -- because he mostly kept his mouth shut. Now we find out he might be the shadiest or the dumbest of the bunch

I heard on the television news that bookies (in Vegas) put Trump's ability to last a full 4 years as President at 50/50.
I don't think Russia-gate has the power to do anything but wear him out...unless 2018 changes the House from republican to democrat.
If I had money to burn, I'd bet on him having his doctor write him a note saying his health is too robust for the presidency, that he needs to focus all his extra brain power somewhere else lest he explode. Whatever he gets a doctor say, it's gonna make him sound stronger while giving him his get out of the White House card.
Melania's no dummy. She probably thinks he'll be back to New York soon. Or maybe she's even smarter and his hoping he'll stay the full eight.
  •'s us or her. Send him back to New York. 

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