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President Trump’s demolition project just got shut down, at least for now.
Determined to dismantle his predecessor’s legacy, Mr. Trump in the space of a couple of hours this week reluctantly agreed to preserve President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and failed in his effort to repeal Mr. Obama’s health care program.
The back-to-back events highlighted the challenge for a career developer whose main goal since taking office six months ago has been to raze what he sees as the poorly constructed edifices he inherited. Mr. Trump has gone a long way toward that objective through executive action, but now faces the reality that Mr. Obama’s most prominent domestic and international accomplishments remain intact.

In neither case has Mr. Trump given up. He instructed his national security team to keep rethinking the approach to Iran with a view toward either revising or scrapping the nuclear agreement. And by the end of the day he was vowing to let Mr. Obama’s health care program collapse.
“We will return!” Mr. Trump tweeted Tuesday morning about the collapse of his health care effort.
Yet there is little appetite among the United States’ partners to revisit the Iran deal, nor is there much eagerness among lawmakers to cancel the existing health care program without a new system to install in its stead...

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I feel like I need to say this every single day: 

"It's the racism, Stupid"

White racism, the ultra-simple-minded version, is why Mean Tangerine is obsessed with undoing everything Obama did. And this nitwit doesn't even bother to understand what it is he's trying to undo.

It doesn't make a difference if killing healthcare without a replacement makes no sense and 32 million more people will wind up without healthcare by 2026  --again, not 22 million but 32 million will be without insurance if the republicans go forward with REPEAL and NO-REPLACE

And there's no reason to have faith in that the future "replacement" will ever come to pass. If the republicans couldn't get anything done in 7 years, they can't get anything done in 2 -- which is when they'd want to Obamacare to wind down

Mean Tangerine even made himself look like a fool on the world stage with the Paris Climate Accord ....when the accord really doesn't have any teeth. It's a commitment to NOT ruin the air and water and put goals i place....just put some goals in place. Zero punishment for failure.

But the optics of pulling away from climate change? 

Somebody should tell Chump that that was actually important -- more important than doing the opposite of what President Obama did.

And he's also trying to undo President Obama's negotiation with Iran --when he didn't understand it in the first place--  so he can threaten Iran and saber-rattle ineffectively...same as he's doing with North Korea. 

The only logic behind it all is UNDO EVERY SINGLE THING the black president before me did.  I really think it's that simple in most cases --especially Paris Climate Accord and Iran. With the healthcare, he's trying to get his own money back in the form of taxes too.

But I'll bet even money comes second to undoing everything Obama 

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Many people remember that Douglass said: "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." But it is what came next in that 1857 speech that ought to make blacks in Ferguson rush to register and vote to elect a government — and compel creation of a police force — that's more reflective of their interests. "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to," Douglass went on to say, "and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them."
For too long, blacks in Ferguson submitted to their misgivings about the value of elections. They stayed away from the polls in droves and largely left it to a white minority to pick the city's leaders. For too long they acquiesced in maintenance of a police department that made traffic stops of black motorists at a disproportionately high rate, even though they seized more contraband from white motorists. The heavy-handed use of tear gas and rubber bullets to scatter crowds of protesters in the wake of Brown's death simply pressed the limits of what blacks in Ferguson were willing to submit.
Dewayne Wickham
DeWayne Wickham


This happens to black and brown people 200-300% more often than it does to white people. But white numbers are going to continue to rise, and the gap is going to close 
As more and more police officer skate after they murder someone, they are going to become more and more secure in shooting first, protecting self first, and evaluating later. 

Yesterday morning, I saw a reenactment of the shooting of Justine Rusczyck.

The woman was apparently standing on the driver's side of the police car in her pajamas. She was shot through the driver's side car window by the dark-skinned cop who was still sitting on passenger's side of the car. 
The dashcam didn't record because they were still in the car. 
The body cameras were off because they were still in the car, not having begun to investigate anything yet. Even if they'd had automatic body cameras that come on as cops leave the vehicle or stand up, they still probably wouldn't have come on. 
If this isn't another "oops you're dead" I don't know what is. 

Unless Rusczyck and the cop who has now been identified as Mohamed Noor were having an affair that went sour, this was an accident. It sounds to me like the cop's partner is lucky he isn't the one who is dead.

There are conflicting reports, but it sounds like Noor fired his gun more than once.

To me this is yet more proof that cops protect themselves first and think later. Officer Noor has only been a full fledged cop for 1.5 years -- since 2016. And his partner has been on the force for an even shorter time period, approximately a year from what I've read.

What the heck are they doing in the car together instead of with more experienced officers? 

In general, I think one should go to jail when one is incompetent and shoots someone else dead. I thought so when Philando died. I thought so when Yvette Smith died. And I think so now. Yet, this particular shooting is a hell of a lot more explainable as an accident than Philando Castile's shooting was. 

So in the interest of fairness I suppose Noor should walk away too, yes?  

Officer Jeronimo Yanez actually said he was scared because he though Philando Castile's nose looked like some other violent suspect. 

In other words, Castile is dead because the cowardly Yanez racially profiled him to the point that Yanez was almost pee-on-himself frightened. 
Officer Darren Wilson said Mike Brown was a like a demon because he's a racist coward --if he's not straight lying.

Tamir Rice is dead because Officer Timothy Loehmann imagined, as cowards are apt to do, that the young boy in black skin was much bigger and older than he was.
Rekia Boyd is dead because the cowardly Officer Dante Servin got scared (with an unregistered weapon while off-duty) when he confronted a bunch of black people about a noise complaint

And now Justine Ruszczyk is dead because Mohamed Noor got scared too.

 It would be rather ironic if Noor was simply trembling and scared of white people in general because there are so many white supremacists among them. But reading between the lines on Noor, I doubt that's the case. Besides, as the day went on yesterday I learned that there was a loud noise that startled the officers just before the Noor's gun went off.

A loud noise? Can you believe it? In protect-self first-last-and-always fashion, I'm guessing the gun was pulled out and went off prematurely. But if the gun went off more than once, then he was indeed panicked -- much like Jeronimo Yanez was when he shot Philando Castile.

What ought to happen is nothing - as far as indictment or jail. And I say that should be so regardless of the officer's recent history. (I think there's been more than one complaint against him during his short career. If he's one of the few black folks on the force...who knows?) 

Still, any way you slice it, the death of Justine Ruszcyzk is a hell of a lot more logical or explainable than the shooting of Philando Castile.

I have to wonder what Ruszcyzk's family thought of Black Lives Matter complaints prior to this woman's death.

Either we change the laws so cops go to jail when they shoot unarmed people (even when theyre black or brown) or we keep watching people die for nothing. Black and brown people will continue to die most. But we won't die alone. 

A white man named Kelly Thomas, mentally ill, was beaten to death by a police officer in Southern California. 

A white teenager, Dylan Noble, was shot four times (including one shot gun blast) for not obeying orders while drunk. 

And now Justine Ruszcyzk is dead too...possibly because white juries have been telling police officers nationwide that it's okay if you protect yourself first-last-and-always.

If just 20 percent of these trembling cowards with guns and badges to hide behind went to jail when they killed unarmed people, they'd learn to keep their guns in their holsters until actually threatened. They wouldn't dare shoot someone down for not jumping at massa's commands fast enough.  

Of course this kind of accountability  wouldn't eliminate racist motives behind shooting black and brown people. But I do believe a lot fewer people, altogether, would wind up dead including black and brown people if the boys in blue knew they'd be held accountable for killing someone that's unarmed.

I can't believe we have to demand that police officers be held accountable for shooting unarmed people. I just can't believe that's necessary.

Accountability would have a chilling effect on hiring. That's what white folks worry about when they think only black and brown folk are being mowed down.  Not me. To me, if a lot fewer people volunteer to be cops because there's accountability that involves manslaughter charges and jail time then you'd have a lot fewer dumb asses with badges too.*  

Harder to staff police stations are a good thing. 

If the average Jane and average Joe can't accidentally kill somebody due to incompetence and EXPECT to walk away 99 times out of 100, then why should cops be able to? You cannot construct a blue population truly dedicated to "PROTECT AND SERVE" when they have zero accountability.





So, I'm wondering how many white people are going to have to die for white folks to understand the basics of how this world works? 

People who abuse power always come for black and brown folks first --always --because we're a socially weaker population. But anything comes to get us always comes to get white folks too eventually? 

I think it could take a long time for white racists to realize they are racists and sit up and take notice. For example, look at the white people in this two  year old video blow. This is a retirement party for a policeman at an Elk Lodge in Glendale California. There's a singer that is singing about the death of Mike Brown at the hands of police to the tune of the song "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown" Look at how casual the white folk moving around in video are. Look how "normal" the deadly version of white supremacy is to some white people. 

Mike Brown in August of 2014. This video appears to have been discovered in December of the same year. I hope that the person who recorded the song was white too. I hope there was one decent human being at this charity gathering.

So the death of Justine Ruszczyk makes me wonder how many other white people have to die before white America recognizes its out of control police problem and out of control gun problem, both?   


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Sam DuBose Murderer Set Free And Wants To Be A Cop Again

"Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters will not try Ray Tensing a third time, but he said he will cooperate with the U.S. Attorney's Office to investigate possible civil rights violations."

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If you hold your breathe waiting for Civil Rights Violations in the era of Trump and his little demon minion Jeff Sessions you WILL pass out. 

The INCREDIBLE JESSICA JAMES Is Coming To A Netflix Near You on JULY 28th!

This movie was written for Jessica Williams of The Daily a white dude. However, I have to say that she looks calm, confident, cool and funny in the movie trailer below. I'm really looking forward to seeing her character move on after a break up start dating again and tell the bald faced truth about what she's feeling about herself, others, and life in general.

You just don't get to see black women do this is a comedy that much.  And that guy LaKeith Stanfield with the incredible face from GET OUT is in it too as her crazy ex.
THE INCREDIBLE JESSICA JAMES won a few nods at Sundance and such. Like Viola Davis' LILA AND EVE, I wish it gotten some real time at a movie theater. But if enough films with black stars hit it big on Netflix after Sundance, then may the big screen is next for more and more black female led films

... if Netflix isn't just straight messing up the moving going experience for everybody in its bid to take over the movie universe. I don't like this debuting on Netflix crap to tell you the truth. Going straight to TV used to be what happened to loser-movies not winner-movies like this one. 
But I digress... 

There is more hope (evidence of things to come) than just wishing (no evidence) in that last statement about us seeing more and more movies with black female leads.  

Taraji P Henson was one of three stars in HIDDEN FIGURES last January and she is the lead in PROUD MARY as a hit woman in January of 2018.  And just before that she was in NO GOOD DEED with Idris Elba. If Jessica Williams has a hit with JESSICA JAMES I'm thinking she or Viola Davis will be next to grace the big screen as the black female lead.

As it stands the next black woman ensemble movie is coming out next week. I'm definitely going to go see GIRLS TRIP with Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for THE INCREDIBLE JESSICA JAMES. I'm needing some black girl magic with sweetness and light in it right about now. I'm hoping Jessica Williams can deliver some laughs and maybe some GET OUT type discomfort/surprises for the white folks....because white folks need that every day judging by who they put in the White House.

In fact, entertainment with discomfort ought to be the goal of every POC made movie and television show. Male supremacy and white supremacy both should be impacted by art if we're going to call some of our entertainment "art."


"At the end of the day, a band of conservative GOP lawmakers thrust the final stake through the heart of the Senate's health care bill. But the saga of Republicans' efforts to repeal Obamacare isn't over yet.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday night confirmed what many had suspected—that even a revised version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which would gut many Obamacare provisions and take a hacksaw to Medicaid, didn't have the support of the requisite 50 Republicans to pass.
Conservative Senators Jerry Moran of Kansas and Mike Lee of Utah joined with already-declared holdouts Rand Paul of Kentucky and moderate GOP-er Susan Collins of Maine to state their opposition in separate statements Monday."


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In case you've forgotten which black kid police murdered lately. Jordan Edwards is the boy that was in a car riding away from house party. Originally, police tried to say the car was backing toward the officer but the story changed after the body camera footage was reviewed. (Thank you President Obama) 

ordan was in the car with four other teens, including his brothers, Merritt said. 
Balch Springs Police said they were called to a report of “several underage kids walking around” in the 12300 block of Baron Drive about 11 p.m. Saturday, according to a press release. Police said the responding officers heard gunfire while looking for the teens and opened fire on the car Edwards was in after “an unknown altercation." 
The family’s attorney, Lee Merritt, told the newspaper Jordan and his friends were not the teens police were looking for and hadn’t been drinking. He said the other teens in the car are not facing charges.

  •    Jordan was unarmed in a vehicle, leaving, moving away from the officer when he was shot in the head by the officer. 
  •   When Jordan's father asked about his son's murder he was put in jail 

Jordan Edwards was a straight A student. That, plus his being an age appropriate party (no drugs/no alcohol) when murdered makes him a respectability politician's dream. As victims who cannot be blamed for their own deaths go --because they Jordan Edwards is perfect. 

There is no excuse at all for Officer Roy Oliver to escape going to prison for murder -- except for the fact that he has the complexion of protection. 

However, do keep in mind that Jordan Edwards murder took place in Texas, which is the state with the largest number of white supremacist hate groups in the nation. 

If he walks, I'm going to have to re-evaluate my place inside this country and start to think of it as one giant OK Corral.    

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Australian White Woman Shot Dead By Police On The Day Before Philando Castile's Birthday


Last month the Minneapolis officer who killed a cooperative, unarmed Philando Castile while on facebook video was acquitted of manslaughter charges. The officer essentially admitted he killed Castile due to racial profiling. He basically said he was scared because Philando's nose looked the same as the guy they were looking for. 
Yesterday, marchers honored Castile's 34th birthday by speaking out about racial profiling. They asked that police officers be held accountable when they use deadly force.  
It's rather ironic that now we're hearing that police officers in or near Minneapolis killed someone else the night before the march.  

TODAY, there are reports that there has been another questionable police shooting in Minneapolis, which took place the night before Castile's birthday on Saturday night. 

"An Australian woman described as a spiritual healer was shot dead by police in Minneapolis Saturday after she reportedly called 911 herself — leaving angry friends and family searching for answers in a city that has just been at the center of another high-profile police shooting. 
The killing of Justine Ruszczyk, who used the last name Damond, prompted hundreds of mourners to protest at the site of the shooting Sunday, demanding their questions be answered, according to NBC-affiliate KARE"

Apparently Ruszczyk heard something outside that sounded like a sexual assault. The police wound up shooting her dead instead of an assailant. There's very little information about how and why this happened. But this shooting is rising in the news because like Philando Castile, she unarmed.

This time there was no facebook video and

1) Body Cameras were off 
2) There's no dash cam video 
3) Police haven't explained how this happened yet.

 And this all occurred despite Ruszczyk being white.

One article called I read was titled "Bride-To-Be Shot By Police"  --which communicates that she has higher social value IF she was about to married to a white male.This, in addition to her being Australian, should make this story rise into the high profile zone.

As I've said before, police nationwide are watching every single acquittal of every single police officer that kills a black or brown person and gets away with it. Police are not being held accountable for shooting first and thinking later and claiming "I was scared." Therefore it was a matter of time before police officers start adding white people to their pattern of protecting themselves first and the public later.

Ruszczyk is not the first white person to be shot dead by police for no reason and she's not going to be the last -- not by a long shot. But how many years will it take for white people to be mowed down by police before they're paying attention? 

It occurs to me that is took decades of black people going to jail for drugs before white folks noticed white people dying of drug overdoses. Now the republicans are trying to put legislation in their healthcare debacle --designed  to lose 22 million people their health insurance-- that's going to address the mostly white "opiod crisis."   (Notice there was never a "crack crisis" addressed by proposed legislation as if drug addiction is an illness. Black folks were thrown in jail.)
So now I'm wondering if white people being mowed down by police is going to matter as much as it should -- especially in the age of Trump, with white supremacy rising and becoming more overt. 
In any case, thanks to Black Lives Matter police shootings and the fact that no national agency was tracking police shootings has become commonly known on a nationwide basis. Thanks to Black Lives Matter police murders become national news instead of just local news. 

It's going to be interesting to see if police get away with saying things that mean "I was scared" or "She didn't obey me instantly." Regardless of the race of the officers, the only thing that should be able to save these officer(s) is if this white woman was silly enough to go outside with a weapon to help whoever she heard outside. And I think we'd have heard about that first if that was the case.

I'm waiting to hear how this plays out. 


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Every single time pale, white, blond Khaleesi and the quasi-brown-skinned unwashed --excuse me, "the unsullied" -- show up on the screen to save the definitely not-white, mixed-race looking slaves in a new city, I'm trying to figure out how deep the devotion to the white savior narrative actually is in real life --much less the story line.
I mean, are white folks, like the writers of this series, so afraid of their TRULY HORRIFIC HISTORY with people of color that this narrative will never, ever die ...for so long as white folks dominate money systems on this planet and therefore remain the gatekeepers in Hollywood, Bollywood, and whatever they call Dollywood in Great Britain? 
The race problems aside --because the head slaves are definitely blackish Missandei and Grey Worm--what's all this gibber-jabber about is female empowerment in Game Of Thrones?

'Game of Thrones' has become an unlikely tale of female empowerment

"Unlikely" is right. I have to disagree. I can't call this a story of female empowerment.  GAME OF THRONES has been fairly sexist and misogynistic from the git---and that's without talking about a few fairly bad (plus one horrific) rape scenes. 

Besides, writing stories of female empowerment don't occur by happenstance in male supremacist society ---like the one we're living in.
Khaleesi, now the hero white queen of the ethnically-questionable, not-white enslaved was originally sold as a naked sex toy in exchange for an army in season 1. The mentally deficient narcisissit brother that sold her was so horrific the that Stockholm Syndrome love she found with the husband she was sold to was definitely LOOKED LIKE a step up.

Sansa, the daughter of Lord Stark, a hero killed early on, was depicted as a stupid girl with a flat learning curve that was moved as a pawn at least three times over until she too was sold as a sex slave to Lord Bolton's illegitimate bastard, the sadistic Ramsey.  One could argue she wasn't "stupid" just young as she was a child of 14 or 15 when the series began. But her sister Arya was a good 4 to 5 years younger and she was 10x smarter....funny how she's gotten to be the good character with the evil streak. 
When it hit the fan and their father died, Sansa was like
Who is going to take care of me? 
Meanwhile, Arya's like:   I'm going to take care of every last one of these b*stards --just as soon as I'm big enough. Maybe 10 years old, standing four-foot-nuthin' ole girl made herself a kill list, almost instantly
Arya is a small girl child. She's a powerful decision-making female nonetheless. Male writers move her into being questionable and almost evil from the jump. Powerful women = questionably evil? Really? Robb, her older brother, wanted revenge and justice too. He never comes off as "going too far." He's never talking about heads on spikes. He's talking about justice-revenge.  Arya is drawn without the same honor. 

In other words, neither of the two Stark daughters were written inside a female "empowerment" frame.

The man that we thought was going to be the big hero, Robb Stark, betrayed his word to a petty tyrant for a pretty nurse  -- who spent half her time naked on screen (actress complained). And he winds up being killed for this idiotic mistake.

Some of the most powerful female characters on Game Of Thrones were never in the running for the throne. And, it looks to me that they've been punished with death for being powerful
Ygrette (actress performance rather ham-fisted) was always powerful and independent and a strong advocate of democracy. Despite being in love she kept a contrary opinion of what's imporant in life to her lover Jon Snow And she's paid for that with her life.

Shae was also powerful, a sex worker, in charge of her own destiny -- has also been punished by dying in the series. 
Talisa Stark, robs wife, wasn't so much strong as she was virtuous. She seems like she was mostly window dressing but she's dead.   
And I'll eat my hat if Arya doesn't wind up dead too
As for the women still alive to vie for that thrown? 

Cersei Lannister is evil incorporated and stupid -- even though the series writers keep wanting to say she's "complicated" because she loves her children. A mother viper loves its own children -- so get outta here with that mess.  

Only three powerful women that could possibly wind up vying for the throne in the series  (still alive) have never allowed themselves to be used, sexually or otherwise.
Yara Greyjoy of the Iron Islands.And she has power because her father has no choice. Most of her brothers were killed before the series begins and her brother Theon is in a benevolent hostage situation with Lord Stark -- due to a negotiated peacekeeping deal
Ellaria Sand of Dorne has always been totally in charge of her own life and her body. Too bad she's the nastiest piece of work east of Joffrey 
Melisandre is a witch that spends most of her time nude. She seemed like she might have been a power player once. But now her confidence is down. And once Jon Stark and friends found out she sacrificed a child by fire for power, she was cast out. 
Brianne of Tarth is powerful and virtuous and not as naive as she once was. And she has never allowed herself to be ill used. But she is not vying for the throne.   
Arya Stark was a child when this story began. She's a young woman now. But she has taken a new hardhearted, deadly turn at the end of each season. She actually killed and cooked Lord Frey's sons in a pie and fed them to Lord Frey. The three of them participated in killing her brother Rob Stark, so they deserved it. But daaaayum. 
Arya may actually be a "normal" representative of empowerment in general and therefore female empowerment. She's vengeful as hell and that is shown as male power in various movies. She too has never allowed herself to be used. And when she's been abused she fought back like hell (on Bravos) and got herself free after learning what she needed to learn. But I'll be shocked if the male writers don't punish her for this independence by the end of the series.  
Unrepentant female heroes with questionable morality are not allowed in movies and television so far. 
I dying to know what happens next but I don't have a vested interest in a particular outcome --except that I'd probably prefer that the pale white Khaleesi leading the brown unwashed die.  I like her character fine -- I guess-- but I just can't cheer for the white savior win.  Can't do it. 

Other than that, I don't care. However, I do hope Cersei lasts to almost the end because she but the capital B in B*tch. Love to hate her. Love it.

Most of the male heroes and zeroes originally vying for the ultimate throne are dead. And, I can't help but wonder if this was more happenstance than a plan -- which means the powerful females left standing are happenstance as well.
Anybody who's been waiting for George R.R. Martin books to come out so the HBO series can follow them must have guessed by now that this author writes without much of an outline (or a plan?). He seems to write and see which way the characters take him.  
If I could take up residence in George R R Martin's mind, I'll bet that I would see that he was so obsessed with what the white heterosexual men would do to one another to get to the throne that he didn't notice he'd killed so many of the men off.
I've been thinking that the only two women with a quasi plan behind them is the Khaleesi (who may wind up the winner of the GAME OF THRONES) and Cersei, who I'm thinking will be the last evil character to go down. 
Because of George R. R Martin's seat-of-your-pants writing style, the series has now passed the books. This means the television show writers are writing fresh story now instead of re-writing pieces of the book for the series..
So did these new-old white male writers look back at the earlier story, see all the sexual objectification and death of strong minded women and decide to try to balance things out before the story ends as a kind of an after-thought?   
Are the new-old writers responsible for beginning to depart from the narrative where closeness to maleness is closeness to intelligence?  For example, was it the new-old writers that have departed from showing Arya, the obvious "tom boy," as the smart female Stark while the very effeminate behaving Sansa as the dumb female Stark. (All male Starks are/were heroic, honorable, and intelligent but mis-step)
Will these new-old white male writers look back at the earlier series and decide one of the brownish people should have their own heroic moment free of a white savior too?  
I can't mind read. So it's impossible to truly know what anybody's motivations were/are. But I say it's still impossible to turn GAME OF THRONES into a story of (white) female empowerment because that's not the way the story began. With three exceptions the young women seemed to be on the show to be nude more than anything else. 

OFFICIAL STARKS OUT FRONT: Bran, Arya, Sansa, Robb, Dad Ned, Mom Catlyn, Rickon,
UNOFFICIAL STARK IN BACK: Theon (benevolently-held-hostage) Greyjoy, Jon (which b*stard is which) Snow

I don't think the male GOT writers were heading to this place on purpose  --where most of what's left standing are women. I think they were writing about the men and only the men but the epic story kept going and going and going until "Oops all the good guy men are dead"  And now there's no choice but to see how the women run things because that's who is left 

I'm not going for that as "female empowerment." 

And I don't think anybody else is either. Not really. If you put "Game Of Thrones Women" in google this is what you get. Look past the google advertisements of what's on twitter and "top stories" and you'll see the first three actual search results are "The Hottest Women On Game of Thrones" on ranker, TV Guide, and youtube.

All that nudity in the first 4, 5, or 6 seasons has paid off...and it didn't pay off in female empowerment. Google seems to indicate that what people mostly remember about women of the Game Of Thrones is their "hotness."

There's a way to write a story about a patriarchal system where the women come out the other side empowered. But the men that wrote this story didn't do it because that was never a goal...or it didn't get to be a goal until five minute ago.

It could be the GOT writers have newly started focusing on Game Of Thrones as a story of female empowerment, now that they know the show is ending. But to me this is like looking at the last season of FRIENDS and inserting a black woman for a dozen episodes and saying FRIENDS wound up being a story of black empowerment or racial equality.



Besides, in the end, I doubt any of the women wind up on the Throne. 

Let's just looking at the remaining Starks because I read once that all good stories come full circle. And the Stark family is where we began. 

  • Bran is magic but his wolf is dead. 
  • Sansa is still holding onto an evil character as a guide (Little Finger) and her wolf is dead. 
  • Arya could make it if women were writing the story and she wouldn't have started as a "tom boy" to seem viable (I hope I'm wrong)  More to the point, Arya is too close to evil now --her being female-- and her wolf is lost (hope Nymeria comes back). 
  • Jon Snow has his wolf and has finally been revealed to have the most magic-est of blood. He's got Targaryan-fireproofing-dragon blood on one side and he's related  by blood to future/past seeing Warg Bran on the other side. 

I don't see how Jon does NOT wind up being the most powerful white man at the end. If his wolf dies? We'll talk.

Notice I didn't say I thought Jon would be "King."

I suspect the end of Game Of Thrones is going to wind up with the melting of the throne of swords because the free folk from north of the wall, who "refuse to bend the knee" represent the democracy that Jon Snow learned about early on.

As tattered as democracy has been the world over I don't think Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood or whatever the heck they call movie-making-land in Britain is going to be able to resist that. 

* * * * *

Game Of Thrones starts tonight. I can't wait to see what happens next because that's what an addiction is. You want things that you know are bad for you. 


 A repost of Ida B Wells on Her Birthday

Ida B Wells sat down to stand up for her rights 71 years before Rosa Parks on a segregated train instead of a segregated bus.

However, Ida wasn't a trained activist like Rosa. She made a personal decision to give up her seat for a white man. They had carry her out of the train car she was in. She was kicking and biting the whole way. She sued Ida wrote about it for a hewspaper She lost her case She wrote about that loss for a newspaper White Ida B was out of town some years later, friends of hers were lynched, ostensibly over a game of marbles being played between a white child and black child.
When two children started fighting, the black and white adults separating the fight started arguing. Things escalated things until over a day or so three black men were lynched.
Ida B came back home to find out that the white grocery story owner who had had a monopoly on business in the area wanted the black owners of "The People's Grocery" run off. And it was the white business store owner successfully parlayed the game of marbles into a lynching. 
White Mission Accomplished: White Store Owner has a monopoly again 
Ida B. wrote about this for her newspaper 
Ida B. wrote about it again and again, no matter who got mad or scared, until she got a protest going.
The white folk decided to take all the black people's guns away and make it illegal for them to have them. This was one of the most significant things that happened that made black people realize that they needed the right to vote.

Owning things and property wasn't enough. People with political power can and will take anything they want from you, legally. The people with political power have the power to make and change the laws.

 Ida B. wrote about the reduction of black rights in town until the protest went from WE DEMAND THE RIGHT TO LIVE **to** WE ARE OUTTA HERE She scoped out a location in Oklahoma, came back, and managed to get black people to pick up and move west.

The whites relatively new railway stopped getting black business

White Businesses started drying up.

Ida B started getting death threats
Ida B did research on lynching from state to state and wrote about it. (A sociologist long before most if not all of the famous European Sociologists)
One of the most interesting things that she found was that black men were only ever accused of rape in 1/3 of all cases. Rape was made up/played up by white men in the white news papers as an excuse for lynching. And southern white men needed an excuse for lynching, whether there was a white woman available to lie or not, because the white south needed Northern money and European money for investment in the south after having lost the Civil War.
As for the real sex happening between white women and black men? Ida B reported on the savagery and suggested that some of the "rape cases" were actually interracial relationships between white women and black men. White women's virtue having been called into question led to white folk wanting to Lynch Ida.
Ida B had to move.

Actually Ida B was out of town when word of her planned lynching reached her. She found out she couldn't go back to Mississippi 

Ida B would write for newspapers and also wind up making 102 speeches while in Great Britain, calling on the people there to start Anti-lynching Societies. Translation: She  got the British to stop buying southern white cotton from southern white murderers who tried to justify lynching. She would eventually be one of the founders of the NAACP.  And the NAACP would take up anti-lynching as one of it's first causes.

Seventy years later Martin Luther King would expose the south in the same way that Ida did, except he wouldn't have to take newspaper articles he'd written and pictures of lynchings and carry them on a boat overseas to get anti-lynching commitments.

Martin Luther King would get international support for equal rights by using television to show the world what was going on in the United States. That concludes my thumbnail sketch of Ida B Well's activism and leadership.

But my favorite thing about "Sword Among Lions" by Paula J Giddings is that it told the entire human story of Ida B. Wells. Ida would be broke as a church mouse, get depressed, and go put money down a really nice dress.

 She'd get indignant about class issues too.

She'd worry about people looking down on her due to her lack of formal education. She could be touchy. She spent real time worrying about other folks maligning her character. And she rarely let a slight go unremarked. Some of this may have the times she was living in. But she was solidly in the camp of folks who believed that (what we now call) "respectability politics" was the way forward to equality with white people. ...UNTIL the lynching of three of her friends

I haven't read Ida B. Wells' autobiography, but reading her personality in the "A Sword Among Lions" biography it isn't hard to imagine that in writing about herself most of her heroic victories would have been left in and some of the humanity left out -- much like writers of textbooks have been doing to the history books in this country for decades.

 The other human thing in "A Sword Among Lions" is the sexism black women endured. Ida B. Wells needed the support of mostly male run black newspapers while she was in the U.K. stumping for Anti-Lynching Resolutions and she didn't get it.

Some black newspapers and politicians went so far as to say she was making things sound worse than they were in order to secure their current standing in the cities they were living in at the time or simply because they didn't have faith that her approach was going to come to anything.  And she called them on it, publicly.

 Frederick Douglass himself, wanting to stay on the good side of a white women's suffrage group---a group that needed southern white women in its numbers-- did not fully commit himself to her or her campaign while she was Britain. He was the only one she didn't call on the carpet, hero abolitionist that he was in her eyes.  But according to Giddings, she did slyly let him know, in private, that she did not appreciate his occassionaly mealy-mouthed support.

 The contributions of IDA B WELLS are not be missed. She was a feminist before the word "feminist" caught on. And she managed worked harder than most to secure the vote for women. In fact, Wells' Chicago was one of the first places where women were allowed to vote.

 A SWORD AMONG LIONS is a long dense book. But it conveys so much about the black women's club movement and black women's history in general.

Attitude Adjustment Required Before A WRINKLE IN TIME Comes Out

Isn't this beautiful!  So many big stars, ethnicities, and different skin-shades all in one movie!

You know what? I'm sure that's what white folks see. But I'm actually being sarcastic. 

To tell you the truth, beauty in variety is what I would see in this ethnically diverse movie--if there was a black actress in the movie aside from Oprah who probably won't get 10 minutes worth of screen time as one of three outer space/inner-space Fairy-Godmother-type characters (I'm assuming).

Then again, Mbatha-Raw might be black too. She is mixed race by biology and not from this country, but I think I've seen her at the black woman's OSCAR party every year.  I think she identifies as black.

But my not being freaking sure that's she is black is a problem -- when I'm trying to support a black woman's second big feature film. 

I don't care about Mbatha-Raw ethnicity per se. But when I see a black woman like Ava DuVernay is making a film, I'm not open to mystery ethnicity in a cast until after I've seen black actresses that I know are black ON SIGHT getting top billing. And that didn't happen here.

So far, it looks like this movie may as well have been made by yet another colorism suffering black male director.  

Yeah. I know I sound pissy. That's only because I am pissed, though.
I was looking forward to this. I was cheering for Ava. She gave us Nova, in the ever so nuanced QUEEN SUGAR, who even looks like she's getting a black male love interest now. But I wanted more. I wanted Ava to be Shonda like. 
I wanted more and more black women (who you know are black for sure) to show up in her projects as she became more powerful in a white system. I wanted to see projects with a diverse long as I see black women in every single project somewhere.
 Unlike Shonda, I was hoping black men would show up as love interests...but never too central to the story as black male film makers have done to black women (mostly light-skinned) for decades now -- and not just out of revenge either. When a black male character gets too central to any black story the black female characters wind up getting elbowed in the face and pushed aside. 

All this is why I had dreams for Ava's work

I had glorious digitally color dreams

And Ava crushed those dreams when she hired Mbatha-Raw....whom I do actually like. 
She was great in the movie BELLE. She was good in BEYOND THE LIGHTS. And I think I've seen in other things I liked her in too. However, the minute Ava DuVernay chose Gugu Mbatha Raw to be the mother of the main character opposite the white Chris Pine, the little black girl movie I was dreaming of was done for.
Gugu is good but she ain't right for this movie. And Ava DuVernay crushed my dreams by hiring her.

SELMA didn't really have any black women in it - except for a mixed race actress that appropriately played a light-skinned Coretta Scott King (who wasn't in the film much at all) So I just assumed that Ava DuVernay, a black female (who looks black herself) was going to center her next feature film-- that happened to be about a little girl-- on a little black girl. 

I was just so sure that I was going to finally see a little black girl movie. I was dead certain that I was going to get Little Black Girl Magic in the movie theater.

I needed a little black girl movie 

to make up for all the ones I didn't get as a child 
and for 
all the little black girls 
who are still little black girls right now
who can get what I missed.

But now I'm so ticked off. Can you believe this mess?

I've only ever seen one movie was entirely about a little black girl. That movie was CROOKLYN which was kind of an observation of a black family. It really wasn't about the little girl herself though she narrated the story as I recall. And this was a Spike Lee Joint, so there was probably more than a little bit of sexism in it somewhere.  
The only other little black girl movie I remember being on the big screen for more than 60 seconds was the opening of Zoe Saldana's COLUMBIANA.  The little black girls had an action sequence that was kinda awesome -- because it was a little black girl that looked black...and I'd never seen that before.
When Disney finally gave us a black princess in THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG and Tiana was cooking and cleaning and working to open a restaurant in the first 20 minutes  and spent the majority of the rest of the movie as  frog surrounded by black stereotypes. 
I've completely blocked out that first movie with Quevenzhane Wallis, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WгугILDS. And I always hated that empty-eyed Annie comic, gave me the creeps. So I didn't watch the movie.  
Black girls are pretty much skipped over at the movies. 
And when I say skipped over, I mean pretty much e-raced.  One little black girl per 1,000 movies. I think I may have seen a single little black girl in the background of one Harry Potter Movies. And that's a big maybe. I don't think I saw a black girl speak in one of the Harry Potter movies --and there were seven of those jokers with a hundred kids each 
For sure I haven't ever seen a little black girl star in something fantasy/sci-fi.
All of this little black girl e-race-sure is why I was kinda jumping up and down when I heard Ava DuVernay was making a fantasy/sci-fi thing that's centered on a little girl.  Ava is black. She's pro-black. She has all women directing QUEEN SUGAR. Of course, I thought there was going to be a black girl playing the lead role.

I didn't assume she was going to be dark-skinned but I did expect her to fail the paper bag test by miles and miles. In my wildest nightmares I did not go to IMDB to investigate the little actress with the cool name, Storm Reid, and expect to see this and think...

Storm Reid
(1st/main photo on

"What is she?"

 Again, when I hear a feminist, pro-black woman like Ava DuVernay is making a film, I'm not open to mystery ethnicity casting until after I've seen black actresses that I know are black ON SIGHT getting top billing. 

This is the central character, no matter how many people out-rank her stardom wise on any cast list you might see. This is THE star of a feminist black woman movie and my first f***ing question is "What is she?"

I wasn't even sure Storm Reid was half black or one-quarter black.

All this time, blood, sweat, and tears getting a black woman as high as we've gotten Ava DuVernay and my first question upon seeing the actress is "What is she?" same as any black man making a movie --who usually goes out to find the lightest of light chicks he can find.

Again, I love Gugu Mbatha Raw. She's pretty. She's talented. And, I like the movies she chosen to be in so far. But the minute she was cast as the mother opposite Chris Pine, a white man, who was cast as father, that meant the star of the entire movie had to be paler than pale for white folks (who make or break a movie) to understand the story. 

White people do not understand that there's no telling what shade the child will be in a mixed race relationship. I've met children with one black parent and one white parent with hair coily as mine and just about as dark--and I'm dark. But when you're trying to get a diverse audience that's mostly white, even a medium black girl child would have thrown near 70% of the desired audience into a tizzy.

The minute Ava went for Mbatha-Raw this movie was done for as far as having a black girl central character.

No I don't know what Storm Reid identifies as and I'm not sure I care anymore than Ava DuVernay does. She's a small child. She gets to make up her mind later in life. I was looking for a little black girl to carry an entire feature film -- one that I don't have look up her identity on google.

Ava DuVernay let me down.

I hope she let other black folks down too

This is strike 2 for Ava in my book. 

Her first film, I WILL FOLLOW, that she made with friends, starred Sally Richardson and was almost entirely cast by light-skinned folk....which is disturbing if all her female friends happen to be light-skinned. 
The next movie that I saw of Ava's seemed to involved a deliberate choice of a dark-skinned woman. MIDDLE OF NOWHERE is a film about a woman who trying to put her life on hold while her man is in prison...for years. So I think those two films balance out, that she's not dark-skin phobic when it comes to black women. 
I think DuVernay makes very makes very conscious choices when it comes to color. You can see that so obviously in QUEEN SUGAR.   
So what the hell happened with A WRINKLE IN TIME?
DuVernay might have a problem that leads to the same choices that the colorism soaked black male or white supremacist person might make. 

Ava has admitted, in so many words, that she is anglophile -- or at least overly fond of British actors. She thinks British actors are much better at their craft.  I'm not sure if she's right or wrong, but  I chastised a fellow blogger for wanting to dismiss DuVernay's SELMA outright for a snooty interview she gave about preferring British actors. But I might have been premature in that chastisement. 
If DuVernay likes British actors better than black american actors. And Britain doesn't produce anything but very light-skinned actresses (as far as I can tell), then all we're going to see out of DuVernay is light-skinned actresses.
So maybe Storm Reid's pale coloring is secondary to her natural accent? Maybe she's British too? Has anybody heard Reid talk?  This little girl was in 12 YEARS A SLAVE, which was made by a black man from Britain. Reid really could be British. That might have been the most attractive thing about her and her paleness is just a side effect of British White Supremacy's tendency to not let anything without white features grace there television or movie screens.

So I'm going to adjust my attitude.  Because I'm tired of the pattern.
Some of these women are mixed race. Some of them aren't. Some of them are very pro-black. And some of them? I've been following their careers since they were children too. And, I'll be a supporter of some of these comparatively older women for the rest of my life because they broke ceilings. But all of them have experienced light privilege with black and white filmmakers...and I'm kinda done now.

Ava Du Vernay let me down here

And I'll have to get over it...again.

Ava DuVernay gave me QUEEN SUGAR. I'm not going to abandon her over a cascading casting mistake. But this movie better be good. 

Here's the trailer: