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Monday, April 23, 2018


Cackling And Feeling Rebloggy
From Early March 2017
More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. amid a vote by the country's parliament favoring a motion that could see South Africa's constitution amended to allow for land to be stripped from owners without any compensation. 
The motion.... has once again stoked fears among the country's white farmers of a violent and disastrous land redistribution akin to that which crippled Zimbabwe in the 2000s




Land reform is a Zimbabwe success story – it will be the basis for economic recovery under Mnangagwa

In other words, Black South Africans are mimicking your local bartender saying, You do not have to go home but you do have to GTFOH 


And Black Americans are like, Oh hell naaaw. We do not need anymore coloniza's up in here. Thank you for offering. You do have to go home after all.



Sunday, April 22, 2018


Feeling Rebloggy 

Here’s a quick roundup of its success thus far: On Thursday, the movie topped $676 million in the US, a number that surpasses the total theatrical grosses of Iron Man ($318 million), Thor ($181 million)and the first Captain America ($177 million) film — combined.
Read More:

The digital version of Black Panther will arrive on May 8, and on Blu-ray and DVD on May 15. That's a pretty tight window, but demand is high! You can pre-order the [digital-amazon on-line] release here.

Read More: 


Saturday, April 21, 2018


I love Alvin Ailey Ballet. I see at least one Alvin Ailey performance every other year and sometimes I go every single year they come to town. And I've been doing so for a couple of decades.

It occurs to me that the audience at an Alvin Ailey ballet always looks like the truest picture of America to me. It's what America is supposed to be. 
Every race/ethnic group is represented in all manner of dress. 

At the end of one performance, I scanned the crowd instead of the dancers taking their bows. 

There were a lot of people in California casual-dressy clothing like me, but I also saw people dressed like they just came from a jazz club or from a ballroom. I saw people dressed up like bankers, farmers, and Hells Angels.

And during the encore, that comes after REVELATIONS at every show, nearly all of these people were standing, some dancing a little, most clapping to the music, singing--and singing LOUD-- about Moses.

It's moments like these that I find myself in love with my life.

And I'm thinking we should all keep this picture in mind as something that life in the United States could be if we work for it. 

And working for it does not mean walking away from a fight. 

And the fight was on when Roshon Nelson and Donte Robinson quietly refused to leave Starbucks when they were ordered to. 
And it was they were "ordered to leave." Trust.

People have characterized the police as having "asked them to leave." But you don't arrest somebody for failing to respond favorably to an "ask." You arrest people when you've given an "order" that's been disobeyed.

White supremacists and Black Respectability Politicians, who are on the same page as often as they are not, keep asking the question: 

Why didn't they just leave?

They didn't "just leave" because even if they don't have black children they care about, they know they probably will one day. 

They didn't "just leave" because they have nieces, nephews, cousins, and future grand children who will all be black and all be subject to being treated like a dog with fleas in any white run establishment if they don't fight white supremacist based injustice with acts of civil disobedience.

If I ever have a run in with Supervisor Becky in a #ShoppingWhileBlack situation, I hope I have the guts to refuse to "just leave."

If I am treated as if I am less human than the white person next to me, I hope I can push my imaginings of what my own Supervisor Becky will say if I'm arrested. 

I hope have the guts to risk my mental health in a jail cell for a day or longer, the guts to risk my career by sitting down in order to stand up against anti-black racism from random white people and also from those black and brown people who would assimilate into whiteness at any cost. 

I hope I have the nerve to do what is required because the only way White America is going to pull itself together and act like a segment of it does at the end of Alvin Ailey's REVELATIONS is if we train them how to treat us. 

And a big part of training white folks how to treat us means we, as black folks, having to communicate, "OH HELL NO!" when something jumps off.
Some of us (the respectability politicians I am resentful of having to claim sometimes) need to recognize the difference between finding handholds enough to climb high within the white supremacy system and being treated as an equal human being.
Black Quality Of Live Matters. We all have to what we have to do pursue justice when and if we can.

Roshon Nelson and Donte Robinson became the heroes required precisely because they didn't "just leave."

Read more on Starbucks and why Supervisor Becky's "implicit bias" or "overt racism" shouldn't even matter to white people.

Friday, April 20, 2018


Feeling Rebloggy

Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) remains in the thick of the trials and tribulations in both her personal and professional life as she continues to battle the Landry family [to save the family farm and save her new mill] while also trying to ensure Micah’s safety and future.  
Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) is still reeling from learning from Darla (Bianca Lawson) that he might not be the biological father of his son, Blue (Ethan Hutchison), and attempts to push forward as the new cane season begins.  
A new and unexpected love in the form of an old friend comes into Nova’s (Rutina Wesley) life and challenges her long-held notions of relationships while also offering her something she didn’t think she could ever have.

Read More: 

Thursday, April 19, 2018



Rashon Nelson initially brushed it off when the Starbucks manager told him he couldn’t use the restroom because he wasn’t a paying customer. 
He thought nothing of it when he and his childhood friend and business partner, Donte Robinson, were approached at their table and were asked if they needed help. The 23-year-old entrepreneurs declined, explaining they were just waiting for a business meeting.
Read More: 

A very few minutes later when the police came in, the two men barely noticed them...until cops started heading for their table. That's when they knew the white female manager had called the police on them.

Despite the two of them remaining purposefully calm, back up was called. And at first the black police chief defended his officers. But he has since apologized and also says new policies are coming.

On Thursday, they also got an apology from Philadelphia police Commissioner Richard Ross, a black man who at first staunchly defended his officers’ handling of the encounter.
“I should have said the officers acted within the scope of the law, and not that they didn’t do anything wrong,” Ross said. “Words are very important.”...Ross said he “failed miserably” in addressing the arrests. He said that the issue of race is not lost on him and that he shouldn’t be the person making things worse.
“Shame on me if, in any way, I’ve done that,” he said.
Read More: 

Ross said his police department doesn't have a standard operating procedure or policy when it comes to things like retailer trespassing claims ( to prevent #ShoppingWhileBlack situations), but it will soon.

This and the classes will hold on May 29th? It's not enough.  It might have been a great start in 1980. But it's 2018. Repackaging the old "Diversity Training" and adding a few new terms like "implicit bias" and "microaggressions" isn't going to help much.

But you know what would help with white folks white racism problems? 


For decades white people have insisted on focusing on motive and whether it was deliberate instead of firing people for discriminatory actions.
And I suppose some white folks think I should be glad some white folks are finally admitting white racism can take place without a pillowcase hood in place or an n-word being dropped. But it's 2018 and not 1980.  

If the WHITE CUSTOMERS in that particular Starbucks KNEW that this white female manager was out of line for implying so very, very quickly that those two men were lying about having a meeting and therefore trespassing, then everybody should know she was out of line for some mysterious reason

...and this would tend to include the white people running Starbucks. And they do know the supervisor was out of line. But they want to excuse it saying it was "unconscious bias" when they have no way of knowing what a person's motive is.

And that's all a discussion of "implicit bias" or "unconscious bias" is -- a discussion of motive.

The other white woman, the one who took the now viral video of what went down said she, herself, had been that very same Starbucks and not ordered anything --as recently as the day before-- and the police were not called seconds after she sat down. She said she's seen numerous white people "trespass" at Starbucks without ordering and yet the police weren't called on them two minutes after they arrived. 

And there were white people in the restaurant that same day that went to the bathroom without ordering, sat down without ordering. 

These are the steps that curb white supremacy
  • Assumed Motive of Supervisor X: Unconscious Bias
  • Action of Supervisor X: Discrimination (a racist act)
  • Action of Supervisor X's Employer: Terminate Employment 
These are the steps that enable white supremacy
    • Assumed Motive of Supervisor X: Unconscious Bias
    • Action of Supervisor X: Discrimination (a racist act)
    • Action of Supervisor X's Employer:
    1. Let supervisor white female supervisor plead confusion (and likely cry) after taking strong, decisive, and damn near instantaneous action against two black people who hadn't violated any policy that anybody present in the establishment could see except her.
    2. Hide the offending white female supervisor somewhere else in the company,
    3. Have the white male CEO make a public apology,
    4. Decide to close all stores and hold a large public class on race and diversity ala 1980s Diversity Training

    Have white people failed to notice that all the Diversity Training of the 1980s did to white people was irritate them into coming up with the term "political correctness" --a phrased which is tossed out to other white people like a code?
    And the code "politically correct" means 'I would tell you what I'm really thinking but I'm not allowed to say the same ethnoracist, sexist, and generally hateful crap my Daddy did back in the day.' 
    I'm glad white liberals have new terms to describe age old white behaviors, such "implicit bias" or "unconscious bias" and "microaggressions" But the only thing that's going to make white people sit up and take notice of their own bone marrow deep white supremacy beliefs handed down from generation to generation are consequences.

    And we propose consequences for DISCRIMINATORY ACTIONS. We are not suggesting consequences for someone's motives.  
    We don't care about motives.
    We don't care if Supervisor Becky never says the n-word then acts out her white supremacy with discriminatory action like calling black people "trespassers" while she calls white people "waiting customers" 
    We don't care if Supervisor Bethany says the n-word four times a day and screams it out her bedroom window before she goes to sleep each night THEN acts out her white supremacy with discriminatory action like calling black people "trespassers" while she calls white people "waiting customers"
    We only care that Supervisor Becky and Supervisor Bethany are both capable of taking discriminatory actions that can kill us. 
    I'm working for the most obvious believer in white supremacist I've ever worked for right now.
    If this woman remembered my special projects during my annual reviews; if she remembered to get equipment I need for my damaged shoulder like she did in regards to my white co-workers damaged shoulder;  if she picked me to do critical trainings first instead of forgetting I need certain trainings at all -- I wouldn't give a damn what her motives are because I wouldn't need to.  
    I could write for days and days about all this white woman has "forgotten" in regards to black me but remembered for the white people in our office. 
    White supremacy doesn't always come with a KKK tattoo on the person's forehead. And white women will cry like somebody's pulling their toenails out if they're called on it.

    So does this white female manager making "a simple mistake" (in a lot of white eyes) mean that virtually nobody in the upper echelon of Starbucks understands how easily some-black-body could have been killed? 

    Rashon Nelson knew that he knew somebody who knew somebody else, reading between the lines of the main story quoted here. 
    That is, Nelson knew he wasn't going to get trapped in the legal system. And if Rashon was in Starbucks waiting on somebody to talk about a real estate deal, then he's not in a socio-economic class where he's worried about going to jail for days (like Sandra Bland) or years (like Kalief Browder) waiting on a judge to hear his case. 
    In other words, Rashon had reason to be calm while he was being arrested for nothing, even as more and more cops showed up. 

    But what if Rashon had been younger and poorer and less connected? 

    If Rashon had been younger and poorer, he'd have been more scared. And a scared black boy is a boy who starts yelling and moving around a lot. 

    And that's who white cops attack and sometimes murder, weapon or no weapon; black people who don't act like little calm lambs no matter what kind of white hell is breaking loose all around them.

    If Starbucks' class doesn't end on this note: "If you act in a  discriminatory way, we will fire you instantly," if it doesn't end on a zero tolerance policy then Starbucks' half day racial sensitivity class is entirely a white liberal public relations stunt.

    I don't care how sincerely well-meaning the white liberal owner of Starbucks is. Implicit-bias leads white liberals to see the good outshining the bad in most any white person who has committed a racist act...for so long as it is not physically or verbally violent.

    A relatively calm white racist is a safe white racist. 

    Do not hear me say that I know Supervisor Becky is a white racist. I don't. Hear me say Starbuck's doesn't know and doesn't care to know one way or the other.

    Supervisor Becky should have been fired for executing an obviously discriminatory act in support of white supremacy -- whether it was conscious or not. 

    I'm not sure that one "racist" act makes one a racist. But I am sure that I'd get as close to a zero tolerance policy as I could. And I'm having a hard time believing Supervisor Becky didn't get a dark joy out of calling the police so quickly. 

    "When white people threaten to call the police on black people—out of anger, out of spite, out of pure vindictiveness—they are effectively saying, 'I'll kill you!' They're just using a legal extension of white supremacy to do it. 
    It's high time we start considering these bigots just as much a threat as the police that they summon to do their bidding."
    Read More: 

    Since I began writing this, it has come to my attention that Supervisor Becky -- real name Holly -- has had other racism based incidents at the same store, with a black employee


    Starbucks manager who called cops on black men 'demoted me because of my race' and targeted non-whites for removal from store, African-American co-worker claims
    Read more:

    It doesn't matter if this latest Starbucks Racism Story pans out. 

    What matters is how far Starbucks is willing to go to protect that image of innocent whiteness. 

    Starbucks is/was planning to lose millions of dollars on that half day racial sensitivity class when firing Supervisor Becky publicly would have been tons cheaper and 10x as effective in making sure the instant phone call to police over trespassing doesn't happen again.

    Firing Supervisor Becky aka Holly could put all the undercover white supremacists on notice and put the unconscious colorblind white person (a kinder gentler racist with a milder demeanor) in soul searching mode. 

    Or maybe not.

    The thing I know for sure is this. One huge white run company bringing instant consequences and skipping the mind reading and motive searching would lead to other companies doing the same.

    Instead, Starbucks is spending millions of dollars to save white face. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the refusal to fire publicly this person for an obviously discriminatory act is a form of white supremacy itself.

    A lot of white people  --like those in charge of Starbucks-- believe that most white people are too good deep in their soul to act out white supremacy without giving a damn whether they're doing so or not. 

    That's why this Starbucks story is so interesting. This is peak white liberal white supremacy we're watching play out here. Protecting their self-image as white people is more important than losing millions of dollars.

    Then again, this public relations stunt is aimed at other white people not aimed at getting the forgiveness of the victims specifically or the black community more broadly. When this class is done, white people are going to say "Well they tried. What more do you want? Blood?"

    This class is going to be very effective on the predominantly white public that buys their product. So maybe I'm the dummy here?


    Wednesday, April 18, 2018



    If 53% of white women voted for Trump and
    63% of white men voted for Trump, then
    an average of 58% of white people voted for Trump

    White folks have improved if "only" 53% of them approve of Trump now. 

    And in ordinary circumstances a 5 point drop (nearly a 10% drop) would be significant. But Trump is a card carrying racist, scuz-bucket of a human-being.

    I cannot be happy that more than half of my white neighbors, and co-workers are racist degenerates and/or racism enabling degenerates. 

    This is sickening and frightening both. 



    In 2005, Mrs. Bush toured the Astrodome Complex with her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, where displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina were sleeping on cots and on the ground waiting for more permanent shelter. 

    The visit to the Astrodome was meant to counter criticism of her son's obvious lack of responses to black and brown victims in New Orleans.

    But Barbara Bush followed this tour up by doing a radio program interview where she said, 
    "What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas... so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway," she said, "so this is working very well for them."
    I stopped asking myself this question long ago, but you might want to ask yourself if this statement of hers was...
    • Classist?
    • Racist? 
    • Either? 
    • Or Both?
    She said this after her incompetent, callous son, the president, and the incompetent man he hired to head FEMA,  Michael D. Brown  --of "Brownie', you're doing a heckuva job" fame-- watched dead black and brown bodies float through New Orleans in newly formed rivers of water and mud without much movement to get emergency services moving toward the area to assist victims....who were mostly black, brown, and poor.

    Bush Jr. didn't even end his vacation when Hurricane Katrina hit. Nearly 1600 people died in Louisiana alone, and yet it was two or three days before Bush-The-Younger ended his vacation. And he still didn't visit the area on the ground, as is standard for presidents in such catastrophes. Instead, Bush flew over the flooded ninth ward in Air Force one, looking rather blase' about the whole thing.
    Maybe he was ticked all those black and brown dead bodies meant he had to end his vakay early?

    Then his mother, Barbara Bush, comes along to do damage control and essentially communicates, 
    'Those people haven't got anything to complain about, sleeping on cots and on the ground in a sporting arena. They're poor. They're used to this. This is working out great for them, maybe even better than the place they used to live in.'  

    Hellish attitude. Now the white mainstream media is talking about how she was a straight shooter and blunt.

    She was, indeed, unmistakably blunt and to the point. 
    Yep, the white supremacy and/or class supremacy came out straight, no chaser.

    Barbara Bush is dead. I'm sorry for her family. But even on the day of her death, they don't get to tell the hero-story instead of the history.

    We're all Americans. And a largish percentage of the non-white section of America do not appreciate the whitewash being done on Babs right now.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2018

    Loretta Lynch: Comey Never Raised Concerns To Me About Clinton Emails

    Feeling Rebloggy
    "Over almost two decades as a federal prosecutor I have aggressively prosecuted drug dealers, violent gangs, mobsters, and money launderers, upheld the civil rights of all Americans, and fought corruption all types — whether by elected officials from both sides of the aisle or within organizations like FIFA. Through it all I have never hesitated to make the hard decisions, guided by the Department of Justice’s core principles of integrity, independence and above all, always doing the right thing.
    The Justice Department’s handling of the Clinton email investigation under my leadership was no exception. It was led by a team of non-partisan career prosecutors whose integrity cannot be overstated and whom I trusted to assess the facts and make a recommendation — one that I ultimately accepted because I thought the evidence and law warranted it.
    Everyone who works for the Department of Justice has an obligation to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the work of the Department. That is why, at the critical early stages of this case, I followed the Department’s long-standing policy of neither confirming nor denying the fact of an ongoing investigation. This policy both predates my tenure in the Department and will live on long after the current debate is over. It neither misleads nor misinforms, but instead both protects investigations and guarantees equal treatment of those under scrutiny, whether well-known or unknown. Any suggestion that I invoked this bedrock policy for any other reason is simply false.
    Throughout the process I did what I always do: rise above politics and uphold the law. At no time did I ever discuss any aspect of the investigation with anyone from the Clinton campaign or the DNC.
    I have known James Comey almost 30 years. Throughout his time as Director we spoke regularly about some of the most sensitive issues in law enforcement and national security. If he had any concerns regarding the email investigation, classified or not, he had ample opportunities to raise them with me both privately and in meetings. He never did."
    While I'm glad about anybody who makes Agent Evil Orange even slightly uncomfortable, James Comey has always struck me as very tall man-baby. 

    The political wind blew him left then right and left in the run up to the 2016 election. He didn't give a single indication when interviewed that he had any particular suspicion about Hillary Clinton deliberately doing something nefarious with her e-mails. 

    Furthermore, it became crystal clear to me that each government official creating their own security policy for their own e-mail instead of having a centralized I.T. section for the government who assigns secure servers and hardware was the real problem. 

    Which server and phones to use should never have been an option that Hillary Clinton or Condeleeza Rice or Colin Powell or anybody else should have had. The I.T. section tells you what you're allowed to use and how and when.

    I mean, can you name any large organization where the employees decide their own internet and e-mail security? 

    Hillary Clinton's failure with her e-mail was a failure already in place before she was hired. And Comey had to have known that. 

    It was bad enough he was politically pushed to investigate her the first time. It is inexcusable that he brought investigation of her e-mail to light a second time just before the election in 2016.

    James Comey was probably provided the very last push Trump needed to get enough votes to become president. 

    Loretta Lynch saying he never brought up any concerns about Clinton's e-mails seems to confirm many people's opinion that Hillary Clinton's e-mail was a political football, never a security risk.   

    It seems to me James Comey either attempted to help the republican party get their man into the White House or he's incompetent when it comes to handling political maneuvering or he's spineless and blows in the wind. And, I'm inclined to believe it's the latter.   

    Bill Cosby Judge Allows Jurors To Hear Cosby Gave Women Quaaludes Before Sex

    feeling rebloggy 
    Jurors in Cosby’s first trial, which ended with a hung jury last summer, were also allowed to hear the disgraced comedian’s admissions that he’d used the powerful sedative with at least one woman before sex.

    Accuser Andrea Constand, who stepped down from the stand Monday following two days of grueling questioning, claims Cosby offered her three round blue pills to help her “relax” in January 2004 before sexually assaulting her.
    She testified she thought the pills were herbal but left her mouth feeling cottony, her legs like jello, and rendered her unable to move as she says the embattled comic molested her.
    Cosby said he’d offered her three Benadryl. Prosecutors suspect the pills were actually Quaaludes.
    The 80-year-old’s new defense team had tried to toss the entertainer’s statements regarding the drugs, given during a 2005 civil deposition after he was sued by Constand...
    The police are scheduled to testify today



    Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music, making history as the first non-classical or -jazz artist to win the prestigious prize...

    The Pulitzer board has awarded special honors to Bob Dylan, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Hank Williams, but a popular figure like Lamar has never won the prize for music. In 1997, Wynton Marsalis became the first jazz act to win the Pulitzer Prize for music.