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"In 1789, 7,000 copies of the print of the slave ship ‘Brookes’ were printed by the Quaker printer James Phillips. Showing sections of the ship and the inhumane way in which slaves were stowed, this drawing and variations on it became one of the most iconic and shocking images of the movement.

Brookes Ship

"The diagram above, which visualizes an overcrowded slave ship, was an early example of graphic design that has the power of words.

If you had to compile a list of the most important infographics in the history of western civilization, this cutaway chart of the 18th-century Brooks slave ship would rank right up there with..."


Images and graphics are symbols that have power.

The Brookes Slave Ship Infographic was powerful tool in the abolitionist movement. If black people were the head of the spear that ended slavery then black people together with racial others were the shaft of that spear. And the people that made up the shaft of the spear came together thanks, in part, to the Brookes Slave Ship Infographic.

Flags are powerful symbols that draw people together, as well. That's why they are flown whenever and wherever men go to war.
(warning - war images


That's why it was treasonous to our own anti-racism cause to let that confederate flag fly anywhere in this nation. That flag was made for a confederate army determined to keep us as slaves. The flags designer stated that this was so. Furthermore, that flag disappeared for decades. It was resurrected as a symbol of the hateful south as push back against the Civil Rights Movement.   The flag removed from the statehouse in South Carolina wasn't raised there until 1961 or 62.

Some black people do not believe it, but this country is ours too. The blood of my people is in the soil via the revolutionary war, the civil war, and 400 years of  formal and informal slavery too. We have more of a right to this country than most others here, in fact. Some of the structures our ancestors built still stand, including that White House the that so many Tea Party members are seething over because a black man resides within it.

And the wealth that is here? We built that too.
Dejerrica Becton, McKinney Pool Party
Police Brutality Against A Minor
Having our free labor for so very long gave the United States a financial leg up on damn near every other free country in this world.

It may not be good that we are the sole world power, but I claim this country for me and mine because we earned it. Don't let anybody brainwash you into believing different. This country is our country.
Trayvon Martin
Murder Justified By Stand Your Ground

And that white terrorist symbol that is the confederate flag shouldn't be allowed to fly anywhere on it. That confederate flag is an insult. And it still has power even now. 

Forget Dylann Foot. 
Marissa Alexander
Jailed For Standing Her Ground
Against Admitted Domestic Abuser

Did you know that, with the exception of May, it appears (from flawed data) that the unarmed black dead are disproportionaly killed in the south? Other than the New York/New Jersey area the rest of the unarmed, black dead are fairly evenly scattered across the country. 

Did you know that 8 out of 10 states with the most hate groups are also co-located where it's popular to fly that confederate flag a.k.a. "the South"?

Symbols are presented to communicate something. They stand in place of speeches given earlier, books written earlier, and dozens maybe even hundreds of ideas. They have power to inspire us toward good or evil. And 
I wouldn't be surprised if every last flag in this country has done both.

But the flag that we have not recovered(?) as being representative of our entire country, the one that does not represent our America, the one that represents the people that favored our continued enslavement and torture is gone.

VirginiaNatasha McKenna
Tasered To Death While Handcuffed
I'm more relieved than happy about this.

I believe that Bree Newsome's sacrifice will be more than symbolic in the future. I believe that Black Twitters #TakeItDown efforts will be as well. Getting that flag down will eventually be seen as one of a first few steps toward a true thriving freedom for all people of color.

It's up to all of us to keep it moving.

South Carolina
Walter Scott
Shot In The Back During A Traffic Stop

News Site Count of Those Killed By Police

Missouri (A Former Confederate State)Mike Brown
Shot MultipleTimes During A Jay Walking Beef
(Described as insane crazy n-word sans any proof of insanity)

All Racism Is Not Equal The Racists (Conscious or being one or not)
Who Hold This Symbol Close
Support Racist Extremists Who Kill Us
At A Higher Rate Of Speed

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