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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Whines About Facing Consequences For Being White Supremacy's Mouthpiece

Clearly, she doesn't consider brown immigrants "people"

And please note that Sarah didn't fall far from Daddy's White Christian Racist Tree

Mike Huckabee wants to make sure you remember that he’s racist, too

Ex-presidential hopeful, CINO* Mike Huckabee complained about how his daughter was treated at this restaurant mere hours after he posted this racist dig at Nancy Pelosi

Make no mistake --  The White House is the THE WHITE SUPREMACIST HOUSE


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms Stops Local Jails From Taking Ice Detainees

Feeling Rebloggy

New immigrants detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will no longer be held in Atlanta, after the city’s mayor signed an executive order prohibiting the city’s jail from accepting ICE detainees, The Atlanta Journal-Constitutionreported. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’s executive order was signed the same day that President Trump signed an executive order to keep detained families together (possibly in custody indefinitely). Amnesty International warned that immigration detentions could now be indefinite as a result of Trump’s executive order


A repost
Very Smart Brothas Headline
At least the author of this article admits he under estimated white folks commitment to preserving the power of whiteness. 

A lot of black and brown folk say that they knew this already. But,   unlike this brave writer, they refuse to admit that they did not see the majority of white folks as a formidable political enemy.

More than that a lot of black and brown folk refuse to admit they failed to connect the dots and therefore failed show up for political battle at the polls. 

I don't usually like using war metaphors. It feels too violent and trivializing of the waste of life that is war. But I don't want to be too similar to President Obama in that I sometimes show up to a gun fight with a dull pen knife (as a friend said of President Obama a few weeks back.)  But we actually are in a war right now. 

Trump has appointed people that are openly xenophobic and spewers or hate speech.

For the voting section of people of color (POCs) the 2016 election was never about loving Hillary Clinton. It was about stopping Trump.  The black women that showed up at the polls showed black solidarity, tried to build a wall between Trump black and brown communities.

But a lot of POCs didn't even show up. They didn't vote.

But now that I've read the VSB article captioned up top, I now realize that a lot of black and brown people didn't know how much danger they were in from the majority of white people in this particular election.

In order to set voting in certain elections as a priority one has to know the difference between weather vane politician, and a dragon politician -- especially when the Dragon has followers that have given themselves a new name like "alt-Right." 

The weather vanes (democratic or republican) follow opinion polls and move with the wind. Usually they only have the potential to move POCS backward or forward by about 10% As POC progress comes in minuscule movements over long periods of time, so we tend to vote for our white democratic weather vanes because those minuscule movements forward lead to the occasional leap forward. 

Dragons, however, are different.

Dragons don't blow with the wind. Dragons create wind based on fear of the-other. They breathe fire and inspire people to move. When you see a white dragon with a clear ability to lead on the other side, that's when you start voting self-preservation. That's when you make sure everybody shows up for political battle.

More important than being able to tell the dragon from the weather vane is having the knowledge that the majority of white people, especially poor white people, will vote against their own financial well-being in order to feel like they have the higher status of whiteness. 
Damon Young of VerySmarthBrothas said,
In this election, White people did not vote against their self-interests. They may have voted against self-interest — a few actually — but not their most important one: The preservation of White supremacy. 
Retaining the value of a Whiteness they believed to be increasingly devalued superseded everything else. Including their own livelihoods; their own physical and financial well-beings; their own Christianity; their own agency; their own money; their own educations; their own futures; their own children’s futures, their own country’s legacy; their own country’s status with the rest of the world; their own environment; their own food, air, and water; their own rights; and their own lives. 
And please note that I am not including any qualifiers. For working class Whites. Or Whites from rust-belt cities. Or White men. Or White people who didn’t graduate from college. Or rural Whites. Or Midwestern Whites. Or Southern whites. This is on ALL White people. Who are complicit even if they didn’t vote for Trump. Because they obviously haven’t done enough to repudiate the mindsets existing in their families and amongst their friends; possessed by their co-workers and neighbors; shared during private holiday gatherings and public city townhalls. Who have shown us that nothing existing on Earth or Heaven or Hell matters more to them than being White and whichever privileges — real or fabricated; concrete or spiritual — existing as White in America provides. 

The paragraph above, highlighted in red, is shockingly naive.

The majority of white men have always voted for white supremacy above all else. Always. And non-feminist white women (the majority of white women) follow them more often than not.

Again, the white poor have been voting to slit their own throats for decades and decades as they look on in worshipful hopefulness at the white rich (who hate them) FOREVER. 
That has never changed. That hasn't changed since slavery.

"Poor white trash" and "Trailer Trash" and "Wife beater" t-shirts are all names I hear from white people about other white people who don't have much, money or education. Yet, poor white people almost worship those that either hate them or try to erase them, pretend they don't exist.   

The thing that was different about this election --after 8 years of white-washed thinking that we were in a post-racial America-- was proximity of the white demographic to no longer being the numerical majority. 
Shrinking White Demographic
White people should no longer be the majority by 2050 (some say 2040)

This bone deep fear or losing power, plus Donald Trump's ability water, nurture, and energize white supremacy in a huge variety of white groups by using a mixture of dog whistle and overt white racism made a lot of white folks decide to vote their white supremacy.

Add to that the fact that white people have been looking at a black president for 8 years and you get a super energized white supremacy. 

So white folks being white didn't surprise me.The things that surprised me were that: 

1) a full two-thirds of white people did NOT vote for Trump. (It was less than that, somewhere near 60%)
2) the black males vote for Trump  was at 13% -- and that this was the "good" news for male POCs
3) the latino vote (mostly mexicans) was as bad as it was. I almost fell on the floor when I saw estimates that Latino men (other than Cubans) voted for Trump at a rate of 33%
I thought we (people of color) all knew that we were going to have to jump over white supremacy and go to the polls to do it.

And I really did not think educated black people could mistake a weather vane (Hillary) for a white supremacy dragon (Trump), and actually think that both were equally threatening to us. 

Again, black women voters rose up to push this back because they did recognized the threat. They did not rise up for love of Hillary. I haven't spoken to a black woman yet who gives a damn about Hillary yet. What black women voters cared about was stopping Trump. 
At least this brother at VSB, unlike Colin Kaepernick, admits he messed up. But I wonder if he knows where he messed up. 

I'm not sure, but I'm getting the distinct impression that black and brown folks younger than 30 only know the surface of black and brown history if they know any at all.

White folk jumping up to defend white supremacy at the polls has been consistent for decades. Furthermore, the rogue waves of white supremacy have hit us before, and I'm not talking about during the Civil Rights Movement.

We've seen a white supremacy dragon with an ability to lead before and his name was Ronald Wilson Reagan. Mr. 666 only used a dog whistles to stir up white fears and label black and brown folk degenerates.

But he did it at a time when there was virtually nothing for white people to worry about from a white superiority perspective; they had all the power and were in no danger of losing it any time soon. But Reagan scapegoated black and brown people for what was wrong with the economy-- just like the KKK has done so many times in our country's history. And Ronnie Ray Gun* made white people feel good about themselves as he was doing it. (*- Nickname based on his "Star Wars" foreign policy)
This time it's Donald instead of Ronald. And Donald is using a bull horn when there's something real for white folks to be worried about, such as:  
1) a world where they won't be the only ones who can fail to graduate high school and still make a solid middle class living
2) a world where they are out-numbered and can be out-voted routinely.
3) a world where you can no longer feel superior just by being born white even if you don't have a pot to piss in -- just like in the days of slavery. The white poor have always been willing to slit their own throats to feel superior to black and brown. 
That's why Mean Tangerine didn't need half the brain wattage of  a not-that-bright-Reagan in order to be successful. The white supremacy fire was already burning bright before MT came along to pour gasoline on it.

The only thing Ronald and Donald had to be smart enough to do is this: Read other white people. 

I really thought black and brown children were taught this at the dinner table as they were growing up. I thought black and brown children understood that a huge chunk of white people hide white supremacy from themselves first and others next-- in order to justify reserving or justifying the taking of money, jobs, land or to justify the preservation of white status (a form of power).

Clearly black and brown oral histories are not being passed along like I thought. But it needs to start happening again.  We cannot be out-voted again. We may lose to the majority of white voters over the next decade or so. But we don't have to lie down. All of us can show up for political battle and vote.

And we will be battling for the next 30 years or so. White people are losing their numerical majority status. That's what all these ugly anti-immigration battles are about. If you think white people were baring their teeth in 2016 wait until you see what's in store for us in 2024 and 2036.

Black people, black women in particular, can try to whittle down that 13% of Black men that voted for Trump

Latinas and Asian women have a bigger job with their men. They have nearly three times as big a job as far as stopping their men from voting for a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobe.

But the most important thing is to get those that didn't vote to see the importance of showing up for battle. 
We can go down fighting in 2020, 2022, 2024, 2026, and 2028 (counting midterm elections too)  Eventually the tide will turn our way.

I don't know how much 2050 will look like South Africa (minority whites ruling the majority black and brown). But we have to try to pull together. 

And maybe part of that pulling together is creating a new black and brown led party.
The only thing we cannot do is lie down and not have some sort of plan.  

We need to have a plan and move collectively because open white supremacy mows us down much more quickly than closet white supremacy. And Mean Tangerine has changed the wind. Open white supremacy is on the table as a political bargaining chip now. Republicans, alt-Right within republican ranks, and democrats are likely to try and access that chip, the white race card, in coming elections.

In other words, we're probably not always going to have the option to vote for a weather vane and hope for stagnation instead of sliding backwards. We're probably going to have to create a new party at some point.

So read your history. Speak to other peoples who also have an oral history. And then get your minds right. We do not want to be doomed to repeat our history. And repeating our history is exactly what will happen if we let Trump and his likely smarter ideological successor make America white again. 



Friday, June 22, 2018


Motivations differ when members the dominant group want to have a pride march.




...same as MELANIA'S JACKET was designed to do.

feeling rebloggy

President Trump created the child-separation crisis when he imposed a “zero tolerance” policy for border crossings. Where the Obama administration detained families ahead of civil proceedings conducted in immigration court, the Trump administration decided to pursue criminal prosecution of immigrants and asylum-seekers, arresting parents and separating them from their children, with the explicit notion that the trauma could serve as a deterrent to others who might seek asylum.

Now, Trump wants credit for ending the crisis he created, calling an executive order he signed on Wednesday “very compassionate.” But the order neither ends the crisis nor produces a more humane status quo. It’s a public relations stunt, meant to dampen criticism without changing the fundamentals of the policy.
 “Zero tolerance” is still in effect, and Trump’s manufactured crisis may well get worse.

The executive order, titled “Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation,” does three things. It continues the zero tolerance policy of prosecution for illegal entry, but directs the Department of Homeland Security to keep families together in custody, instead of separating parents and placing them with the Department of Justice. [If a number of laws and court decisions can be reversed] families will remain in DHS custody for the duration of their criminal and immigration cases, which may mean months of waiting in detention facilities...

Read More:

Mock up of Melania's Jacket


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London Breed made history Wednesday as the first African-American woman to be elected mayor in San Francisco, the city where she grew up. 
Ballots were still being counted for more than a week after election day, but her opponent, former state Sen. Mark Leno, conceded the contest. 
Breed served as Board of Supervisors president for the city. She emphasized her humble beginnings during the campaign. Her grandmother raised her on a shoestring budget in public housing. In a victory speech on the steps of city hall, Breed challenged her supporters to strive for success.


Thursday, June 21, 2018




I was sure this was a joke or a meme for an hour. But is pretty reliable, so it looks like this REALLY happened.

Somebody from the Hell House White House is going to say she "only wore it" while on the plane or "only wore it" here or there. But who gives a crap. At what point was it appropriate for a FIRST LADY to wear this ANYWHERE on any day much less RIGHT NOW.

I can't believe I'm awake and that this is real.

Either everybody connected the White House is possessed by demons or they are pod people replacements from another planet. I can't think of any other possibilities off the top of my head other than...

White Supremacy is a HELLUVA DRUG.  

You know she wouldn't have worn that mess to an animal shelter, right?


Stacey Abrams Run For Governor Is Inspiring Young, Black College Students Across Georgia

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On May 22, it was announced that Democrat Stacey Abrams won the Georgia primary, making her a candidate to become the first black female governor in the country. 
The mere existence of Stacey Abrams’s campaign was shocking to me as a Black student. We elected Atlanta’s second Black female mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, this year, but I was still skeptical of Stacey Abrams winning. However, Bottoms’s election made sense in diverse and progressive Atlanta, and she came up in a social group that encourages Black women to run for public office... 
In March, I joined 1,200 Black women for Delta Days at the nation’s capitol, in Washington, D.C. Delta Days is our annual legislative conference to increase members’ involvement in national public policymaking, and it’s where I learned how to increase voter registration and to support Black women running for office...  
“Don’t underestimate the stuff that isn’t glamorous...often the most valuable things you can do for a cause, particularly on the local level, are the less exciting, glamorous things. Going door-to-door in the boiling heat or spending hours making phone calls to voters aren’t exactly fun, but they’re genuinely some of the most impactful activities out there, and that’s often really how you make a difference,” Davis says.




Wednesday, June 20, 2018



Some people who broadcast crap like this expressed in places like FAUX NEWS seem to think people are running here because the cable TV is better.

They are running for their lives, for their children's lives. In South America people come to their houses and make their sons child soldiers at 8 years old. Refuse? The whole family is killed. Girls can be forced into sexual slavery at 10 years old. Refuse? The whole family is killed

So asylum seekers run. 

There was a report of an interview done with one woman on ABC NEWS. When a woman was asked if she would have come here if she knew her children were going to be taken by the United States. She reportedly threw up her arms and said, "What choice did I have? If I stayed in my country, I would have been killed. My son might have been killed."
But even regarding THE NON-Asylum seekers who cross illegally...What kind of monsters abuse children to make a point with their parents? I'll tell you who. White supremacists who view everybody that's either NOT WHITE or that doesn't speak English as subhuman.
Please understand this: A person's skin can be white as snow. If the that person doesn't speak English as their first language, the white supremacist in the United States does not see that person as "WHITE" If you're confused about this, just look at how Puerto Ricans are still being ignored after the hurricanes. 

Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Death Toll Could Exceed 4,000, New Study Estimates

Malignant white supremacy is the ONLY WAY any of this seems even quasi-reasonable. We can't have open boarders, but this is immoral any way you slice it. 

Some of these children's parents have already been deported. But their children are STILL HERE. These children are going to be scarred for life.

We have to stop this. If you don't, new horrors are coming for you and yours. I promise you this is true. 

This is NOT a one-off. White supremacists understand that the white population is going to be out-numbered sometime before 2060. This inhumane immigration policy is not even close to their last shotgun blast. Trump and his Trumpanzees are coming for anybody not-white. They're going crazy over rich black men kneeling during a national anthem. Furthermore, white people may be last on the firing line, but they are going to get caught up too because the history of the world shows us that this is always how these things go. 

None of us will be safe if we let this continue.

* * * * *

Call the phone number below now. Tell Congress to make this stop today.

All you have to do is call the number, follow the instructions and SAY A SINGLE SENTENCE. It took me less than 5 minutes.

Read about this from an immigration attorney's perspective: 


Nina Simone

Feeling Rebloggy 
In honor of African-American Music Appreciation Month (aka Black Music Month), the childhood home of legendary artist/civil rights activist Nina Simone is being designated as a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Concurrently, Simone’s home in Tryon, North Carolina will be the first music site to be restored by the National Trust’s African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, an initiative with the Ford Foundation launched last November.



 Feeling Rebloggy
In a per-emptive strike, before being kicked out over child abuse of immigrant children, the] United States announced Tuesday it was leaving the United Nations' Human Rights Council, with Ambassador Nikki Haley calling it "an organization that is not worthy of its name." It was the latest withdrawal by the Trump administration from an international institution.
Haley, Trump's envoy to the U.N., said the U.S. had given the human rights body "opportunity after opportunity" to make changes. 
She lambasted the council for "its chronic bias against Israel" and lamented the fact that its membership includes accused human rights abusers such as China, Cuba, Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
"We take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights," Haley said...
The announcement came just a day after the U.N. human rights chief, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, denounced the Trump administration for separating migrant children from their parents.
Read More 

Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein denounced Trump's decision to break up families as a deterrent saying, 
  • “In the United States, I am deeply concerned by recently adopted policies which punish children for their parents’ actions,” al-Hussein said. “The thought that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable.” 
  • Al-Hussein also cited American pediatrics experts in describing the U.S. policy as “government-sanctioned child abuse” which may cause “irreparable harm.”
Read More 
The European Union says the Trump administration’s decision to pull the United States out of the U.N.-backed Human Rights Council “risks undermining the role of the U.S. as a champion and supporter of democracy on the world stage.” 


Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Feeling Rebloggy 
As the Civil War came to a close in 1865, a number of people remained enslaved, especially in remote areas. Word of slavery’s end traveled slowly, and for those who were largely isolated from Union armies, life continued as if freedom did not exist.  
This was especially the case in Texas, where thousands of slaves were not made aware of freedom until June 19, 1865, when Union Gen. Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston and issued an order officially freeing them. Their celebration would serve as the basis of June 19 — or Juneteenth — a holiday celebrating emancipation in the US. 

See More Photos at HuffPost:

Ironically, while Juneteenth has become the most prominent Emancipation Day holiday in the US, it commemorates a smaller moment that remains relatively obscure. It doesn’t mark the signing of the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, which technically freed slaves in the rebelling Confederate states, nor does it commemorate the December 1865 ratification of the 13th Amendment, which enshrined the end of slavery into the Constitution. Instead, it marks the moment when emancipation finally reached those in the deepest parts of the former Confederacy. 
In many ways, Juneteenth represents how freedom and justice in the US has always been delayed for black people. 
The decades after the end of the war would see a wave of lynching, imprisonment, and Jim Crow laws take root. What followed was the disproportionate impact of mass incarceration, discriminatory housing policies, and a lack of economic investment. And now, as national attention remain focused on acts of police violence...
Read More: 


Academics at the University of Glasgow today (1 June 2018) launched a new digital database of fugitive slave adverts from 18th century UK newspapers. 
The database is a result of the Runaway Slaves in Britain project and reveals hundreds of stories of enslaved and bound people who had escaped their captivity. 
More than 800 advertisements from 18th century newspapers were placed by masters and owners offering rewards to anyone who captured and returned the runaways. 
They represent a far larger number of enslaved and bound people, as many masters did not place newspaper advertisements, and a great many slaves and bound servants do not appear to have tried to escape. 
Most runaways were of African descent, though a small number were from the Indian sub-continent and a very few were Indigenous Americans....


Monday, June 18, 2018


Short answer, it's better than having your children kidnapped by people far worse who are willing to make turn their 8 year old boys into soldiers or take slightly older girls, rape them and turn them into prostitutes.

Why can't the come here the legal way? Because Border Patrol usually and/or often tells them "No" sans any process at all. 

What's changed since May 2018? Trump's zero tolerance policy.

Feeling Rebloggy


"Yesterday, I met with a mother whose 5-year-old son was literally pulled out of her arms by a Border Patrol Officer while she and her son cried and begged for him not to be taken. She is an asylum seeker who fled death threats in her country. 

She has not seen or spoken to her son in weeks. 

This mother recounted the story of her son being taken, stone faced, clearly unable to begin to access the emotions under the surface. It was the lowest, saddest, most distressing moment of my career as an immigration lawyer.

I chose to be an immigration attorney after my first experience as a law student in the immigration clinic. I was asked to do an intake with a family of Iraqi asylum seekers who were being detained with their 5-month-old daughter. The baby was wearing a prison-issued onesie. Her mother asked me to hold her, because I smelled like the outside world. All along, that moment has been my marker of the lowest moment, the catalyst for my career.

Yet that was nothing compared to what is happening today.

I am writing to share with you what I am seeing so that you can be informed and take action. I want to help you know the background and combat the arguments that these parents chose this for their children, that they brought it on themselves. And to combat the lies coming from the Administration, claiming there is no choice in whether to enact the policy of separation.

There is a fundamental principal of international law which arose after World War II: the concept of a refugee – a person deserving of protection because she is unsafe in her country due to persecution in her country based on her race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. 

The United States Government has recognized its responsibility in protecting refugees for almost seventy years – in international treaties and in our own laws. Whatever your politics, it is an absolute and undeniable fact that the US must protect asylum seekers under its international treaty and internal legal obligations. (I am avoiding citations and legalese in this article because I want it to be readable, but I can easily provide citations for anything written here.)

In the last decade, the political situation in Central America has deteriorated. Gangs and drug cartels have taken power and the governments of Central America, particularly in the northern triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, are unable to protect their citizens. People are being extorted and required to make regular payments to gang members. If they refuse, they or their family members are murdered. 

  • Boys as young as eight years old are forced into the gangs. If they or their parents refuse, they are murdered. 
  • Young girls are forced to become the property of gang members and treated as sex slaves. If they or their families refuse, they are murdered. 
  • The police are unable to help, and in many cases have themselves been infiltrated with gang members, so that making a police report brings more danger. Parents are fleeing and bringing their children here to rescue them from rape and murder.
When an asylum seeker wants to come to the United States, she has two choices:
  • come to the bridge to ask for asylum, or 
  • sneak into the country. 
Why sneak in?

Well, because border patrol officers often don’t permit people to seek asylum. They tell them to turnaround, we aren’t accepting asylum seekers.

In fact, now border patrol officers are patrolling the Mexican territory in front of the borders to keep asylum seekers from even crossing the bridge. This leaves option two: the only way to get in.

Historically, asylum seekers who crossed over got immediately apprehended (we don’t have the porous borders the Administration claims we do), then were placed in family detention centers and put through the credible fear interview process. If they passed, they got out of detention and finished out the asylum process in court. If they failed, they were sent back. 

This was far from a tolerable solution, but it has “worked” this way for over a decade, with subtle shifts in policies and practices.

What changed? 

The Trump Administration decided in May to enact a “zero tolerance” policy against people crossing the border. This means everyone, regardless of cause or circumstance of entry, gets prosecuted for illegal entry.

Parents of children, including infants, are being taken to federal court and their children are being placed in custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

There is NO agency responsible for facilitating communication or reunification of these families. Parents are getting deported without their kids, and shelters are filling up. These families are being transferred and taken all around the US depending on where there is space for them. Parents are not told where they are going, where their kids are, or whether they are okay. If this does not horrify you, check your pulse.

What can you do? Here is the hard part. And I promise to keep working on this. Immigration attorneys can help – that’s easy. You can travel to detention centers and help parents pass their credible fear interviews and get out on bond. A volunteer sheet will be circulating within the next week.

Non-immigration lawyers can partner with an immigration attorney or attend a training (Mark your calendars for an opportunity for Austin Bar Association members the afternoon of June 25.)

Non-lawyers – there are the obvious options: contact your legislators and demand an end to family separation.

Form mom groups, dad groups, psychologist groups, contact the media, and get loud. Give money. I personally think money is best spent on the RAICES bond fund (…) where 100% of your donation will help pay to get a parent out of detention so they can claim their own child.

What you should not do, in my opinion: anything to support or legitimize what is happening. This includes offering to foster these kids and take them off the hands of the agency, donate supplies, or assist the Department of Homeland Security in any way. I know your hearts are in the right place, and you want to help the kids. But if the shelters are at capacity and no one is offering to take the kids, maybe the administration will stop taking them from their parents. Maybe they need to feel the pain of what it is to care for so many distraught babies, so they stop the horror show.

Thank you for reading this far, for letting me get this off my chest, and for caring. The only positive that comes out of moments like these is the groundswell of goodness.

In solidarity,

Facebook Post by Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch

 (Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, An Immigration Firm)


JUNT LAND: The black woman making this series is no joke.